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Would love to see Sahin back in the squad.
28th Dec 2012 14:55
28th Dec 2012 14:56
"Lets win against QPR followed by Sunderland. Good luck lads!!!"
28th Dec 2012 15:01
"Win Win Win! thats all we need YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 15:01
"sahin, wisdom, assaidi, coates - good players who haven't played so long and most are fit enough"
28th Dec 2012 15:07
"attack attack attack thats wat need "
28th Dec 2012 15:15
"You can almost see a bubble coming out of Jamies mouth saying "I wish I was somewhere else" lol.... YNWA "
28th Dec 2012 15:16
"I couldn't agree more belfastwill"
28th Dec 2012 15:17
"come on lads lets kick a*s no more of the slip ups against lower teams we are liverpool"
28th Dec 2012 15:17
"I couldn't agree more belfastwill"
kushal lfc7
28th Dec 2012 15:18
"YNWA!!! keeping the faith!!!"
28th Dec 2012 15:22
"poor first half of the season we are down on points from last term although we had such a poor second half last season so we should be able to improve on that this time around. must start with a win v qpr and then sunderland these are now must win games as we have to get as close to the top four as we can to be able to attract top players in the summer "
28th Dec 2012 15:34
"Watch any player in the league training in the cold and they have a black snood...our Luis Suarez? A nice Liverpool scarf. Gotta love that guy, true red. Lets turn it around lads! Don't listen to the naysayers, success is coming.."
28th Dec 2012 15:35
"Nice pics! Pleased to see some fringe players like Wisdom, Sahin, Pacheco and Coady involved in the training session, but when will it be their turn? think that BR has to understand we need more turn-over and we should utilize some other youngsters further to Sterling and Suso! It's time to change something to the squad! YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 15:37
"BelfastWill and doveenter you two clearly havent a clue !! this season was always about gelling the squad and gettin BR style across if KK never squandered alot of money we would be able to bring in better reinforcements so stuck with ur team and support the manager or keep ur daft comments to urself ! probably never even been to game this season !! me off these so called fans !!"
28th Dec 2012 15:43
"lets end the season on high line by winning QPR on sunday."
28th Dec 2012 15:48
"Some of the players have to show more metal and be hungry for success. Sometimes players atude changes when they get a lucrative contract. Personally think they should get an average wage but with a huge bonus based on success."
28th Dec 2012 16:06
"Wisdom is full of passion and clever with reading the game.More games for him.Skrtel and Agger attack too much and leave the open pace in midfield,thats terrific in every game.Defend leader that what we need.And pair for Luis to help him,he cant score every time we need a goal.He is not a puppet-robot."
28th Dec 2012 16:23
"Br there a few players in the photos above that can make a lot of difference to Liverpool winning please use them"
28th Dec 2012 16:38
"I would love to see Sahin back playing too! However, I keep seeing Pacheco but he never plays! Hopefully his time will come soon! YNWA!"
28th Dec 2012 16:46
"we missed jamies steel the other night"
28th Dec 2012 17:24
"Poor Jamie has more grey hair than BR!! He'll make a distiguished looking coach someday, if only the internationals could understand what he says..."
28th Dec 2012 17:26
"Even if we should get 5 RED CARDS, We must still win this game , a draw or a loose then Brendan leaves, but sometimes I think the players are not helping matters either, especially Suarez squanders all our chances, but thats football you always praise the manager when the team is winning, then give them a stick when they're loosing."
28th Dec 2012 17:36
"I see they do have real goals at the training ground from the recent diabolical shooting I thought they had all been uprooted.The current team is unbalanced and has fringe players that shouldn't be any where near a first team place.Stand or fall in January BR."
28th Dec 2012 17:52
"To all the jokers here, win lose or draw BR is goin noplace! Fsg will back him even to relegation. Unlike the amateur fans here, they understand the enormity of the task to return lfc to the top for a sustained period. wont happen overnight no way."
live for lfc
28th Dec 2012 17:55
"Even the red nose at manure finish ranting his players on the same day. But stupid fans carry the negativity to the next match. Please stop the negative comments on posts related to the next match. Let's carry some positive vibes to QPR. Come on Reds YNWA "
28th Dec 2012 18:07
"BELFASTWILL AND DOVEENTER you are the two muppets. try supporting club, manager and players. ive never read a positive comment from belfastwill. dont think he has one in him. come on you reds. YNWA"
28th Dec 2012 18:26
"Please Rodgers play Sahin instead of Shelvey!"
28th Dec 2012 18:39
"Carra standing there thinking do one little boy you talk s**t and have achieved nothing. BR out"
28th Dec 2012 18:59
"Here here JamieDundeeRed, wish there was a site where all the logical supporters could go, sick of hearing te same dredge from deluded fickle so called fans. Time is all we need, and its what we have an abundance of..."
28th Dec 2012 19:01
"Belfastwill sorry 'won't' offer anything positive! Sahin broke his nose, hence his absence!"
28th Dec 2012 19:27
"The ups and downs are going to continue until BR has finished creating his team. He can mould most of the young 'uns coming through but it's a different story with the older more experienced professionals and that's where we are at. He needs to get more of the players who he knows will fit and that will take time, especially with our current financial state, so put up with the $hit til then."
28th Dec 2012 19:31
"I'm not sure about you guys but I genuinely have full trust in Br, we have improved and play some good Football. Lets be realistic it will be hard to finish in the top four but to be only 8 points off at this stage in the season isn't too shabby with our squad. Arsenal, tottenham, everton and newcastle all have a better 11 us. However we are on par with Newcastle overall."
28th Dec 2012 20:09
"Does he really need to build his own squad lol boroni assaidi ? Allen all horrible you say he needs to buy his own players but they are just as poor as the ones we have now "
28th Dec 2012 20:13
"where's COATES??????"
28th Dec 2012 20:23
"not a dammn it jus me..or is this after a long long time???"
28th Dec 2012 20:45
"Rainbowman...Allen has mostly covered for Lucas and Borini has been injured, granted he was struggling but had only played a few games. Not an ideal start for both of them, plus they're playing with a whole new set of players who have been asked to play the game differently - a whole load of cahnges for everyone to deal with... "
28th Dec 2012 20:45
"Not sure about Assaidi, looked to have started quite well but has been left out for some reason, maybe they're strengthening him up, not sure. It will eventually click and the players you mention will improve as the team evolves. We can't compare ourselves with the big teams who can purchase the readymade players, we are re-building..."
28th Dec 2012 20:46
"There are not many teams in the prem who are in the same predicament and process but we are Liverpool and are still expected to compete for the top honours and as a result are under more pressure from all sources than anyone..."
28th Dec 2012 20:46
"We are all totally p!ssed off when we get beat but we need to move on as quick as possible, regroup and bounce back! Stick with BR and his ideals, he wants success as much as us and given time will create it!"
28th Dec 2012 20:53
"KINGOFCLUBS Thank the world wide web that someone with a bit of common sense,honesty and a high dose of reality posted some of the best comments ive seen on this site. We sadly seem to be a minority around the BR/FSG out crowd. Breath of fresh air."
28th Dec 2012 21:43
"I;ve never been negative before new game.So,there are no smiles on these pics,players took this situation serious,fact.It's high time for progress and climb up on table.Otherwise-B.R. and some players will be under huge pressure,for sure.We need to beat QPR,simply.YNWA>"
28th Dec 2012 22:33
"i am sick of fan calling to play someone just becaus he didnot do it right in the last match BR is the manager he is watching every training and they got to play on the merit in training ground. but i admit shelvey have to do better and show more improvement to hold the osition"
28th Dec 2012 22:36
"lets get 3 point ynwa"
28th Dec 2012 23:01
"I see Brendan there talking to Carra,i would play Carra on Sunday,to give the defence a good kick up the back side,.We need leaders at the back,and no better man than Carra to do this.I never hear our defenders shout,but when Carra is there he leads by example."
28th Dec 2012 23:32
"I have an opinion and I'm enled to it. If you soft headed supporters are happy with the team the way it is you have very obviously never seen a championship winning Liverpool team, like I have ! If this utter dross is what you want from LFC you must be really over the moon with the results we have been getting. I'm not and I will continue to say so if you dont like TOUGH !!"
29th Dec 2012 1:21
"Photo of Rodgers the Loser telling Carra the Winner what to do??? This useless bloke and FSG are wrecking our club. Get them out."
29th Dec 2012 2:33
"Reading the negative comments this could be the manure page some 20 years with manure fans calling for fergies head. Their exact words "three years of excuses and its still crap - tara fergie). I believe they are now erecting a statue to the man. Give br time you silly clowns. 6 months and you behave like this? As gutless and chicken hearted as our performance against stoke, you should be ashamed."
29th Dec 2012 2:44
"Oh and i was at the nott for game where fergies job was on the line. I went hoping to see him lose because i felt here was a great manager in the making and i didnt want him to make it happen for united. but he remained because the board backed him (and he also won that game). I feel the same about brendan, that he can become huge for LFC."
29th Dec 2012 3:53
"i hope that sahin will be play this match"
29th Dec 2012 4:23
"come on you red men"
29th Dec 2012 4:24
"Good to see Sahin returning to full fitness, would be great for us to have him to play on Sunday. Hopefully he uses him!"
29th Dec 2012 6:30
"In the last picture Andre Wisdom big & muscular reminds me of Emile Heskey at Liverpool.... We must get a result at Loftus Road & improve!! We were so lacklustre at Stoke City AFTER we took the lead? Defending was criminal"
29th Dec 2012 6:39
"wisdom replacing glen. move glen upward or bench because defence is very important. and also shahin in for gerrard and gerrard replace jonjo up front partnering suarez. a more balance team"
29th Dec 2012 9:01
"Start Sahin and Pacheco!"