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3rd Jan 2013 16:55
3rd Jan 2013 17:01
"Best of luck for this new experience Adam! I hope it will be fitter for you and you can come back a stronger player! YNWA Adam Morgan!!"
3rd Jan 2013 17:02
"wait, wait.. UNTIL February 9? well, let's hope he benefits from this"
3rd Jan 2013 17:05
"Build for the future"
3rd Jan 2013 17:11
"Good experience for the lad. ynwa"
Tampa Kop
3rd Jan 2013 17:14
"Rotherham United?!?"
3rd Jan 2013 17:17
"Good idea, he will get compeive game time. Hopefully indicates that maybe another striker is in the pipeline too."
3rd Jan 2013 17:23
"very good move, he's not in the first team picture at the moment so first team football elsewhere can only help his developement"
3rd Jan 2013 17:25
"League 2?? Surely he can do better than that!"
3rd Jan 2013 17:30
"I'd send him on a loan until the end of the season at like Crystal Palace or something."
3rd Jan 2013 17:32
"Well this will be a waste of time. He'd probably be playing at the same standard with the reserves"
3rd Jan 2013 17:33
"would rather see him loaned to a prem side to get prem experience or even someone like blackpool "
3rd Jan 2013 17:43
"hope at last, he will play, and later he will return,..i am a bit happy for him but also dissapointed,.i just wanted him in the squad."
3rd Jan 2013 17:44
"I think he is better playing at Rotherham who are 3rd in div 2 than sitting on the bench for a midtable championship side surely. Good luck Adam hope you have a fruitful 5 weeks. "
3rd Jan 2013 17:49
"Good move. Not likely to get game time at a prem side or top championship side this is a good experience. "
3rd Jan 2013 17:57
"Youth Loan?? Looks like the end of another good local lad's career at LFC who has not been given his chance - despite breaking all sorts of records"
3rd Jan 2013 17:59
"i really wud have rather he joineda championship side at sure hes good enough"
Billy B girl
3rd Jan 2013 18:08
"He's worth more than League 2 - shame on you LFC !"
3rd Jan 2013 18:16
"Is this the same adam morgan who scored 20 goals in the reserves last season & the season b4 that ? Why isnt he in the first team suarez was the only striker we had b4 sturidge come i thought we were building for the future with the youth policy totaly stupid sending the lad out he will end up like tom ince"
3rd Jan 2013 18:19
"Bit disappointed with this news but then I read its only until Feb. I will be even more disappointed if he stops my 2nd team from being promoted! And before you all criticise it is ok to have a 2nd team!"
3rd Jan 2013 18:19
"Terrible shame he didnt get a proper chance when we had a striker 'crisis' - instead we played Shelvey on his own. Fowler / Owen didnt have to go through this"
3rd Jan 2013 18:25
"good for him, although i thought league 1 would have been his level, but more guaranteed playing time is important here."
3rd Jan 2013 18:26
"Gud luck"
3rd Jan 2013 18:32
"Amazed by some of the negative comments here. He's 18, he needs compeive games. Reserve league and youth football is not at the same level of competition, regardless of how promising some of the players are. It's only for about a month, until Feb 9th. IF he went to a championship side he probably wouldn't play. This is good news, not bad."
3rd Jan 2013 18:38
"He wouldn't be loaned out of Rodgers and co. didn't think it would be beneficial. ynwa adam!"
3rd Jan 2013 18:53
"A good idea. I can't see him playing for the first team yet and I don't see the point in playing him wide in the reserves, or competing with Yesil for that 1 spot. Some first team games will be great for him. He's got the finishing, just needs to improve the all round play."
3rd Jan 2013 18:56
"It will be an easy chance for him to excel... all he needs is a couple of goals to get him on the edge of the first team, and then we can let him play in the cups for even more experience. He's never going to get a game with Suarez playing at this level, the signing of Sturridge and Fabio coming back in the next few."
3rd Jan 2013 19:28
"lfc not doing him any favours he is to good to get any benefit from this move"
Gordon Ottershaw
3rd Jan 2013 19:30
"As he would not be present in the first team what is the option. Stay in reserves or go to a team to play first team. It is of no concern at what level he plays, he will excel or fail and that is exactly what we need, testing our young players. Give them a chance at playing and let's see what they do. "
3rd Jan 2013 19:32
"Anyone that doesn't see the benefit of this move has little understanding of football and youth football and development especially. Ridiculous to criticise this move. Fantastic opportunity for Adam. It's only 5 weeks for pete's sake!"
3rd Jan 2013 19:47
"Good luck Adam, will see you back at Anfield soon. "
3rd Jan 2013 19:51
3rd Jan 2013 19:54
"Absolute rubbish, he will hardly get a chance to prove himself in such little time. Good luck anyways but I really don't see the point! Also regarding this Thomas Ince deal, sign him only if he costs under 4M, remember his contract expires end of this season. "
3rd Jan 2013 19:58
"Okay, that's two out, one in so far. Please, don't leave the squad lighter at the end of January."
3rd Jan 2013 20:07
"I suppose it's better than selling him for cheap and then trying to buy him back next year for 10x the price....hmm. I do hope we don't let him go , I like him, he's passionate about the club, skillful with a nose for goal....some kids take longer to mature into their roles. Good Luck Adam. YNWA"
3rd Jan 2013 20:10
"for those of you who dont know the rotherham manager he a guy called steve evans who is only intereted in one thing which is not helping to develope young talent ,shocking news shame on you lfc ,good luck morgs"
3rd Jan 2013 20:13
"Go Adam score some great goals and come back just like what Jonjo did! Great lad, just need chance."
3rd Jan 2013 20:16
"Until feb? He's coming back for the run-in then! He needs games though he should be at a Championship side surely? Good luck Adam-score plenty and come back ready."
3rd Jan 2013 20:50
"Is he likely to get good playing experience there? He needs strong opposition, not players against whom he can easily shine!"
3rd Jan 2013 20:56
"Why not use Morgan as a loan to Blackpool or Crystal Palace as a bargaining chip in negotiations? It seems we are loaning assets of the club without any commercial intelligence whatsoever? Crazy."
3rd Jan 2013 21:15
"Excellent! Adam needs regular compeive experience, so we can sell him for a tidy little profit. "
3rd Jan 2013 21:20
"bit strange to let a striker go when we have had all this fuss about strikers still good experance for him hope he comes back the better for it"
3rd Jan 2013 21:28
"Why do our youngsters go down a few leagues to get first team experience, but the likes of Lakuku, Wellbeck, 'then' Sturridge go to premier league clubs for experience? Morgan will probably learn more training with the first team. "
3rd Jan 2013 21:34
"Cannot believe the number of idiots who post rubbish on this site. If the average age is less than 14 yrs then I apologise, if not wot a load of numpties!"
3rd Jan 2013 21:34
"The kid needs game time... I guess league 2 for the rest of the season will toughen him up. Next season give him a season long loan to a championship team and maybe 1 more season on loan after that if he is do well to a newly promoted EPL team. Lets not rush him. This kid will be a star at Anfield one day."
3rd Jan 2013 21:38
"Glad to see the lad getting some experience. He's got all the talent there, just needs to unlock it. Good luck Adam."
3rd Jan 2013 21:57
"Adam Morgan deserves a team in a higher division, but I guess any experience IN a team is good experience. Good luck."
3rd Jan 2013 21:57
"Dear Mr. Morgan I wish you all the luck in the world with your new loan, new experiance, I hope next time you are in the anfield you become a first-team squad. Take care"
3rd Jan 2013 22:09
"He will have to work a lot harder in a league 2 team, which is good for his development. Also, anybody questioning the loan system just look at Tom Ince - if only we had loaned him to Blackpool rather than selling him for a paltry fee ...."
3rd Jan 2013 22:16
"mmmm uniteds 18 year olds go to low EPL teams and our best youth striker goes to League2... Great"
3rd Jan 2013 22:45
"Good move I think. Those lower division sides will thoughen Adam up. They are not the same as the reserves. The lower leagues don't take prisoners and Adam will come back with experience. Also I think it was too early for him in the first team."
3rd Jan 2013 23:21
"will be good for game play "
3rd Jan 2013 23:36
"Well done BR that'll be great for his confidence, league 2! Really starting to think BR hasn't got a clue about man management. This kid more than deserved a chance with carol gone and borini injured, he didn't even make the bench, what exactly was backup for saurez being injured? This effectively ends Morgans LFC future. Well done."
3rd Jan 2013 23:47
"I thought Morgs was going to be playing more for the first team this season, hope this isn't the start of the end for him at Anfield."
4th Jan 2013 0:04
"Guys, we don't see him day in and day out. I am sure LFC have get his best interests, in developing him, at heart. Maybe he needs to strengthen up and get some physical game time under his belt? He is only there for 1 month. Stop moaning about every little thing Rodgers and his team do. Good luck Adam see you back here soon as a better more experienced player. YNWA "
4th Jan 2013 0:25
"Shocked but not surprised by a lot of the comments here. We all eulogised about Nemeth, where is he? Holland after failing in Italy and Greece. We love Pacheco, and although I still have hopes for him he didn't pull up trees at Rayo Vallecano last year either side of injury so still unproven. "
4th Jan 2013 0:25
"Five weeks there will do him good, it will show him another side to football and toughen him up mentally as well as physically."
4th Jan 2013 2:22
"Good for him. Give him some playing time, however it is a very short loan... hmmm"
4th Jan 2013 5:22
"Always stay hunger and have that eager to learn from any new challenges atude ahead! Empty your glass of water in order for a new set of water to flow in! Good luck kid, stay hungry is the key! "
4th Jan 2013 7:51
"considering our well doented lack of forwards this season i am still baffled as to why Adam never got a go... he's a natural poacher, something we haven't had in years... "
4th Jan 2013 8:01
"With Suso, Sterling and Wisdom playing regularly I cannot believe people are moaning about not giving youth a chance. The city of Liverpool cannot churn out Steven Gerrards and Wayne Rooneys at will people. There's some 500000 people there. How many superstars do you expect?"
4th Jan 2013 8:19
"Rotherham Pressing for promotion from D2 Adam get the playing time and experience come back a wiser player Rodolfo you must keep your eye on him dont let them sit him on the bench set out the rules! YNWA Adam Morgan "
4th Jan 2013 9:08
"Short term loan in a difficult league - exactly what he needs to give him some real compeive advantage and experience. He will come back a better player and then perhaps he can fight for a place Good luck! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 10:14
"Good Luck to you, Adam... and I hope you have go with a more positive atude during this month than so many on here have done this morning."
4th Jan 2013 14:28
"It's only for a month and the u21 league is still in its mid season break so he'll be getting game time until it kicks off again for the next phase."
4th Jan 2013 14:40
"Good luck Adam hope you shower them with goal all the best."