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good to see andre back in action, come on you reds!
2nd Jan 2013 18:52
2nd Jan 2013 18:53
"someone must remember br that we have SAHIN "
2nd Jan 2013 18:53
"good line-up as expected, a pity to not see one between Sahin and Allen have a starting berth, hope that Hendo plays the usual consistent performance! Come on Stevie and Luis, make us a gift tonight! Best of luck for the game lads! YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 18:55
"Great line-up.Pls players we need 100% from you today..Lets begin the year with a great win.I'm expecting 2 goals from Suarez.Hope Sahin comes on later.GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS.YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 18:55
"Glad to see Sahin and Robinson in the team"
2nd Jan 2013 18:55
"Good side. #misfits"
2nd Jan 2013 18:55
"Come on Liverpool, let's try and get the New Year off to a flyer with a good home win! Won't be easy but then when is it ever? YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 18:56
"Great line-up.Pls players we need 100% from you today..Lets begin the year with a great win.I'm expecting 2 goals from Suarez.Hope Sahin comes on later.GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS.YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 19:02
"Nice balance to the team today think we will come from behind tonight and win 2-1"
2nd Jan 2013 19:04
"With Sunderland's record against us and Downing at LB this one is as good as won."
2nd Jan 2013 19:05
"Great! Three points lads..."
2nd Jan 2013 19:05
"When we will see Assaidi in game this season in BPL :("
2nd Jan 2013 19:05
"Sahin's last game with us, Arda will not join now, nor wil Alonso, they only wanted to join due to Sahim, bye them two. I want Sahin to have some action, and Robinson. No Allen. A good squad. I would like to see Flanagan soon. G'luck!"
2nd Jan 2013 19:10
"Hey since all our attacking players names begin with the letter S (Sahin shelvey suso sterling steven suarez and now sturridge) How 'bout we go for Soldado or the other Suarez????"
2nd Jan 2013 19:14
"Am pleased BR has done the unexpected and playing Downing in his preferred position and good to see a promising youngster in Andre back in contention, COME ON LIVERPOOL!!! YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2013 19:16
"glad lucas and wisdom get start come on redmen we need 3 points "
2nd Jan 2013 19:17
"Ani-Rd - Happy new year mate. You know Buddha's going to have our pants down if Hendo and Downing don't show up today. Come on Stewie and Jordan, don't do it just for LFC, do it just to annoy Buddha."
2nd Jan 2013 19:19
"come on you reds YNWA!!!!!!"
2nd Jan 2013 19:21
"Lfcisone- do you know anything about liverpool. I always see you write the most ridiculous things. Sahin is probably gonna see out the loan unless Dortmund take it up. Turan is more of a fan than you are of liverpool, and believe me he ain't quiet on that. Alonso has been a massive fan since he first came.. Why would Sahin leaving effect any of that ?!"
2nd Jan 2013 19:26
"Good luck tonight lads! Trying to find a good stream to watch it :)"
2nd Jan 2013 19:26
"great line up still no assaidi has he gone to african cup of nations does anyone know ?"
2nd Jan 2013 19:28
"Good to see Andre back, at least Jonjo, Suso, Allen and Sahin can come from the bench if things don't work. GET THOM INCE and Butland soonest now that Daniel has landed. My birthday 2day guys, hope to celebrate more end of 90min."
2nd Jan 2013 19:29
"Apart from the Villa match, not a bad recent run. Stoke is never an easy place. Three points to-night are essential to keep the momentum and also what lies ahead over the next month. The lads must put in a 90-minute shift and no foot off the pedal. Let's start '13 with an emphatic win. YNWA"
Champions Of Europe
2nd Jan 2013 19:31
"Lets start the new year meaning business. Good luck out there lads. So wish Sturridge was eligble for the bench today."
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 19:35
"I like Glen at LB. He's got a decent left foot, but he can cut inside and smash one off his right. Better defensive option than playing Downing there. Glad than Wisdom is getting more first team experience too. Nervous about the game cos Sunderland like playing us, but hopeful for a win as draws are no good to anyone at this stage. "
2nd Jan 2013 19:35
"ba for 7 mil to chelskiiiiiiiiiii, and we buy sturridge for 12 what a nonesense"
2nd Jan 2013 19:42
"Not a bad side BUT I still don't rate Hendo highly enough to start. Sahin has to be much much better - with Suso to come on in the 2nd half as a playmaker NOT a wide player."
2nd Jan 2013 19:43
"we really need to get the 3 points tonight as our next 4 or 5 league games are really difficult."
2nd Jan 2013 19:48
"lost13.. there is no way we could persuade any player to come to us before a team that has just won the champions league and is in contention to win the league, and also they have more money to through around. "
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 19:50
"LFCisOne: That comment is so ridiculous & insane it's actually funny. Lost13: You don't understand the transfer business do you? Do you really think Ba would refuse more cash, Champions League next year with the Euro Champions? And instead come to a team in 10th? Get real, that's so silly a statement that you should get an 8 match ban for knowing nothing about football.."
SGM 73
2nd Jan 2013 20:00
"Sahin has been off the pace and is still sore after a broken hooter. Re Hendo, some may never rate him, same as I don't rate diving cheat Ronaldo ;) but yet managers keep picking them? How strange?! It must be frustrating for people who hate Hendo, seeing the manager and England coaches pick him.. If only the pros knew what you guys knew (they wouldn't be working in football).. ha ha.. "
Stan Still
2nd Jan 2013 20:20
"Stevie G is running this game, he's playing great. Keep it up lads! "
2nd Jan 2013 20:39
"Great half so far, great chip by Sterling and a good finish by Suarez. More of the same in the 2nd half please. "
2nd Jan 2013 20:40
"great first half. keep it up reds and clean sheet would be great. another bonus if geordies take all the pts v neverton. and QPR holding european champs. and we only put 3 past them. shame. com on you reds. hope sturridge likes what he sees. good luck for sunday YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 20:42
"joe cole having medical at west ham. free up some wages i hope. YNWA"
2nd Jan 2013 20:54
2nd Jan 2013 20:56
"great to see Sturridge in,& lucas & wisdom back in action,& hopefully Cole off to west ham,starting new year on a positive note ."
2nd Jan 2013 20:56
"tricky outstanding LUIS! brilliant pass from SG."
Stan Still
2nd Jan 2013 20:57
"Stevie G pass of the season. Magic! "
2nd Jan 2013 21:03
"come on boys, lets go for the 4th."
2nd Jan 2013 21:12
"Suarez on fire! genius."
2nd Jan 2013 21:17
"Luis is damn good. We running out of words now. It looks like skme 3 good points. push it guys"
2nd Jan 2013 21:25
"good job LUCAS."
2nd Jan 2013 21:27
"beautiful game, well played!"
2nd Jan 2013 21:29
"oide again???? "
2nd Jan 2013 21:31
"the kop singing loud :))"
2nd Jan 2013 21:36
"good result, congratulations."
2nd Jan 2013 21:39
"that was a good performance liverpool of old kept going for the full 90 min great 3 points,oh how we have missed lucas our midfield warrior,he gives gerrard the room to get forward ,best performance of the season "
2nd Jan 2013 21:40
"the pass from stevie for luis' 2nd goal was just class. and some fans seem to think he needs a rest. great result but some will moan we should have had 5/6 goals. i'm happy with 3-0 which i voted for last 2. gone for 5-0 on sunday. well done reds.YNWA"