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i dont no how he will play hopefully next year he will help us get in the top four
2nd Jan 2013 20:23
2nd Jan 2013 20:31
"What a way to welcome our new lad - whats looking to be a good (and much needed) home win. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 20:35
"A fantastic half by Liverpool so far, great chip by Sterling and a good goal by Suarez. More of the same please in the 2nd half. Glad to see Sturridge happy and enjoying the game. "
2nd Jan 2013 20:42
"Welcome Daniel..YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 21:39
"He looks a bit perplexed as the game progressed.Hope he wasn't shocked by the expected workrate"
2nd Jan 2013 21:41
"Here's hoping there is more patience shown by some on here towards Sturridge than there has been over the last 18 months towards Henderson and Downing! Takes time for players to fit in and show their best - bit like moving house and getting to know the new neighbours ..... ..... or for you younger ones, a bit like going to Big school and getting used to being the tiddler again!"
2nd Jan 2013 21:42
"Little bit worried about him and Suarez together as they're both so one minded, maybe they'll both learn that sometimes you have to pass"
2nd Jan 2013 21:42
"That poor girl looks a bit shocked and not impressed but good to see Sturridge enjoynig a good home win, lets hope he can improve the team for more of the same against the top 4 sides LFC YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 21:44
"I can't wait to see the guy wear the Red shirt! best of luck for your upcoming adventure Dan! Our love for you will be unconditionate! YNWA Dan Sturridge"
2nd Jan 2013 21:52
"Lets hope he is as good as we hope. The next few fixtures are going to be testing."
2nd Jan 2013 21:59
2nd Jan 2013 21:59
"Sturridge, Sturridge, the boy who left the bridge,it shows hes no mug because he has now joined a big club, Sturridge, Sturridge!! "
2nd Jan 2013 22:00
"Mikie12 pls we'r CL come next year so just trust in BR and his lads.YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 22:05
"Welcome to LFC,I hope you make us proud."
2nd Jan 2013 22:08
"Welcome to Anfield 'Dan Da Man' Sturridge! We hope your time here will be long and rewarding, we don't expect too much too soon, you need time to 'Bed in' as they say, you've got bags of experience and talent, we need bags of goals, the sooner the better, we're all behind you, go for it 'Dan Da Man'! "
2nd Jan 2013 22:10
"Welcome to Anfield young Daniel.YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 22:11
"welcome to LFC daniel looking forward to seeing you play.Well done on your win tonight boys. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 22:11
"Brendan - Play 4-3-3 with Sterling, Sturridge and Suarez up front. Sturridge needs game time to prove what he is capable of. If he is played can see him scoring 15 goals for us this season."
2nd Jan 2013 22:11
"I brought him on Fifa he has good spells and then fades away like Rooney let's hope he is consistent in real life and i think we should get Gaston Ramirez and Tom Ince"
2nd Jan 2013 22:12
"In this run we might get top four this season.Believe believe,who never knows.Seventeen games may put things around for other teams."
2nd Jan 2013 22:18
"Who is the girl with the tarot deck in the first pic? Better be the score lotsa goals card!"
2nd Jan 2013 22:29
"Welcome Daniel, glad you joined us!!"
2nd Jan 2013 22:31
"She's holding an iPhone not a tarot deck!"
2nd Jan 2013 22:37
"Welcome Daniel!! Hope you have a great time at Liverpool, and that you help us beat the Mancs!! YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 22:42
"Welcome! :) great to finally have Sturridge on board."
2nd Jan 2013 22:55
"Welcome Daniel! Now get another striker - one is not good enough! We need options!"
2nd Jan 2013 22:55
"don't think much of his girlfriend!!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 23:46
"Sturridge MUST help us get into the top 4 this season not next year! We need CL football next season, that's the only way we'll attract more star players to Anfield! YNWA!!"
3rd Jan 2013 2:24
"12 year this boy being monitor by rodger. I believe he dont proof anything yet.. But man city n chelsea have faith on him. So with my limited knowledge, i think rodger will turn him into gun. Shoot the right goal. Ynwa"
3rd Jan 2013 5:18
"As new and young, Please be humble player, Daniel. Humble as LFC legend Ian Rush & Michael Owen."
3rd Jan 2013 7:30
"as a player, he is good and hopefully become great for Lfc...."
3rd Jan 2013 8:25
"let wait till he kick ball for Reds."
3rd Jan 2013 9:15
"Chelsea will regret letting him go!!"
3rd Jan 2013 13:38
"joe5582 - Didn't they pay 1.5M to make sure the deal happened? Think before you post next time :) "