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Alright then , god help us , Get well Soon lads
30th Dec 2012 13:02
30th Dec 2012 13:05
"Get well soon!"
30th Dec 2012 13:07
"Precaution better than cure, get well soon REDS"
Billy B girl
30th Dec 2012 13:09
30th Dec 2012 13:12
"Dodgy Turkey or too much ale?"
Red Yank 1969
30th Dec 2012 13:12
"?....that is a new one to me....lets beat QPR...YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 13:16
30th Dec 2012 13:17
"Mike Marsh is more savvy and experienced than the manager anyway so we should have a better chance."
30th Dec 2012 13:17
"I Wish you well. If we loose please stay home till you find new job at your level."
30th Dec 2012 13:17
"Get Well Soon Guys and please don't pass it on to the Rest of the Guys. YNWA REDS."
30th Dec 2012 13:17
"God help us indeed! Get well soon to BR, Brad Jones and Glen Driscoll! Take care of yourselves and keeep you ready for the next duties! YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 13:22
"sounds like norovirus damn that could sweep through whole team , "
30th Dec 2012 13:23
"best news ever"
30th Dec 2012 13:26
"get well soon. also when we win today all the knockers will say it had nothing to do with B.R. sensible decision to exclude them from squad. com on you reds. a good win, clean sheet and we are back moving forward again. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 13:28
"Get well soon. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 13:29
"Get well soon guys. YNWA "
30th Dec 2012 13:30
"Got the bug on Thursday was awful for two days hope they all get better soon"
30th Dec 2012 13:30
"Is there any good news ? With most giving QPR the better chance of winning against us ,what more could go wrong. I'm just hoping we dont get hammered or we will all be sick as BR and the rest. Get well soon lads , get well soon LFC."
30th Dec 2012 13:38
"doesnt sound like any 1st team members have caught it so we should still beat QPR. com on LFC make rangers feel sick by winning in style and scoring a few goals along the way. we can do this. LFC YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 13:40
"The whole club is sick at the moment and it needs drastic surgery involving the removal of the management and owners, the yanks are turning out to be another randy lerner, the only thing they like about liverpool is it looks good on their portfolio of companys"
Papa Syed
30th Dec 2012 13:41
"Get well soon Mr Rodgers, Mr Jones & Mr Driscoll. Must win vs Harry's tonite. Happy New Year 2013. Wishing LFC, FSG and All The True Reds Fans worldwide all the best in 2013 and brace for our long journey to success! YNWA!"
30th Dec 2012 13:42
"Get well soon BR. but as liv. fan i need you get consistance results. if not, you are same as RH & KD. Hope you can show your ability to make good team. We liv. fans can't wait anymore... "
30th Dec 2012 13:43
"People on here disgust me with their BS about Rodgers, Why don't you go and 'support' someone else you glory hunter's. Liverpool FC are in a transitional period as we have lost our way and it will take some time. Patience is what is needed not sack him, what good will that do, back to square one. Cont..."
30th Dec 2012 13:44
"....January is when we will come on and secure wins and climb the table. Get well soon guys and see you at Sunderland. YNWA."
30th Dec 2012 13:50
"lpdcollier. Why don't you keep these kind of comments to yourself, or at least until you've got some sort of an education you illiterate bas****d! (that means you can't spell or write properly by the way!). Muppet!"
30th Dec 2012 13:54
"Seems like this virus/flu is all around the country at the minute."
30th Dec 2012 13:54
"A smokescreen to relieve pressure off the manager if we lose? Ha... I joke. Get well soon lads! Lets beat qpr convincingly! YNW"
30th Dec 2012 13:59
"Message from North...3-0 for us and best for Brendan and Wolves wont yell."
30th Dec 2012 14:00
"PEELOS andFITZO both well said. com on you reds. show all the doubters out there. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 14:03
"Get well soon BR....WE NEED YOU. We know that this is a major setback for you cos you da kind of guy who wanna be with your troops......marshaling and encouraging them. Undoubtedly you have set the stalls already ....the players know what is expected of them. Hopefully they will give you yhe perfect remedy.....a right royal hammering of QPR."
30th Dec 2012 14:04
"we not blame you, we only need win! This year too many time we loose... How long actually need with you get consistance win??? "
Gerrard o ya beauty
30th Dec 2012 14:05
"Get well soon lads. Come on you mighty Reds!! Attack, Attack, Attack!!!! YNWA "
30th Dec 2012 14:06
"If Brendan's pulling a sicky, I hope he's making some new signings, not just sitting with his feet up. I bet we'll play well today, especially if new faces are coming in. Good luck lads!"
30th Dec 2012 14:16
"Maybe a good result if the team don't have him messing the play about......."
30th Dec 2012 14:17
"Get well soon lads and hope it doesn't spread. Let's hope we don't get hit with the Norovirus in the dressing room."
30th Dec 2012 14:19
"hope it doesn't transfer to the team best of luck today lads lets see the REAL liverpool play today"
30th Dec 2012 14:20
"Also some of the comments on here are disgusting. You might have your own opinion about BR but the best way to help the team is to get behind them. Look what happened to Blackburn when all the team got was booed."
30th Dec 2012 14:21
"I'm gobsmacked. "
30th Dec 2012 14:26
"Not nearly far enough away for me, I would prefer Rodgers was sent away - far away - for ever! "
30th Dec 2012 14:28
"We got a chance then. Maybe it's a smokescreen as the owners sack him. Shame they can't sack themselves. Come on Mike, stuff this garbage."
30th Dec 2012 14:30
"would like to see sahin and assaidi get game time today if not injured would also like to see goal threat on the bench in morgan or yesil also think jonjo should be rested after stoke debacle might give him a kick up the jacksy anyway whoever starts come on just do it!! get the win YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 14:31
"Get well soon boss"
30th Dec 2012 14:31
"The last comment sums up blind loyalty to a very poor replacement for Kenny. Teams with far less resources and quality players are above us in the league and we have beaten no-one above us "
30th Dec 2012 14:33
"MURPHZ1 why dont you join him then. YNWA. com on you reds. 3pts thanks"
30th Dec 2012 14:36
"Well said peelos I totally agree, some of the so called supporters on here should hand their heads! It's disgusting! Sack BR, sack the yanks!!! Idiots, remember it was these yanks that saved out club from disaster, and BR has only been in the job 5 mins!!! Who the hell do you think we are? Chelsea!!! That's not how we do business only some of you 'supporters' seem to have forgotten! "
30th Dec 2012 14:40
"Defo win then ! lol"
30th Dec 2012 14:41
"Murphz1......get a grip man. Only constructive criticism can help and win respect on these forums. We are LFC man ....we don't kick our own when they are down. Not sure if anyone told you these platforms are only for genuine LFC supporters mate. Now come on and support our team like you really care."
30th Dec 2012 14:42
"What I dont get is why they dont take the flu job? Yes not 100% protection but BR meets tons of people every day"
30th Dec 2012 14:43
"Just hope Cisse dont have his shooting boots on!"
30th Dec 2012 14:46
"Chelsea sign Demba Ba for 7m. We sign sturridge for 12m and BR is speaking abt salaries, transfer amounts all the time."
30th Dec 2012 14:48
"ready made excuse now when we get beat. BR wasn't there to guide the team !!!! it just gets better + better"
30th Dec 2012 14:50
"Get well soon Rodgers and co YNWA. . ."
30th Dec 2012 14:51
"Get better soon!"
30th Dec 2012 14:58
"BRUCEALMIGHTY you say you want the best for LFC so try supporting them instead of knocking them every opportunity. you are a LOSER come on you reds. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 15:01
"Get well soon Brendan, YNWA!!"
30th Dec 2012 15:02
"GET WELL SOON! Best wishes to them and hope we win the game against QPR! HAPPY 2013 TO ALL THE LIVERPOOL FAMILY! YNWA!"
30th Dec 2012 15:16
"This might be a good move. Let the back ups try their tactics."
30th Dec 2012 15:30
"Come on lads. Can't underestimate any team in this league, but think our qquality should get us through."
30th Dec 2012 15:41
30th Dec 2012 15:45
"Get well soon Boss! YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 15:45
"Dont worry everyone colin pascoe is on the bench,the guys a tactical genius.Yes im being sarcastic. On a serious note get well soon Brendan. "
30th Dec 2012 15:46
" I urge any fan who hasn't read this article to do so. Very balanced, very objective. "
30th Dec 2012 15:47
"Most of the neg fans here, i dont get you. We talk about the team being gutless, pussies, wins running up white flags but you douchebags do the same? You chumps have no stomach for a fight either, you just want to support a winning team. The do one and go support chelski or manure but stopping coming on here with your collective BS please. Happy new year all."
30th Dec 2012 15:57
"Woohoo!!!! Stevie G and Carra in charge today. 3 points here we come!! YNWA!!"
30th Dec 2012 17:51
"Get well soon. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 17:58
"Rodgers missing and we play well and win!!! Says it all. But no doubt our "committed" owners weren't in attendance. AGAIN."
30th Dec 2012 18:03
"I wish some of the fans would get sick! Quit the belly aching you sad lot of moaners. Is that the best Liverpool has to offer??? You surely aren't doing yourself any favors"
30th Dec 2012 18:06
"Get well soon everyone. Great win today."
30th Dec 2012 18:41
"This win was for you BR, get well soon! "
30th Dec 2012 23:16
"All the best for a swift recovery Brendan. YNWA! "
31st Dec 2012 0:01
31st Dec 2012 1:00
"Get well soon. Great result today! YNWA"