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an amazeing talent would grace the prem for years a fine back up to pepe
31st Dec 2012 14:17
31st Dec 2012 14:29
"agree with you thekingmaker27, this is a cracking talent, seen him with the England team and very impressed me, it's about an amazing backup for Pepe, it's a no-brainer, get him! "
31st Dec 2012 14:45
"Not a priority get Baa and Walcott please Mr Rodgers or kiss goodbye to 4th spot and surez!!!"
Papa Syed
31st Dec 2012 14:52
"a good addition to the current squad of new youngsters"
31st Dec 2012 15:22
"a shift of policy is required by lfc - one which should be whereby we buy a player based on his ability and not hsi country of birth"
31st Dec 2012 15:37
"get pato,walcott,sturridge,holtb-y "
31st Dec 2012 15:53
"get him "
31st Dec 2012 15:54
"He is going to Everton ........"
31st Dec 2012 15:59
"5STARKOP - Wake up and get a reality check, top 4 was ruled out before the season even started. I don't know why I even bother with such ridiculous fans that have a small brain regarding to football knowledge. Lol at the Suarez comment, do you not realise he has a contract until 2018, a club would have to pay over 50M for his services."
Mines a pint in the Sov!
31st Dec 2012 16:55
"I agree with 5starkop in terms of Goalkeeper not being priority! We need players that can score goals. I believe Theo will stay at Arsenal! Sturridge looks a done deal to me. Why not go for Ba, sturridge and suarez either side, looks pretty formidable to me?!"
31st Dec 2012 17:05
"No Tottenham!"
31st Dec 2012 18:38
"Kopethehour KopetheRed - If Butland is available on the cheap, why not go for him? I would much rather see Liverpool signing him now than to be after him in 3/4 years time when he will be worth double if not triple the amount. Look at the Ince situation for starters. Liverpool will look like mugs if and when they sign him, however he is a good attacking player. "
1st Jan 2013 4:40
1st Jan 2013 9:41
"This guy has a great future and obviously wants to be the next England 'keeper. Wi9ll he really want to spend week after weekk sat on the bench. You cant rotate 'keepers. They need to be part of the defensive unit"
1st Jan 2013 10:18
"Butland is a fantastic talent and would be a fantastic signing for us"
1st Jan 2013 11:09
"Problem when it comes to competition we always come last, always linked linked, finalize Sturridge,Ince and Butland, then persue all sort of names being thrown around, but do we really need them with our rich academy talent in the reserves and u21s.I don't think so. "
1st Jan 2013 15:01
"noooo not a keeper. Pepe gonna be like casillas of liverpool. no one can takeover his position. no use signing him if he is gg to be a backup forever. "
1st Jan 2013 20:24
"we need him of course n°1 pepe n°2 "