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nice win, awesome suarez...can we now carry on with a long winning streak!?
30th Dec 2012 17:59
30th Dec 2012 18:13
"lets not get carried away,we had a good first half,second half wasnt great.3 more points.swap places with hard to move up the table but hopefully we can finish as high as possible,we just have to keep working,still lots to do"
30th Dec 2012 18:17
"mslk09 thats why i said nice win and didnt talked about the way we played...we could easily have improved our goal difference more today, too bad the 2nd half was meh but i'm happy we won"
30th Dec 2012 18:24
"Didn't do enough in the 2nd half. QPR made us look brilliant for first 45 mins. Not good enough! That's lit the blue touch paper with glass half empty comments.To be the best you have to beat the best."
30th Dec 2012 18:25
"we have a great team. is brendans job to get the best out of them, if he cant,move him on.this performens is just what is expected from our players.happy new years fellow reds"
30th Dec 2012 18:31
"A very good performance today, i hope liverpool could keep it up and stop the inconsistency"
30th Dec 2012 18:34
"Rodgers can stay in bed for every game if we play like that.. shame the second half didn't poduce more goals against a poor qpr side that were there to be ripped apart, but 3 points is welcome "
30th Dec 2012 18:34
"we controlled the game comfortably and kept possession for almost the entire game, had a good shot convertion rate as few times we had along the season. 12 points in the last 7 games, not bad at all! We have to be careful when we play home games as that against Villa, Sunderland will come to Anfield next Wednesday, it's a banana skin. Carry on this way lads and many points will upcome YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 19:06
"lm not the managr bt l humbly believe that we need to replace Raheem with Assaidi around the 70th minute luje in today's game.l thought he was tiring . "
30th Dec 2012 19:28
"At the moment LFC are mid table fodder along with Stoke, Swansea, West Ham etc. The only teams we have beaten are Norwich, Reading, Wigan, Southampton, West Ham,Fulham and QPR. Aside from West Ham and Norwich all bottom of the table strugglers. "
30th Dec 2012 19:33
"I don't claim to know the answer, but until we start beating the likes of Man U., Man C., Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham etc. we can only dream of the glory days. Meanwhile the blue half of Liverpool, who have spent a fraction of the money this club have done and have consistantly had to sell their best players to survive are in contention for Europe. "
30th Dec 2012 19:56
"The 3 points and the goals still add value irrespective of the teams we beat struggle bottom of the table. We just want our team not to get carried away but to build the consistency from every win. Jose's injury is another blow. We have to find a quick remedy for the imbalance in the team due to his probably long absence. YNWA!! "
30th Dec 2012 20:00
"On another matter, though happy for the win, worried as we still remain to be a half time team. Tough opponents will wreck havoc and tear us apart for this continued set back in our team. Happy New Year Lads! YNWA!!"
30th Dec 2012 21:05
"consistency now !!!!"
31st Dec 2012 0:23
"fair point OldVic but even in recent seasons when we haven't done that well we always have been able to beat anyone of the teams you mentioned. we've strugled beating "lesser" oppositions in easy games but atleast now we are starting to do that lol."
31st Dec 2012 0:25
"against top sides this season we've been a bit unlucky but certaintly gave everyone a match, apart from arsenal which we deserved to lose. surprise a couple of them second time around and keep taking routine wins and maybe the season wont be so bad after all. keep the faith. YNWA"