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Luis, Stevie and Joe have the best stats a the strikers and midfielders in the league and sincerely I consider Luis the best striker in the league and Stevie the best box-to-box midfielder in the league, facts speak for themselves, Joe can still improve but the lad bodes well.
31st Dec 2012 10:49
31st Dec 2012 11:18
"a capture of demba ba & theo walcott can make the season wonders just looking at the no of goals they 've scored."
31st Dec 2012 12:02
"Kidofkop. That would definitely sort us out. Wouldn't be lacking in attacking and goal scoring options then."
31st Dec 2012 12:47
"Am I the only one worried that Reina is a the 10 keepers who have conceded more goals? None of keepers of our compeors for top 4 is in this category. It's more worrying when you consider that Reina was out for some games."
31st Dec 2012 13:06
"On Pepe, a keeper is only as good as the defence in front of him,, interesting to see Gerrard and Saurez well up there in a lot of the tables, we dont need a lot of changes, 2 or 3 and we could be flying again,,, YNWA "
31st Dec 2012 18:30
"good to see sg back to his best and suarez again proving that he is top quality. pepe is a worry as seems to have been a long time since he was one of the best, although i think he still has the ability, was back to his best v qpr and made some difficult moments seem easy"
1st Jan 2013 3:23
"Ahead Reina 4-3-3 new system all players.Aint Pepes mistakes.Football is so chess that it difficult change the system so fast.4-4-2 maybe 10 -12 goals behind Pepe.His still worldclass keeper."
1st Jan 2013 3:27
"Suarez seven yellow cards is a big joke from Premiere League,whiskyWhishlers..referees..jadjad."