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Attacking lineup, BR knows a win is a must today
30th Dec 2012 15:06
30th Dec 2012 15:07
"Glad to see Assaidi on the bench today. Might get a run out."
30th Dec 2012 15:07
"Manager or no manager that is a team capable of obliterating QPR, come on you redmen!!YNWA good luck Colin and Mike!"
30th Dec 2012 15:08
"Three points is a MUST today!"
30th Dec 2012 15:09
"So why is Lucas on the bench?"
30th Dec 2012 15:10
"why the hell isnt assaidi playing? he has shone in games hes played carnt believe we aint using him he is a very good player "
30th Dec 2012 15:10
"Where is Sahin? Is he still recovering from his broken nose? He is better than Henderson and Allen combined. If BR plays him in CDM with Lucas then we'll see the best of him and Gerrard too (as AM)"
30th Dec 2012 15:11
"come on lads please!!!!!"
30th Dec 2012 15:11
"Is Sahin injured?"
30th Dec 2012 15:13
"BR is going slightly mad, he keeps persisting with the poor Henderson, he shouldn't even be with the 18, how come Lucas and Suso our 2 best players v Stoke don't start? "
30th Dec 2012 15:13
"SWP starts for QPR, will test the speed of our midfield"
30th Dec 2012 15:14
"good luck lads"
30th Dec 2012 15:16
"Good lineup! Pleased to see Allen, Hendo and Sterling replace Lucas, Shelvey and Suso!, but where's ended Sahin? It's strange that BR has decided to let him out for a so long spell if there's nothing behind! Does not Nuri fall maybe in BR's plans anymore?... best of luck lads! Do us proud! Come on you Redmen! YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 15:16
"glad to see coates and assaidi in squad. good team so win will happen. come on reds. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 15:17
"Why does this misfit keep on starting.Am I dreaming?Why do we get Sahim on loan and we don't give him a run of games to show his worth?Sick of these Kenny misfits."
30th Dec 2012 15:18
"Bring in carrageen also! We are loosing our appee for success and hunger to win "
30th Dec 2012 15:19
30th Dec 2012 15:19
"Where the hell is Sahin? Anyways, glad Hendo finally gets a start. Good luck lads"
30th Dec 2012 15:20
"what the hell"
30th Dec 2012 15:21
"I seriously worry about both defence and creativity when Hendo and Allen come in for Shelvey and Lucas! Rotation is fine but we need to be smarter not have more workhorses. Wrong team against the wrong team for my money."
30th Dec 2012 15:23
"Henderson and Allen starts. We will win this for sure!"
30th Dec 2012 15:24
"Where is Nuri Sahin?! I haven't seen him even on the bench for the last several matches...:/"
30th Dec 2012 15:26
"Where is Nuri Sahin?!I haven't seen him even on the bench for several matches:/"
30th Dec 2012 15:26
"Good. Lucas has played too much after injury. Jordan has lots of energy and skill, needs time on the pitch to build up his mental strength."
30th Dec 2012 15:28
"Come on lads. Lets put on a show to finish off this year. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 15:29
"I guess, on reflection, if you're going to rest Lucas then it should be against the bottom team. We should be able to play "fringe" players today and still win."
30th Dec 2012 15:30
"Come on you reds. Glad to see Hendo getting a chance. "
30th Dec 2012 15:31
"come on you reds. you will win this game and move us 3pts closer to our neighbours. onwards and upwards into 2013. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 15:32
"nice to see assaidi on the bench all in all team looks strong enough for 3 points g on redmen YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 15:33
"Got a good feeling about today. Would like to see Sahin geting involved again tho. ynwa"
30th Dec 2012 15:34
"Hendo will MOTM. YNWA!"
30th Dec 2012 15:35
"Nice to see Assaidi back in the sqaud. Now that BR has gone ill, hopefully he will cone on and get a good few mins to show us what he can do."
30th Dec 2012 15:35
"Go Hendo and Allen! show why you deserve to play in the most famous red jersey, good to see Assaidi on the bench I really hope he starts making a run in to the team now, c'mon lads we all believe in you! GO REDS YNWA!!"
30th Dec 2012 15:35
"why no assaidi... :'("
30th Dec 2012 15:37
"All d best !!!"
30th Dec 2012 15:41
"Let's finish the year on a high. I don't even mind when we don't win if we haven't created much. I just hate when we miss a hat full of chances only to lose or draw! "
30th Dec 2012 15:45
"Looks like a descent line out. All the best today reds, do it for us and BR. passion is all i ask for. Cmon u reds."
30th Dec 2012 15:46
"100% behind the lads today go get the 3 points ignore the moaners on here !!"
30th Dec 2012 15:51
"Come on lads. Please get the 3 points. "
30th Dec 2012 15:53
"Jamie Redknapp just summed it up nicely. We shouldn't be afraid to play a quick direct pass every now and again for Suarez, just like that goal he scored against Newcastle. We won't turn into Stoke lol. There is a difference between long and direct ball. Stoke play long up in the air where as direct is more about looking for the early run"
30th Dec 2012 15:54
"C'mon boys show some true LFC spirit and smash these raving queens!"
30th Dec 2012 15:56
"BR ways are too regimental, we dont need to pass n run and score wonderful goals. The aim of the game is to win and only way we can win is to score more goals than the opposition (I am spelling this out for BR!). No point havng all this possession and corners etc if we dont score. Hope you are reading this BR!"
30th Dec 2012 15:57
"Common u reds !! Lets do dis !!"
30th Dec 2012 16:01
"mm not to sure on this line up "
30th Dec 2012 16:02
"I still prefer Gerrard playing at the back and passing, and running in from deep"
SGM 73
30th Dec 2012 16:03
"darocketafrica: you are a total wally. Just be quiet and leave the football discussion to the adults... Graed: lucas is on the bench because he's not in the starting XI. Cleared that up? And can you silly people please stop asking where is... ? They aren't playing. What do you want people to say?"
30th Dec 2012 16:05
"Liverpool needs to test Cesar today. This keeper is def beatable"
30th Dec 2012 16:10
"I'm in love with Suarez :D"
30th Dec 2012 16:17
"Suarez on fire!"
30th Dec 2012 16:19
"Suarez is tearing them apart single handedly"
30th Dec 2012 16:24
"Can we play like this everyday please"
30th Dec 2012 16:29
"Dagger! was Suarez oide? impeding play? no idea! lol C'mon lads"
30th Dec 2012 16:30
"BR, stay in that sick bed all season!"
30th Dec 2012 16:34
"Beautiful game, LUIS fantastic!"
30th Dec 2012 16:38
"oh no Gerrard, should it have been the 4th......"
30th Dec 2012 16:40
"well done Reina!"
30th Dec 2012 16:45
"SGM 73 please read buhddabuhdda1313 comment 16:37.I rest my case,you wally."
30th Dec 2012 16:46
"LUISITO with 13 goals!!!!"
30th Dec 2012 16:51
"hendo is on fire today yipee,"
30th Dec 2012 16:53
"Throw in Assaidi for Sterling. Luis is going for the nutmegs today, la la la. Other than that what a pitiful side QPR is. Even we (Luis) can finish them off in less than 30 minutes. Boy am I bitter! "
30th Dec 2012 16:54
"Amazing, we're winning 3-0 at half time and some of you are still whining at our players . Seems to me some of just like the sound of your own voices. It's embarrassing, truly embarrassing. "
30th Dec 2012 16:56
"This is just too easy, like a practice match."
30th Dec 2012 17:02
"didnt realise just how bad qpr are ,gerrard getting forward np can see another 3 goals here "
30th Dec 2012 17:08
"Glad to see Buddha is now supporting Hendo, well done, everyone grows up eventually."
30th Dec 2012 17:15
"3-0 up give Assaidi a run out. On the bench, presume he's not injured."
30th Dec 2012 17:17
"come on lads, another goal please!"
SGM 73
30th Dec 2012 17:21
"darocketfafrica: what? if you're quoting the en5hitened one, it's bound to be nonsense.. But tone it down keyboard warrior, all you do is attack LFC. That's opposition fans job. Google your comments, 99.999% are slgging off our team. Sound like a supporter? No."
30th Dec 2012 17:26
"would love to see assaidi come on and rip tem to bits come on reds we're letting them have too much of the ball come on goal difference will be needed i think "
30th Dec 2012 17:26
"Jose Enrique injured..."
30th Dec 2012 17:32
"enrique brill again today shame bout injury."
30th Dec 2012 17:34
"come on Gerrard!"
30th Dec 2012 17:40
"Believe it or not "TIKI TAKA is working..." wishing Rodgers n co a quick recovery #YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 17:41
"granted qpr couldn't be any worse in the 2nd half bu a bit disappointed we haven't added to the scoreline come on lads lets get at least one more would like to see assaidi get a run out "
30th Dec 2012 17:42
"Although I'm very happy we are winning, I think this game sums us up. 3-0 up against a very poor team, could have taken them to the cleaners except we always take our foot of the accelerator where as the United's and Chelsea's would go for the absolute kill and rack up goals"
30th Dec 2012 17:47
"sorry dont see the point in putting carra on in place of allen does this mean we are gonna sit back against such a crap team we should be attacking them not sitting back "
30th Dec 2012 17:49
"well wat a boring 2nd half expected some enthusiasm ,but well needed 3 points "
30th Dec 2012 17:49
"These are the only teams we can beat - bottom half of the table teams. We haven't been able to beat any team in the top half of the table so this is nothing. We are still not good enough, the fans needs to open their eyes. These kind of wins are BR kind of wins. He is not experienced enough to take a team to compete at the top level. Open your eyes people"
30th Dec 2012 17:51
"Good game and result, congrats."
30th Dec 2012 17:52
"Good match, solid play. Would have liked more goals since goal differencial might matter in such a tight 4-10 race. "
30th Dec 2012 17:54
"job done 3pts in bag great 1st half tame 2nd hendo man of match 1st half."
30th Dec 2012 17:56
"Congratulations lads (even Luis! lol) A true team performance 1st half. Foot of the gas in the 2nd but got the 3 points. Thats all that matters."
30th Dec 2012 17:57
"Lemzy u r a douche bag 100%... Go and get a proper life... Even away, 3 goals and clean sheet before Jan window isn't enough for douche bags... Shut up and stop supporting us... I am Ghozt!"
30th Dec 2012 18:00
"Henderson played well today, better than Allen who should have been taken off before. Shame we didn't batter them in 2nd half, goal difference is important. Rodgers should stay away more often."
30th Dec 2012 18:11
"just heard hendo played with a virus... Those slating him should go outside and kick rocks... You aren't supporters... Hate this negativity... it's blasphemy... we'd argue if we met... douches... YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 18:40
"Great win today as predicted from my winning bets. Most of you so called fans who posted earlier must have egg on your faces. Been saying this for several years and been right on most occasions. Having attacking minded players in the starting 11 as well as the bench will get you results. Sterling, Suarez and Gerrard with Assaidi and Suso on the bench. Can't wait to see Sturridge/Ince added. "
30th Dec 2012 20:16
"Greekroy.....take a chill pill my friend. Lets get behind our team and that includes - fans, players, management and owners. Pls my friend only constructive criticism. Fantastic 2013 guys.......YNWA - JFT 96"