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make sure we win the next bunch of home games and take as much as we can from those 3 away. they'll be tough but with our 4S strike force we can do it!!! YNWA
3rd Jan 2013 10:09
3rd Jan 2013 10:16
"our defence and midfield were outstanding in terms of duels won, passing accuracy and support for Luis Suarez who stroke to the net plenty of times and found the target easily! Consistent display by any our repart. Congratulation to BR for the motivations he has been able to instil in the lads mind!"
Always A Red
3rd Jan 2013 10:59
"great performance last night - Suarez showed the same hunger he showed against QPR - he should have had 2 hat-tricks - onwards and upwards and same against Man U please boys - Stevie G is CLASS! "
3rd Jan 2013 13:31
"BR, we need to keep clean sheets, defend tightly, like these last 2 games, Fantastic!!"
3rd Jan 2013 13:55
"Please...please don't get complacent with that win. It should spur to do better in upcoming games irrespective who we are up against. Cheers! YNWA!!"
3rd Jan 2013 17:00
"Lucas mopped up any loose balls really well and the defence looked solid. Sunderland were always going to get their chances, but Reina and the rest had good games. It was great to see yet another clean sheet."
3rd Jan 2013 18:37
"Now who is going to do what in our next match? That's the pondering question of our fans? Don't let them down. Keep moving. Cheers! YNWA"
3rd Jan 2013 19:20
"Its nxt game which is important now. one thing don't let downer take corners. His ball is like a plane taking off. our player can't head it down becuase it always high. just review sunderland match and you will see how much ball he wasted. hope he make amendments nxt time"
3rd Jan 2013 22:14
"Of our midfield players, only one had a passing accuracy of less than 80 per cent. Not a single tackle in him. I am still convinced we could do better in his position with our current squad."