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Why spend out Money that we can ill afford on a Central Defender when we have Sebastion Coates on the sideline already? YNWA REDS
29th Dec 2012 15:25
29th Dec 2012 15:48
"Fix attack first and use some of defenders we already have?"
29th Dec 2012 15:48
"Fix attack first and use some of defenders we already have?"
Papa Syed
29th Dec 2012 15:48
"Defender? Do spend your coffers wisely!"
29th Dec 2012 16:20
29th Dec 2012 17:45
"its funny how lfc are chasing goalkeepers,defenders when they REALLY NEED a striker who can score goals.since lfc could afford to waste 35m on carroll,why not try getting charlie austin or jordan rhodes.they surely wont cost as much."
29th Dec 2012 17:46
"We already have too many defenders so spend money on them.. we need a good quality central striker.. please someone tell BR !!"
29th Dec 2012 17:47
"We already have too many defenders so spend money on them.. we need a good quality central striker.. please someone tell BR !!"
29th Dec 2012 17:47
"use the players that are in reserve.what happened to wilson,sama,wisdom,coates,mendy,mclaughlin,robinson,flanagan,kelly?are all of them injured?not seing them playing.and why buy some more defenders?"
29th Dec 2012 17:55
"AndyPanda I understand your disapproval, but you have to reckon that when Carra will hang up his boots we will remain with just few options in the centre-halves repart: Dagger, Skrtel, Coates, Sama, Wilson (who probably will be on his way next summer) and Wisdom (who is used preferibly as right back). Another option to make grow will be necessary, you have to recognise that! YNWA Reds"
29th Dec 2012 18:03
29th Dec 2012 18:10
"Maybe BR is building a team of defenders"
29th Dec 2012 20:16
"Coates should play more, we dont need another defender."
29th Dec 2012 20:29
"rubbish talk as usual, anyway he's not british, "
Papa Syed
29th Dec 2012 20:30
"A replacement for Carra soon? Not too bad an idea."
Champions Of Europe
29th Dec 2012 21:52
"Please remember, these are media stories; up until 31st Jan, we'll be linked to every player who expresses a wish to leave their club. When a signature is announced on this site, then its true; & please support the signings."
29th Dec 2012 22:11
"lets get behind the lads and hope for 3 points.tommro"
29th Dec 2012 22:59
"and most of these stories are started by agents!"
29th Dec 2012 23:55
"we have a £7million defender sitting on the bench!!!"
30th Dec 2012 4:05
"andy ponda,you forget wilson, wisdom kelly sama kelly, robinson, "
30th Dec 2012 4:05
"thats without the younger guys "
Mines a pint in the Sov!
30th Dec 2012 12:13
"Get Villa on loan until the end of the season, sturridge and ince. Villa wages can be paid via getting rid of Joe Cole. I think most Reds would happy as a pig in mud with that!"
the regent
30th Dec 2012 15:42
"if he is solid centre back then we should go for it bcoz liverpool seriously need good defenders , if u score two goals and can't defend then u have some problem at back this not for just this season or last it been ere for some years now even rafa didn't rectify it. "
1st Jan 2013 23:15
"I'm a big fan of Coates, but he made crucial error in Anzi game and gave away a goal in a corner in PL game around that time. He doesn't seem to be mentally strong or aggressive. Defenders need to be a little mean, he doesn't seem to be. "