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How did we get to where we are? I can remember when we only went for the best players and they were queing up to sign.Why did Fenway buy the club if they are not going to invest properly?
30th Dec 2012 8:43
30th Dec 2012 8:44
"Haven't we got enough defenders? We need goalscorers, attacking midfielders and widemen"
30th Dec 2012 9:12
"starman47- our owners have invested though the majority of it has been wasted!!I agree with buying young up and coming but we need proven experience also in the ranks. I am actually excited about our future. I think we have a good man in BR and will start answering the questions sooner rather than later!!"
30th Dec 2012 9:14
"People need to stop moaning about the possible acquisition of a defender or Jack Butland. Reina's form has been sub standard for quite some time now and Carragher is running down now, wake up guys, it's not just strikers we need!"
30th Dec 2012 9:37
"starman47 do you not remember us buying players like Hypia who came in as an unknown and turned out to be awesome?? It is all about good scouting! Stop your moaning and get behind the team you 'support' We have a good team and I trust BR. We are a team in transition and it is going to take team to get a team together capable of challenging for top 6 let alone top 3!!"
30th Dec 2012 9:38
"The first team in that comment should of said time!!"
30th Dec 2012 9:53
"Hear..hear DingoPower! I couldn't agree more. I am sick of reading comments from so called supporters who think everything can be improved by moaning. I remember Sami Hyypia coming in as an unknown plus many others.. Kenny Dalglish was a relative unknown when Keegan left all those years ago. I rest my case!"
30th Dec 2012 9:59
"a message for the scouting sytem, we need a top class midfield player the size and mobility of Henderson who can tackle and start attacks by passing forward.what price could br get for little allan, at his size you have to have outstanding talent to be good enough."
30th Dec 2012 10:35
"startman47 in my opinion it's right to invest in young hungry talent and sincerely we understood yet we can't compete with other big clubs for expensive established players even though it's about defenders, so welcome to Mirin had he sign for us! "
30th Dec 2012 11:46
"We should welcome all new signings from front to back. I trust BR in what he's doing. He's building for the future. Good luck everyone for today."
30th Dec 2012 13:03
"Remember this until we get into the champions league nobody will come 2 us that is why I say all this is paper talk ok so seing is believeing ok"
30th Dec 2012 20:47
"The Fenway group need to back the club with buying of players otherwise LFC will soon be competing with the middle of league positions"
30th Dec 2012 23:46
"good one starman"
31st Dec 2012 16:54
" Is this a path we should be treading? a nursery for other more serious teams to reap from just because money pinching?"
31st Dec 2012 17:44
"Panky Fenway have invested 110 mil into the playing staff but you would not think it, that is down to Kenny who had the trust but wasted the cash. Unfortunately BR will need to show what he is about before he gets that kind of kitty so be patient, we all want the same think LFC NO1.LFC YNWA "
2nd Jan 2013 5:11
"Can I just say I beleive Damien Camolli wasted FSG's money not Kenny. I know Kenny has the final say, but his trust and the way FSG setup it was down to Comolli IMO."