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That's a great aude. I doubt it if we'll see Tom Ince in a Liverpool shirt. Appleton has ruined it for the kid. Then again what do you expect from an ex Manc.
2nd Jan 2013 16:27
2nd Jan 2013 16:30
"Ayre is full of it but no need to tell anyone that. Sturridge is far from prolific but hopefully he will be at LFC given a bit of time"
2nd Jan 2013 16:35
"How many shrinks you payed for Sturridge.He can be good but who is the Man who will get the best out of him.Is he able to fit the profile what we need to him improve.So many questions about him.I hope he will keep working every day and specially in field.This is his chance to grow and be a top-player."
2nd Jan 2013 16:36
"1 in lets hope there more to come ynwa "
2nd Jan 2013 16:37
"we have learnt our lesson in the recent past, this time we have to dot every I and cross every T. all the boxes must be ticked"
2nd Jan 2013 16:37
"1 in lets hope there more to come ynwa "
2nd Jan 2013 16:49
"Kevin Gameiro, David Vila, Klass Jan Huntelaar are prolific but won't come to Liverpool.I wish Sturridge to do better than our expectation."
2nd Jan 2013 16:53
"If we buy Tom Ince that makes us a laughing stock - we sold the man for £250k just under 2 years ago & now they want to buy him back for £6m"
2nd Jan 2013 16:54
"Welcome to LFC!!!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:55
"first step of a rebuilding Ian! Well done! Now we lack just 2-3 tussles before complete a first stage of that rebuilding, then we'll wait till the summer as we will complete the second stage of that and we will take the sums YNWA"
Gordon Ottershaw
2nd Jan 2013 16:55
"I welcome this player as he is young, English and has talent nobody can deny. OK we need BR to bring out the talent and that is what we are about. I wish all theses knockers of potential talent would just go and pretend to support another team. "
2nd Jan 2013 16:56
"Welcome sturidge tho i'm not so excited :) ... hope we are EXPECTING MORE IMPORTANT DEALS SOON!!!!!!! Sturidge will strengthen our squad and give additional options but our problem is consistancy, players and general performance...happening too often and besides being very greedy, i still doubt that sturidge is consistent enough. Hopes he does very good for us"
2nd Jan 2013 17:04
"It is time to wake up to the fact that due to the previous regime's reckless spending there isn't much money left so all you moaners should be happy for any addition to the squad. Each aquisition is a gamble so time will tell if Sturridge is a success or not."
2nd Jan 2013 17:06
"Really don't like Ian Ayre after his handling of the summer transfers walking out before the end of the window come on man! However i do believe that Sturridge will fulfill his potential!"
2nd Jan 2013 17:07
"At least we have back up for Suarez. If they can work together, Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling will create problem to our opponents"
2nd Jan 2013 17:07
"As long as he can be taught to play with his head UP...he should be OK "
2nd Jan 2013 17:12
"Dont LFC ever get fed up of being on the wrong side of deals. We could have had Daniel along with most of the cash we got for Torres but preferred to take all cash and waste most of it on Carol. Chelsea sell us Sturridge for 12 mill. and are poised to buy Ba for 7.5m."
2nd Jan 2013 17:19
"OldVic- Sturridge signed this week, a big no no for Ba. :) "
2nd Jan 2013 17:19
"Sturridge is good and can play on the wing, but what Liverpool need is an out and out striker who slots them away week after week... like Demba Ba. We pay Aston Villa more for Downing than Man. U did for Young. Got a player you want to get rid of with a profit, go see LFC, they pay big. "
2nd Jan 2013 17:21
2nd Jan 2013 17:35
"Why not giving pacheco and yesil a chance to do somtin."
2nd Jan 2013 17:40
"why didnt we get demba ba as well"
2nd Jan 2013 17:41
"Why do people keep saying we sold Tom Ince? He was out of contract and declined to sign a new one with us. We received £250,000 compensation fee from Blackpool but he wasn't sold. There's a whole interview with Comolli about It If you google It."
2nd Jan 2013 17:42
"This is a big chance 4 sturridge to make a big name 4 imself. And i think he will. come on you mighty REDS. Y N W A "
2nd Jan 2013 17:43
"i still dont trust Ayre after what happened last transfer window. anyway welcome sturridge. fans saying he has a bad atude so i hope rodgers can change that if its true."
2nd Jan 2013 17:44
"dont bother with ince so what we got sturidge hes english and hes that good he couldnt get in the chelski squad lol should have got ba then sturidge we need a play maker in midfeild cos allen he useless"
2nd Jan 2013 17:45
"Does he not realise that we need at least three top quality strikers to compete on all fronts. If we wait for the right deal, right player and right time as other teams have better strategies then We are going to wait longer to even qualify for champions league as teams like Spurs and Everton have improved dramatically as they have better players much better strikers. Suarez needs better support."
2nd Jan 2013 17:47
"Sorry Ian but could you PLEASE for the love of God put the contracts in a nice signatory/presentation folder and get rid of the Bic pen and buy a nice Mont Blanc or something, anything, so we don't look so poor on the pictures, After all its supposed to be a special occasion. Thanks"
2nd Jan 2013 17:47
"we wont get villa or huntelaar coz there to expensive and to old so we will buy sturidge for 12 mill who couldnt hit the ground if he fell on it will he be a bigger disapoitment than borini?"
2nd Jan 2013 17:52
"brucelee33 - Do some research on knowing players that can make a difference and players that cannot. Borini was a smart signing, not one that I favoured since he is not a player that can make a difference. Sturridge can make a difference and I cannot wait to see him score goals and prove a low life fan like you wrong. "
2nd Jan 2013 17:53
"Chelsea goes for Ba joint top striker in the Pl we buy Sturridge. I thought all our formers players have been advising the club and stubborn BR to get at least one prolific striker to play Suarez. Seen enough of Sturridge to know he isn't can we build for long term strategy when other teams are buying better players!!! Ayre is full of hot air and his strategy is flawed???"
2nd Jan 2013 17:58
"luis79 hope your right coz hes worth 5 mill borini was worth 5 mill should have got ba and falcao and maybe sturidge "
2nd Jan 2013 17:59
"Great signing by the club. FSG have made one or two mistakes along the way but I am convinced that we are heading in the right direction and in a far better place than we were under Hicks and Gillett. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 18:09
"Can someone at least Give the guy some credit for getting the deal done so early. Fans are normally moaning that we are so slow of the mark, now we are the 1st of the mark and u still complain. SMH "
2nd Jan 2013 18:10
"Brucelee33 stop being so negative. Fabio Borini has been injured for three months and like a lot of foreign players needs time to adjust to the premiership. The lad has great potential. With him, Luis and Daniel together we will have a great front three. Not forgetting Raheem!!! ynwa"
2nd Jan 2013 18:17
"An important deal for Liverpool to buy a player that cost £ 12 M and isn't a proven goalscorer in the PL as opposed to Ba who is going for £7.5 M and has been a top striker for two years in a row. Now that is some deal and great business Mr Ayre and BR !!! Mind boggling acquisition. Who is next? "
2nd Jan 2013 18:22
"Anybody that man u, chelseadont rate shouldnt be bought. Like it or not, thats the bar."
stu pot 74
2nd Jan 2013 18:23
"Can't help thinking we could havegot a more prolific forward for the same price if not less is he a better team player than Andy carroll "
2nd Jan 2013 18:36
"day in day out, i read the comments of people, mostly negative! how about you support your team, and all sound like you could end all the problems LFC have..go ahead..drop of your resume..see if u get a call! Welcome Sturrige...YNWA"
whacko jacko
2nd Jan 2013 18:42
"Firstly Welcome Daniel to LFC n i do hope you do really well for a great club and prove all the doubters wrong ! Mr Ayre i would like to know why we r not going for Demba Ba ? Daniel will score n play well but we need an out n out striker , a poacher in the box n Daniel is not that. Sori DS ! Bring defo or walcott or both !"
2nd Jan 2013 18:47
"a good signing, 12M bit much but not his fault, welcome sturridge i hope you impress hear YNWA!!!! In Brendan Rodgers i trust!!!!"
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 18:52
"BruceLee33: you trash talk our new striker all day then argue we should sign Falcao who would cost around 50m. Are you for real?!!? You've not said one sensible/ realistic thing (ever) so whatever you say is just noise now.. "
2nd Jan 2013 18:55
"Well said teej1977. We are rebuilding It's going to take time. There Is no people better placed to make these decisions than the club. They know what qualities they want from a player and who will fit what they're trying to achieve. Maybe Ba Isn't going to fit into our system."
2nd Jan 2013 18:55
"Well said teej1977. We are rebuilding It's going to take time. There Is no people better placed to make these decisions than the club. They know what qualities they want from a player and who will fit what they're trying to achieve. Maybe Ba Isn't going to fit into our system."
2nd Jan 2013 18:56
"Nobody wanted him a few years back now he's on everyone's list. As soon as DS starts scoring we'll love him but until then he has my full support 'cause I love this club and he can be a star If he wants It enough. Look at Michu too. He wouldn't have made Chelsea or Man Utd 2 years ago... Now he's hot property. Have faith trust the club again."
2nd Jan 2013 18:57
"Old vic when your a massive club at the top of the game you can get these deals cheaper because the pull of them clubs is massive. So ba would view Chelsea as a more reasonable step forward than lfc and therefore we will never be in the running to get him however we must pay to get a player of good quality and potential as sturidge"
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 19:14
"Oliver Manish: transfer comparisons are not as simple as you are trying to make out. Ba could go to the European Champions, who will be in CL next year, with a shout at winning our league and earn a fortune, or sign for us in the Europa League and finish in 8th on less money? Why does it need spelling out to you? It's obvious even to my 10 year old son.... Get real or log out pal.."
2nd Jan 2013 19:15
"Welcome to LFC Daniel. I am glad that we got this sorted as soon as we did. Daniel, there is no more bigger stage for you to prove your detractors wrong. We beleive in you mate. You come with an awesome pedigree even though you are only 22 years old. Just be yourself and play your game. At LFC we encourage our boys to enjoy their football.- YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 19:15
"Welcome Daniel. Hope to see you replicate the form you had at Bolton. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 19:41
"another waste of money man city let him go chelsea let him go and what do liverpool do your guess is good as mine.well done ian ayre another masterstroke."
2nd Jan 2013 19:50
"No doubt Sturridge is better than any other back up striker we have but we should be looking at improving on our best players. look for better than Suarez so our forwards would be prolific look for better than Gerard to give strength in midfield. when our 1st 11 become out 2nd 11 then we will be going in the right direction .LFC YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 22:53
"look what daniel has did at Bolton...? I Believe in him, he is a LFC player come on daniel show us your footballs skills... 23 years old a very good deal I think..."
3rd Jan 2013 0:15
"We now hear what we knew all along this man pulls the strings in the transfer market."We wait until the deal is right"the summer fiasco was down to Mr Ayre totally I along with many true supporters are surprised he is still here."
3rd Jan 2013 1:25
"This is the way to do a deal for Liverpool Football Club. But we still need a second quality forward - somebody of the ilk of Demba Ba, Fernando Llorente, Michu, or even Arouna Dindane/Lucas Barrios. Has anyone tried to fight for Michu before saying, 'He is too expensive'? Forget Kevin Gameiro, I would say."
3rd Jan 2013 1:31
"*Arouna Kone, of course. Incidentally there is nothing wrong for a club of Liverpool's profile to want to buy a proper 50m-pound striker (I suspect we could get him for cheaper). I think our most urgent need is to get proper globalization-age owners. There have been takers before (rebuffed for all the wrong reasons) and there will be takers again."
3rd Jan 2013 3:58
"Great deal lets keep them coming some suggestions Damiao, Matias Suarez, Erikson, Jovetic, Bernard Duarte, Isco, Lacazette, Nathan Redmond"
3rd Jan 2013 11:10
"Get a good Striker i dont believe in most of this England Striker Ian Ayre,look else where such as Mexico,Spain and Uruguay for better striker.YNWA"
3rd Jan 2013 11:11
"Get a good Striker i dont believe in most of this England Striker Ian Ayre,look else where such as Mexico,Spain and Uruguay for better striker.YNWA"