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Welcome to LFC, YNWA.
2nd Jan 2013 15:23
2nd Jan 2013 15:25
"Daniel we expect at least 15 goals per PL season from you :))"
2nd Jan 2013 15:26
"YNWA... Hope you can help us get the elusive Champions league spot. "
2nd Jan 2013 15:27
"15 = at least 15 goals each season!!"
2nd Jan 2013 15:28
"Hope that signals his first target - 15 goals between now and the end of May! Good Luck Daniel, YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 15:32
2nd Jan 2013 15:33
"IS. 15. Now make it an Icon Daniel, you can do it!!"
2nd Jan 2013 15:33
"Welcome Daniel YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 15:33
"Welcome Daniel, really pleased to see you join and excited about seeing you play for us! "
2nd Jan 2013 15:38
"So does that means No.9 is still vacant and a striker arrival is imminent. And soon we have to find a No.10. Joe cole is never a No.10"
2nd Jan 2013 15:38
"welcome daniel hope you can become legend here YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 15:47
"WELCOME TO LIVERPOOL YNWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 15:48
"KidofKop no 9 is not vacant as Carroll is only out on loan. Hope this boy can score some to take the pressure of Suarez. 15 goals before end of season is a good target. "
2nd Jan 2013 15:48
"Welcome mi boss! YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 15:49
"Well done Dan! YNWA"
Always A Red
2nd Jan 2013 15:51
"Welcome to LFC DS. Hopefully you can become a "team" player and score goals. However if you must be selfish and can still score goals, I will be happy. Shame you cannot play tonight! YNWA"
Always A Red
2nd Jan 2013 15:54
""Lorrydriver" - No.9 is still vacant, we are not getting AC back!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:06
"Welcome Daniel you now have best fans in the world behind you, we all believe in you lets make 2013 unforgettable!! YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:09
"Make your mark Daniel. Let it be said one day that " THIS IS THE SHIRT WHICH DANIEL STURRIDGE WORE" . Make LFC retire the no.15 shirt in your honour. We set only the HIGHEST standards here Daniel. You will see the huge amount of respect the red shirt commands from our opp. Friendly reminder- scoring against Manures and Toffes will help your course greatly. "
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 16:20
"The other owners of the number 15 shirt have been: Jamie Redknapp, Salif Diao, and Yossi Benayoun. Not surprised they didn't mention Salif though.. lol"
2nd Jan 2013 16:27
"Andy Carroll is still registered under the 9 shirt for the season under PL rules etc. And there's every chance he'll be back here. Alberto Aquilani anyone? Sturridge WILL score goals though. Good move..."
2nd Jan 2013 16:28
"He is decent and although I am not happy about the amount of money we spent to bring him in considering Ba was available for far less, I have to support him. He is red now and LFC is more important than what we wish. Welcome and hope u prove me wrong. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 16:29
"when is he eligible to play?"
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 16:34
"samiyounger: Ba is older with less sell on potential, has damage to his knee, which affects his medical & had the 7m clause inserted before anyone knew if he would be good or not. Ba also wants to play Champs League and higher wages than we could offer, so don't focus on the fees, because it's not the only or even most important issue when it comes to transfers."
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 16:36
"I believe he could be in the team for the FA cup.."
2nd Jan 2013 16:43
"This is the first time Liverpool has had at least two good strikers. And we still have young strikers in yesil, Morgan and borini still to get his feet going. Liverpool fans should be grateful how things are going and stop listening to poisonous media and their ill thoughts about Liverpool. Be a real fan when things are good and when they are bad. You have to believe."
2nd Jan 2013 16:48
"okey the deal is done STURRIDGE welcome to our prestigious club and prove me wrong "
2nd Jan 2013 16:50
"lorente or remy to fill vacant no.9 and get alonso back or sneider for no. 10 come on fsg please invest and make it happen!!!!!!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:54
"Welcome to LFC!!!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:57
"Welcome Daniel, YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2013 16:58
"Cead Mile Failte Daniel!!! YNWA"
Gordon Ottershaw
2nd Jan 2013 16:58
"Good luck Daniel and welcome to the best supported team and the best club in the world. YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 17:07
"Redknapps old Shirt !!! YNWA..."
2nd Jan 2013 17:13
"Welcome to Liverpool Football Club Daniel I wish you well. You are a welcome addition to the family - not the furniture! Good luck - go and make a name for yourself. YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 17:39
"should have got demba ba as well"
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 17:43
"BruceLee: Well done for pointing that out. We should have signed Messi as well. Anyone else we should have signed? Ronaldo? Or should we just welcome a new player to the team? "
2nd Jan 2013 17:47
"welcome daniel LFC. hope you play in F.A cup and score on debut. you have alot of knockers but i believe you will do a job for us and hopefully a flying start to your LFC career will have some fans apologising to you. com on D.S score some goals. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 17:48
"SGM73 some fans will never be happy. (see above your last post) YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 17:50
"Pls just try to pass somtimes "
Papa Syed
2nd Jan 2013 17:55
2nd Jan 2013 18:03
"sgm73 hes a chelski reject who couldnt get in the team even when torres werent scoring goals"
2nd Jan 2013 18:21
"Yes, he may look selfish, but i see him useful for us at the moment. Hope he improves as he goes. Only positive i take from new signing and would love to see him earning a shirt."
2nd Jan 2013 18:33
"Welcome to LFC Daniel, Hope you enjoy your time at the best club (and supporters) in the world. YNWA. Good to see FSG sending some money now lets go get a Walcott, Alonso, Sneijder or Holtby. "
2nd Jan 2013 18:39
""Brucelee33" He never got a game because Roman Abramovich wouldn't let the manager play any one else but Judas."
2nd Jan 2013 18:55
"lol the judas lol lets see if he scores as many games as torres did and see if we get 50 mill for him lol"
2nd Jan 2013 19:00
"SGM73 - Well said. Welcome Daniel. Looking forward to seeing you in red. YNWA. P.S ignore BruceLee33 -I will get Chuck Norris on him soon."
2nd Jan 2013 19:09
"Welcome Daniel. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 19:09
"welcome daniel, a top player who needs to excell himself and he will, just the sort of player we need, pace n he can finish. looks like luis will be pushed more wide now or they will alternate with sterling/assaidi on other side "
Champions Of Europe
2nd Jan 2013 19:29
"Welcome to the greatest football club in the world Daniel. May your stay be filled with goals, assists & world class performances. It's a pleasure to have you on board. Some on here may question you, but the Liverpool fans will welcome you as they have all new signings. YNWA."
2nd Jan 2013 20:45
2nd Jan 2013 21:41
"I agree with SGM73. I would rather Daniel join us any day of the week for the same reasons. Daniel is quality and will really give us a boost!"
3rd Jan 2013 2:52
"Daniel hope you prove your quality. At Chelski your chance were limited due to Roman wanting Nando to start! Hope you can play like you did at Bolton behind the striker!"