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hope the lfc reserves defeat them
31st Dec 2012 15:09
31st Dec 2012 19:01
"Still cannot get over the nonsense of going back 5 yrs. I KNOW of at least 4 ST holders who have sold their tickets on. About time the club made people collect tickets at the game on production of photo ID. Photo ID should also be produced at home games as 2 people sitting near me v Fulham were in ST seats with cards loaned by the holders. "
31st Dec 2012 19:41
"must win game, no more embarassing defeats, *cough* *cough* villa."
31st Dec 2012 22:44
"anything below 13-0 would be dissapointing..suarez shelvey sturridge suso sahin sterling sgerrard yesil ....goallllllllll"
31st Dec 2012 23:25
"I wish you would open up the away allocation to all supporters. You should start afresh. I appreciate the support given by many supporters at away games but at this rate I will never get a ticket! YNWA"
31st Dec 2012 23:30
"Lfcemma. I agree with what you say. If I was lucky enough to have a season ticket I wolf NEVER give it away. I,ll be there at the sunderland game even though full of flu but I can't see me missing a match for anything. Married to a blue nose he just doesn't get it! He went to his first game in 37 years on boxing day to watch the blues and the tickets were a pressie!"
Denza Red
1st Jan 2013 13:29
"I attended away games in 1964, 1969, 1971, 1983 and 19991, am I eligible? How stupid is this getting!!!"
Denza Red
1st Jan 2013 13:32
"If LFC did an audit of ST holders, they would find that some are 114 years old!! Renewal should require current up-to-date proof of ideny. And no, I haven't yet got my season ticket, after being listed for 16 years."