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All the best Joe, YNWA!
4th Jan 2013 9:17
4th Jan 2013 9:19
"Good luck Joe! You cant say he didnt give his all for us! just didnt quite work out! Ynwa"
4th Jan 2013 9:19
"Sorry to see you go, a brilliant player but it never quite clicked for you. Wish you all the best for the future, nice to see you go back "home" rather than somewhere else."
4th Jan 2013 9:20
4th Jan 2013 9:20
"ynwa joe now time to add to our squad come on lfc bring back alonso and a world class winger ie arda or sanchez then we are good to go"
4th Jan 2013 9:20
4th Jan 2013 9:20
"His best years are behind him, was just starting to look like a decent player that he was! (past tense)"
4th Jan 2013 9:21
"Glad to hear that!"
4th Jan 2013 9:21
"Best for all parties, I believe. Thanks for services, Cole. Best of luck there."
4th Jan 2013 9:21
"Thank you for your service uncle Jojo though it didn't work as we expected. We wish you the best of luck at West Ham"
4th Jan 2013 9:21
"Thank you for your service uncle Jojo though it didn't work as we expected. We wish you the best of luck at West Ham"
4th Jan 2013 9:22
"All the best joe thanks for the equalising goal against your new club."
4th Jan 2013 9:22
"All the best Joe! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 9:23
"All the best for you Joe, and thank you for trying. It just wasn't meant to be. "
4th Jan 2013 9:23
"All the best in future Joe."
4th Jan 2013 9:24
"Good luck Joe, YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 9:24
"Best of Luck , Joe Cole !! YNWA.."
4th Jan 2013 9:24
"Good luck Joe, YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 9:24
"On a free transfer??! Does it mean LFC paid him about £3 mlns???????"
4th Jan 2013 9:25
"Good luck Cole and thanks for your services. Did club pay him 4m to go to west ham?"
4th Jan 2013 9:26
"Seems nice guy off the pitch and model professional on it, shame his legs has gone :( Best of luck with your home club Joey, You'll Never Walk Alone!"
4th Jan 2013 9:26
"ynwa joe now its time to add to our squad come on lfc bring back alonso and get a world class winger ie arda or sanchez then we will be good to go"
4th Jan 2013 9:27
"Good luck Joe, pity it never happened at lfc"
4th Jan 2013 9:27
"No point crying over another failure. Go get a worthy number 10."
4th Jan 2013 9:27
"Shame it didn't work out. Best thing for both the club and Joe. Good luck and YNWA."
4th Jan 2013 9:27
"All the very best Joe. Unfortunately it didn't work out as we thought but I still has soft spot for you..YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 9:28
4th Jan 2013 9:30
"Nevermind. Lets smack united next week"
4th Jan 2013 9:31
"A good lad - just isn't good enough anymore. Best of luck to you Joe!"
4th Jan 2013 9:31
"Please tell me that we didnt give him a £3m-£4m pay off to leave as was reported somewhere yesterday."
4th Jan 2013 9:32
"is he of the books then, or will Joe be on our payrole at west ham? it is very sad Joe did not cope, hope he manages to get back into it."
4th Jan 2013 9:35
"Bye bye :-)"
4th Jan 2013 9:35
"hope things go better for him at west ham. not a bad lad, we just shouldnt have signed him in the first place."
4th Jan 2013 9:37
"An effin shame this is. Model professional, quality squad player with a good atude. I can understand he would want to leave for regular football at the club that has his heart but I don't understand why we keep letting players go on a free? Cole, Maxi, Bellamy? Not players we could ask the world for but one or two million wouldn't be too much for these type of players??"
4th Jan 2013 9:39
"Sad he never succeeded here, I really wanted him to recapture his form. Still, the best move for both parties. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 9:40
"Good for Joe and good for LFC - sorry i didnt work out as i used to rate Joe. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 9:42
"All the best, Joe. Thanks for all you have done for the, club. YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 9:43
"That leaves the number 10 shirt free! Here are my suggestions for a new number 10: Cavani, Loriente,Ã"
4th Jan 2013 9:44
"Good luck Joe at your spiritual home of Upton Park. May the footballing Gods be with you. You could prove to be the bargain of the season if you stay fit."
4th Jan 2013 9:57
"pretty obvious his wages would of been far to high for west ham to pay. with no fee paid from west ham they put what they might of had to pay 2-3m into paying the difference to their wage structure. We then benefit with offloading a high earner who wont figure in our first team, its not hard to understand we wouldnt of had to give him any money to move him on."
4th Jan 2013 10:00
"Good luck Joe. Not sure you were able to deliver through the bad luck you had. Always gave your best and thats why we will always respect you. YNWA!!"
4th Jan 2013 10:07
"For free? He saved us a few times."
4th Jan 2013 10:09
"Buy Holtby plzzz"
4th Jan 2013 10:11
"Glad to finally get the leech of our books with a 3.7mill payoff. One of the worst transfers we've had along with Aquaman."
4th Jan 2013 10:19
"Thank you for all. Good luck Joe! "
4th Jan 2013 10:20
"15m bid for Walcott would seal a deal and give Liverpool a real shot at top 4!!!! "
4th Jan 2013 10:21
"Good luck Joe. Feeling sorry for you and also for LFC, that it didn't worked out and that you haven't been able to show us more magic."
Rush job
4th Jan 2013 10:29
"The last of the mercenaries Joe must be am afraid. Nowt personal, and know all about legal contracts, but him walking off with 3 million quid leaves a sour taste for me am afraid. Good riddance."
4th Jan 2013 10:29
"Good luck Joe. "
4th Jan 2013 10:29
"We'll remember the leveller against West Ham, Joe! YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 10:30
"Thank you Joe"
Gordon Ottershaw
4th Jan 2013 10:31
"Still getting stupid comments over money. JC was under contract to receive £100K per week. No club would pay to have him earning that amount, only sensible thing was to let him go and pay part of his wages. The urge to pay £15 million for Walcott, stupid again, he is in final six months of contract. It's all about how much he can earn. "
4th Jan 2013 10:31
"THANK GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
4th Jan 2013 10:35
"Hallelujah! "
4th Jan 2013 10:39
"Best of luck Cole just not when comming to Anfield, YNWA, now that number 10 is vacant who shall grace it? Sneijder? Honda? Ince? "
4th Jan 2013 10:39
"Goodluck Joe."
4th Jan 2013 10:43
"Good luck Joe! YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 10:45
"All the best for your future Joe! It did not work with us, I hope it will work for you at your new club where you belong! Anyway I want you know you've been a good servant of our club, a big professional! YNWA Joe Cole"
4th Jan 2013 10:48
"Good luck Joe. Thanks for your service. How different it could have been if you weren't sent off against Arsenal in your first league match. I'm sure you would have pushed on from there, but alas..."
4th Jan 2013 10:49
"good luck for the future joe "
4th Jan 2013 10:50
"Easy to let players off yet players are not available to sign wa o (in local palance)...YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 10:53
"Good Luck Joe. The timing wasn't good for you when you came to LFC but you were very much welcomed. And now we very much wish you success at West Ham. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 10:54
"Now move for Theo Walcott, he's young he's quick and he scores goals."
4th Jan 2013 10:55
"An awful lot of forgiving fans wishing Joe well. Disasterous signing for us.He only joined us as we were the only club to pay him what he wanted. We're even paying for him to pack his bags and join West Ham. Glad to see the mercenary go. "
4th Jan 2013 10:58
"all the best joe, its a shame we never got to see you at your best!"
4th Jan 2013 10:58
"Good Luck Joe :)"
4th Jan 2013 10:59
"Good Luck Joe, Hope you enjoy your return to the hammers!"
4th Jan 2013 10:59
"Wish you all the best Joe! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 11:09
"Thank god he's off the wage bill Purslow really screwed lfc over signing him"
4th Jan 2013 11:12
"I wont lie Im glad hes gone, great player, always tried his best, but something just never really went for him here at our beloved Liverpool, and 90k a week was too much considering the bit part he was playing. Good luck Joe, sorry it didnt work out YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 11:12
"Thank god for that! nothing personal Joe just our wage bill could do with it!"
4th Jan 2013 11:14
"Well overdue move away. Unfortunately Roy Hodgson got sold a pup - a very expensive one at that. Joe has never achieved anywhere near acceptable form at LFC, and worse than that, he has restricted the likes of Dani Pacheco from game time."
4th Jan 2013 11:16
"For all concerned with the "pay off" we still had a contract to pay 100k a week for 18 months, the deal to west ham will be a free transfer as we are terminating joes contract not him we will therefore be paying him 50k a week for 18 months to complete the contract as west ham will be paying him 30k at the same time. strange but better to have that kind of money off the books"
4th Jan 2013 11:17
"All the best Joe..."
4th Jan 2013 11:20
"i would like to say farewell to joe cole and his family but i hope he scores a hattrick when they play us next to see why Br wanted him to leave he will prove that and prove fans wrong ! "
4th Jan 2013 11:23
"Good luck Joe, sorry it didn't work out for you."
4th Jan 2013 11:28
"good luck,i dont know why it never happened for u at liverpool"
4th Jan 2013 11:39
"Goodbye Jo, thanks for all the effort you put in. You will play week in week out at West Ham and they are lucky to get you. Good Luck ... but not against us!"
4th Jan 2013 11:46
"I wonder what would have happened if he hadn't, unjustly, been sent off in that first match."
Elisabeth Lfc
4th Jan 2013 11:49
"Wish you all the best for the future Joe, and have a great time at West Ham, and thanks for taking time to speak with me at Anfield,and having a picture taking with me, thanks a lot YNWA "
4th Jan 2013 11:52
"Are they giving you 90K/100K or was we the only club you wanted to rob"
4th Jan 2013 11:52
"Good Luck Joe, Just a shame we didint get you when you were younger and sharper. all the best for the remainder of your career."
4th Jan 2013 11:53
"All the best, Joe. Hopefully, it all works out for you at Hammers. You looked good in the last games that you played for LFC, may you carry on the good work at West Ham! YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 11:59
"Even when you weren't playing well you still ran yourself into the ground and gave 100%. A nice bloke and a model pro who was always very respectful towards this club (Even when at Lille). Good luck with the Hammers Joe... YNWA"
Rush job
4th Jan 2013 12:04
"L-MAN 1055. Exactly my thoughts."
Rush job
4th Jan 2013 12:06
"allanjuno 11.14- Totally agree with you."
4th Jan 2013 12:11
"Its seems BR is even more astute than given credit sometimes. He obviously gave Cole game time to showcase him to prospective buyers and his goal against West Ham has paid off. I won't be crying about his leaving but its a shame that we didn't see the best of him as he is capable of sumptuous performances. Take care sir. "
4th Jan 2013 12:13
"Shame he never showed the form from his Chelsea days. Been a frustrating ride for him. Wish you all the best Joe! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 12:16
"100k a week for five years and we got four goals, not the best deal ever. good luck anyway joe as we would all have taken the money if some fool would only offer it. you always gave your best and it is a pity that your career has been blighted by injury"
4th Jan 2013 12:21
4th Jan 2013 12:21
"Good luck,Joe Cole.YNWA>"
4th Jan 2013 12:24
"one of our worst transfers ever! 90K a wk for a shot player who played f all, went on loan (while LFC paid him) and is now gone to a new club while we continue to pay him."
4th Jan 2013 12:26
"So what went wrong? Who was responsible for the money that was and still is being paid out to him? Do they still work at the club? Sorry but if Chelsea were going to let a player go without much fuss how come he was good enough for Liverpool. He wasn't! Sorry but another failing! Good Luck Joe. How many assists do we expect for Carroll from him? "
4th Jan 2013 12:28
" For the contract 'experts' on here; a contract is ended on leaving the club, and the player enters into a new one with his new club. He now has 2 contracts, one with west Ham and one with LFC. He could have just taken a pay cut. This shows 1; that he's a shroud business man. 2;that he's a money grabber. and 3; how low BR rated him! that we'd rather pay him to leave than keep him!"
4th Jan 2013 12:29
"Before people go on about being on free transfer.... He was not VFM! "
4th Jan 2013 12:32
"Goodbye and good luck. We never saw the best of you and there were times when you were given your chance that I had my head in my hands sitting in Anfield! Another one off the wage bill."
4th Jan 2013 12:36
"Best of luck to you Joe, thanks for your time here. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 12:36
"only1Cloggs - You forgot to add David Amoo to that list. A brilliant young talent who would have offered us width, pace and skill. A big shame on Liverpool for not offering him a contract. "
4th Jan 2013 12:37
"How much money did we sell him for????"
4th Jan 2013 12:43
"Apparently a nice bloke and a good professional but let's all face it - He's lost it! and never repaid us back with his form of yesteryear! See ya and very sorry, but you're ending your career on a low!"
4th Jan 2013 12:45
"You could see Cole always gave maximum effort,it just didn't work out. As someone has pointed out,you can't blame Cole that we paid him 100k a week.I do hope that we didn't have to "pay him off though". "
4th Jan 2013 12:56
"Good luck Joe, YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 13:03
"GT-LFC, unfortunately he was paid off. He has gone so now we move on...."
4th Jan 2013 13:03
"GOOD LUCK???! I don't think he needs any, the money he's had out of us and still getting it! Bl00dy disgrace!"
4th Jan 2013 13:19
"Good luck Joe! YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 13:22
"Sorry it didn't work out for you here Joe....all the best!"
4th Jan 2013 13:28
"I am always still shocked how things turned other way for you Joe! An adorable player ! Nevertheless all the best as u move on!!!!"
4th Jan 2013 13:54
"This is football. You win some loose sum. He came on a free and it was not an absolute risk because we all knew of the potential that was there. He had a positive atude and was a good professional. I am still gobsmacked why it did not work out. Nevertheless can you imagine what it must feel like paying 50 mill for a player and getting NOTHING in return. "
4th Jan 2013 14:00
"shame to see you go i hope it goes well"
4th Jan 2013 14:02
"Thank God we've finally been able to get rid of him and cut our losses.He held us to ransom for far too long. The very anhesis to Suarez in every respect."
4th Jan 2013 14:06
"Wished it had worked out better here for you Joe, all the best in the future. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 14:15
"Good bye Joe! All the best for you and your family in the future! YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 14:17
"LFC chose to pay Joe Cole the wages. None of us would turn it down so it's not his fault. Sorry it never worked out, from the minute Martin Atkinson stupidly gave you a red card against Arsenal it was just not meant to be. Better Luck at your spiritual home and hope you keep the hammers up in their rightful division. YNWA "
Gerrard o ya beauty
4th Jan 2013 14:31
"The only important thing that cole did for us at Liverpool is score against who he's joining when we won 2-3 so thanks for that joe and all the best YNWA "
4th Jan 2013 14:33
"Shame it didn't work out. Best of luck, Joe. "
4th Jan 2013 14:34
"First impressions... his first game against Arsenal, red card ...., Cole was a bust from day one ! "
4th Jan 2013 14:40
"he really didnt play his role at the club as good as we had expected anyway good lucks for him."
4th Jan 2013 14:42
"What a JOKE, we had to pay £3mil to make him leave! What a ridiculous players... jus get lost another west ham failure product! Hope this good lesson for us, don't short-change or over-pay players in future... not sure any conspiracy involved... audit pls! "
4th Jan 2013 14:53
"Best of luck Joe, shame it didn't work out for you. The best move for both parties. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 14:55
"Good luck Joey lad"
4th Jan 2013 15:16
"Halelujah He is gone T.G."
4th Jan 2013 15:34
"you'll be missed, but paying your wages will not! "
4th Jan 2013 15:53
"We love you Joe. Nothing but the best at Westham. I hope to see more moments of brilliance - as long as it is't against us. Y.N.W.A."
4th Jan 2013 16:00
"You are pure class, Joe. No doubt. Shame it didn't work out at LFC. All the best, make us proud at West Ham (just not agaist your former club :) "
4th Jan 2013 16:03
"And yes, we love you! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 17:29
"Best wishes Joe, it just didn't work for you in LFC. It is not your mistake. (I just wonder how much of his wages we are still going to pay every week.) YNWA Joe."
4th Jan 2013 18:44
"Good Luck Joe. Wish it had worked out better for you at LFC; always a model pro."
4th Jan 2013 19:12
"Good luck and thank you."
4th Jan 2013 19:32
"Wont lose any sleep over that. Joe Cole sat on the bench or at home collecting £100k a week. No sympathies from me."
5th Jan 2013 0:11
5th Jan 2013 0:33
"best of luck joe..YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 5:21
"Sad to see you go JC. If not for your injuries, you would've been a great player for LFC. All the best to you at WHFC. YNWA. "
5th Jan 2013 7:35
"Best of luck Joe."
5th Jan 2013 8:21
"Thank you for your efforts Joe Cole. YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 16:45
"For sure, LFC is loosing another good asset; I wonder why this happens??? He was doing well, but we did disappointed him....."
6th Jan 2013 12:15
"Thanks for the contribution Joe. YNWA!"