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Welcome to LFC. I will be honest. I never liked you nor hated you. But if you improve the squad you will see the real meaning of unconditional love from the fans. YNWA
2nd Jan 2013 15:47
2nd Jan 2013 15:49
"Welcome Daniel! l5 goals at least this year:P"
2nd Jan 2013 15:52
"Welcome Daniel"
2nd Jan 2013 15:52
2nd Jan 2013 15:53
"Welcome to The Reds Daniel.YNWA."
2nd Jan 2013 15:53
"was not sure about him, but this interview is pretty good! Also he didnt demand to play as a striker all the time... Great to have another striker finally."
2nd Jan 2013 15:55
"Welcome Daniel."
2nd Jan 2013 15:56
"You sound like a humble and decent individual. Wish you all the best for the future. Whatever you do, just play your heart out and the KOP will be behind you 100% YNWA"
Monument Mark
2nd Jan 2013 15:57
"Welcome to Liverpool, Daniel. You sound like a down to earth, modest person who is excited to wear the LFC shirt and to work hard in doing so, being flexible as to where Brendan may position you. If you do that, with your undoubted ability, I'm sure you'll endear yourself to your fellow players, the staff and fans alike."
2nd Jan 2013 15:59
"The lad speaks very well. Play with your head up, score lots of goals and you'll be loved here Daniel."
2nd Jan 2013 16:00
"All the best Daniel, I'm so happy you are here. "
2nd Jan 2013 16:00
"Great interview! Good luck Daniel from all true Liverpool fans. Can't wait to see the Sturridge dance!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:01
"Welcome Daniel, I believe you're going to be a great player for us...roll on 2013..Good luck and YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:01
"looking forward to watching you and suarez in partnership"
2nd Jan 2013 16:02
"Welcome Daniel....great to have you here. Looking forward to 2013....good luck and YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:02
"looking forward to watching you and suarez in partnership"
2nd Jan 2013 16:03
"Welcome Dan! I'm getting excited. Sounds like a good lad. Keep that humble atude. Sterling Suarez n Sturridge sounds like a mean pacey attack! ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!YNWA !"
Stan Still
2nd Jan 2013 16:04
"Well said, Daniel. I fully believe you're going to do extremely well here. Welcome to Liverpool and show the Premiership just how good you really are. "
2nd Jan 2013 16:04
"Welcome to LFC hope the goals will flow Y.N.W.A"
2nd Jan 2013 16:06
"Our New hat-rick hero for today? :D Cant wait to see him play!! YNWA! Will be Our New legend at this club!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:09
2nd Jan 2013 16:10
"i'm always excited by new signings you never know if they are going to be world class or just god damn awful but with sturridge I feel slightly up beat :) Y.N.W.A"
2nd Jan 2013 16:11
"Welcome Daniel, i truly hope you will bang the goals in, we have needed a player like yourself for some time now, "
2nd Jan 2013 16:11
"Well, I never really rated him too highly, but the manager does and he's here and seems honest in his intentions based on the interview. Let's get behind him and get behind our club for this season and the next whatever the results of individual games."
2nd Jan 2013 16:12
"Welcome onboard Daniel. GET IN!! YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:13
"Welcome Daniel YNWA !"
2nd Jan 2013 16:15
"Glad to hear Daniel dispel the stupid rumours about him demanding to play as a center forward. Fantastic young player. Probably our best signing since Suarez and for a measly 12 million is excellent business. Onward and upward. Welcome to Liverpool young Danny. Can't wait to see you score!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:17
"Sounds like a good lad. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:17
"Good Luck Daniel YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:18
"welcome to lfc. i just hope all the fans give you time and encouragement untill you get some form like you showed during your spell on loan at bolton. good luck !!!!!!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:19
"talks well hope it works out all right ,for both the team and himself ,good luck and welcome to the ranks "
2nd Jan 2013 16:19
"still welcome here Dan! Your task wiill be just enlighten the Luis Suarez goals burden and create space and opportunities for him, we can't ask you any more! Put yourself under the BR sword and start to work hard with your teammates, goals will repay your sacrifices! Goals, goals, still goals for us! YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:20
"I hope he holds the club in a better manner than he is holding that shirt!........."
2nd Jan 2013 16:20
"Great to have you here right from the opening of january, Im so looking forward for you to play and get established in the team, remember to play your heart out then! YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 16:27
"Great new! Welcome Daniel we saved you from **g chelsea! "
2nd Jan 2013 16:31
"Welcome to our family Daniel and thank you for your positive words. LFC will inspire you. Good Luck young man. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:33
"Over the years we have seen many people come through the doors who don't care for the club or it's values,give us 110% wk in wk out and you will have the greatest supporters right behind you.Good luck and welcome to Anfield.YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 16:35
"Really pleased you joined us, welcome Daniel!! I rate you highly and believe you have been held back before, so I am excited to see what you can do for the team!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:36
"Yule, neva walk alone daniel!!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:39
"Welcome to LFC, Daniel. I am one of the sceptics, but now you're here, I just want to wish you a big success with us, many goals and silverware. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:40
"Oh, and Daniel... don't forget to PASS the ball sometimes, too."
2nd Jan 2013 16:41
"To be perfectly honest Daniel, I am a fan of yours and it is a wish come true to see you in red. I have seen you at the bridge lined up with Nando and I must say I think you are more of a player, you have football intelligence Nando will never have plus amazing talent."
2nd Jan 2013 16:43
"GOALS GOALS GOALS AND he can head them in 2 !!!! S G M 73 spot on man !! and unfortunately so true ... wanted sturridge all the time "
2nd Jan 2013 16:45
"Welcome to Liverpool!! I hope the Kop gets behind you and you help fire us up the table! Win or lose, score or miss, so long as you give your all for Liverpool, You'll Never Walk Alone!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:45
"Welcome aboard Dan... I hope you are a success for the club. Good luck!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:47
"He doesn't sound like the arrogant and selfish player we have painted him to be, although, talk is cheap. let's welcome Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool. Walk on....YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:49
"Suarridge or Sturrez the combination will be deadly,and add a bit of Sterling we will be flying up the table. Welcome Daniel. I hope you fulfil our dreams. YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:50
"Never liked him. Too stereotypically judged talent. all skills no good game but he's a good transfer. Need another guy that can play striker/winger like Suarez and get a forward system going. So please, improves your game of football"
2nd Jan 2013 16:50
"Welcome to LFC Daniel. I have always rated you as a player and you should been given more chances where you've been before. Hopefully you can be our focal point of attack and can finish all the chances Luis can create for you."
2nd Jan 2013 16:55
"Welcome to LFC!!!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:59
"Welcome to L.F.C. Daniel - you will have a gr8 future at Anfield just work hard that's all we ever ask from our players. YNWA"
Gordon Ottershaw
2nd Jan 2013 17:00
"Best of luck here and a very sincere welcome to LFC"
2nd Jan 2013 17:05
"Welcome Daniel! YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2013 17:06
"We should have taken him with cash when offered in exchange for Torres instead of wasting most of the £50m on Carol. "
2nd Jan 2013 17:07
"Welcome DANIEL!To the Greatest team in the World!"
2nd Jan 2013 17:10
"Welcome to the club Daniel. I hope you prove your doubters wrong and do well at the club. "
2nd Jan 2013 17:13
" well you're here now, true to my word I will support you 100% welcome to lfc the greatest club in the world, looking forward to see what u can do on the pitch, also congrats and ty to brendan, and the owners for moving quickly in the market to secure our first target"
2nd Jan 2013 17:13
"Welcome Daniel and best wishes for a succesful career at LFC. Between you Luis, Fabio and Raheem we now have a real threat to opposing teams. You will flourish with the service you get. Relax and enjoy the ride ! YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 17:16
"Welcome Daniel I am sure you will do well at LFC YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 17:16
"Have to say, I am pleased with this signing. He was absolutely fantastic for Chelski in the first part of last season. His movement reminds me of Anelka. Hopefully he fulfils this assessment and I won't be left disappointed. Only time will tell."
2nd Jan 2013 17:19
"I have so much faith in this signing - Make the team and the club proud Daniel YNWA :-)"
2nd Jan 2013 17:19
"I did not like you but now that you are hear, i you can pass and shoot on target and help my darling club. By the way welcome and pls dont be selfish."
2nd Jan 2013 17:29
"More I read the more I like the guy! says the right things now I can't wait to see him back it up on the pitch! Good luck Lad! YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2013 17:33
"Work hard and bleed Red for the shirt!! Welcome to LFC! YNWA!!"
2nd Jan 2013 17:34
"Sounds like a nice young man, I do hope the fickles leave him alone to settle in properly and he does well, Welcome Daniel, and IAN please get rid of the BIC !!"
2nd Jan 2013 17:44
"Welcome Daniel! Looking forward to see you score Goals, Goals, Goals!"
2nd Jan 2013 17:44
"Welcome to Liverpool FC, the home of Greatness, Daniel..Give us your best and YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 17:44
"Daniel, welcome to LFC. I'm sure if you work really hard you will be a great asset to the club and can help us get back to where we belong. YNWA"
go go "liverpool"
2nd Jan 2013 17:48
"good news and welcome to liverpool fc YNWA"
go go "liverpool"
2nd Jan 2013 17:49
"good news and welcome to liverpool fc YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 17:56
"another step in the wrong direction. Liverpool keep spending millions on the wrong players."
2nd Jan 2013 17:56
"Sturridge got to be given our support he is a lfc player and I reckon he will improve our goal scoring abit more.he is a quality player.welcome aboardð"
2nd Jan 2013 17:57
"Sturridge got to be given our support he is a lfc player and I reckon he will improve our goal scoring abit more.he is a quality player.welcome aboardð"
2nd Jan 2013 18:00
"You are most welcome Mr Sturridge. I have no doubt you will be a success at this great club."
Gerrard o ya beauty
2nd Jan 2013 18:02
"Not a bad front 3 that is it sturridge, Suarez and Stirling. These 3 are going to be a nightmare for defenders, the only problem is Stirling needs to start scoring! YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 18:02
"daniel welcome and im glad you say you are humbled by being a LFC player. i'm hoping you play for us for a long time, score loads of goals and if possible help us win the league b4 stevie finishes playing. that is the day i most look forward to. good luck and remember you'll never walk alone. J4T96"
Papa Syed
2nd Jan 2013 18:05
"YNWA in LFC & play as a team! Welcome Mr Sturridge!"
2nd Jan 2013 18:05
"At Last!! we got u in! Welcome to LFC!!!! we are waiting to see your impact!!! Happy new and welcome!"
2nd Jan 2013 18:14
"Daniel - you have played at 3 different clubs and you are still a young player. You did well at Bolton on loan, so I think you will be good for LFC. I wish you a successful career at our beloved club. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 18:15
"i think he'l probably get his prem debut against manure then. wouldnt hit be great if he scored or gets an assist against our biggest rivals. welcome sturridge"
2nd Jan 2013 18:16
"All we ever expect from any player are just 3 things - effort, effort and then more effort. Do those 3 things and you'll be loved and respected forever."
2nd Jan 2013 18:21
"BUTRAGENIO 17.56 you are the only one moaning. give it a rest and support our new signings. com on D.S put some egg on his face. YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 18:22
"Credit to BR, Ayre and the team for getting the job done early this time. Lets move on now..couple more attackers would be nice. "
2nd Jan 2013 18:26
"So pleased to have you on board Daniel, here's hoping you can make the difference and be trhe missing part of Brendans jigsaw. Getting excited already at the prospect of our conversion rate leaping up Glad your here mate YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 18:31
"Welcome to Liverpool. Personally I'm hugely excited with your arrival, and I'm sure you'll be as big a success as you want to be. "
2nd Jan 2013 18:36
"Welcome to the warm world of Liverpool, you'll know what our motto is about. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 18:43
"Welcome to the club Daniel. You have said all the right things and showed the right atude. Hope you will perform well for us and score lots of goals. At Liverpool you will know what it means not to be standing alone! YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2013 18:47
"Welcome to our club Dan. Good Luck in what will be a challenge to help us get back to being compeive on all fronts again. I think you'll settle in quickly with you knowing a lot of the squad and hopefully you'll adopt the playing style to compliment your own talents. All the Best. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 18:54
"kidofkop Sturridge will not be loved unless he can improve the squad therefore making it conditional."
2nd Jan 2013 18:54
"kidofkop Sturridge will not be loved unless he can improve the squad therefore making it conditional."
2nd Jan 2013 19:05
"Welcome to LFC! YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2013 19:19
"all the best daniel YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 19:20
"Welcome Daniel. I look forward to seeing you on the pitch and hope that you and Luis have a prolific partnership. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 19:27
"at least cole has gone"
2nd Jan 2013 19:31
2nd Jan 2013 19:34
"Speaks extremely well. Very happy with this signing. Think he and Suarez will be dynamite. Welcome Daniel."
2nd Jan 2013 19:46
"When this player is given a good run in a team he has shown what he can do, get behind him and he can be a top player."
2nd Jan 2013 19:49
"thrill us Daniel"
2nd Jan 2013 19:50
"If u give 100% every game then the best fans in the world will back you all the way "
2nd Jan 2013 20:07
"Well chuffed, he's a quality player, shame for him he's only ever had a proper run of games at bolton. THEIR LOSS IS OUR GAIN! "
2nd Jan 2013 20:07
"Well chuffed, he's a quality player, shame for him he's only ever had a proper run of games at bolton. THEIR LOSS IS OUR GAIN! "
2nd Jan 2013 21:42
"Score against United and we'll love you XD. Welcome to Liverpool Daniel, YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 22:09
"Welcome YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2013 22:10
"Daniel, I think that most people are impressed by your interview. We're scousers so we sit here and pretend we all but we don't - All I will say is play your heart out (especially during times that you're under fire) and you will be fine."
2nd Jan 2013 22:11
"In all honesty I don't know a lot about you as a striker but i've seen a few glimpses of brilliance and it certainly seems as if you've got quick feet and a good strike so I'm very happy to have you here. Good luck danny boy!"
2nd Jan 2013 22:12
"*know it all"
3rd Jan 2013 0:26
"Welcome to the club! Thought we should have made a move for you when Torres left and am convinced that you will do well once given a chance."
3rd Jan 2013 0:49
3rd Jan 2013 1:16
3rd Jan 2013 3:22
"Nice talk, friend Daniel. And we all know that you have got the talent. Now, go out there and walk the talk."
3rd Jan 2013 4:20
"Seeing that we didn't pay £35m for him, he can't do worse than Carrol..."
3rd Jan 2013 4:43
"Welcome to L.F.C. Daniel."
Rush job
3rd Jan 2013 6:26
"Welcome 'Daniel son'. What a fantastic interview. Good feeling about this signing. Goals, goals, goals. Ince deal still 50/50 at the moment btw. Ince senior wanting a lot of 'assurances' re 'game time' and such like."
Rush job
3rd Jan 2013 6:26
"Suarez and Sturridge- the SAS attack...."
4th Jan 2013 8:43
"Welcome sir Daniel. All the very best to you"