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sure win today
30th Dec 2012 8:16
30th Dec 2012 9:13
"Never mind QPR saying this is a 'must win' game for them. This is a 'must win' game for Liverpool. We need good results like there is no tomorrow. We need to climb the table fast. For the first time Brendan has admitted that Suarez will leave without CL."
30th Dec 2012 9:15
"Good luck red men. Fight tooth and nail if you have to. Just get the 3 points whatever it takes today. YNWA"
30th Dec 2012 9:47
"Les be real. When last did LFC beat s team that is lying at the bottom of the log."
30th Dec 2012 10:23
"Sincerely against that opponent I won't accept a result different from the win for us, but we can expect anything giving our recent state of form! Stats are clear, there should not be a game, neither in attack, nor in defence, nor in the middle! 3 goals of difference on our behalf would be normal, but as I said let's wait and see... YNWA Reds"
30th Dec 2012 10:24
"a win and a clean sheet to see the old year out .would be a littel lift"
30th Dec 2012 11:55
"we all want us to win and we should beat these quite easy.but then theres a voice in the back of your head sayn,this could go either way, this club is still a sinking ship.and its sinking quicker with BR."
30th Dec 2012 12:20
"Ged Rea you are incorrect, the next shut out for Pepe Reina will be his 126th not 127th he currently has 125 clean sheets not 126!"
30th Dec 2012 12:29
"Might as well celebrate 50 goals because he will never get to 50 wins. New manager and new owners needed now."
30th Dec 2012 12:48
"new owners and new manager means mediocrity for another 2 - 3 years. Genius"
30th Dec 2012 13:10
"BRadmirer - then it's mediocrity either way!"
30th Dec 2012 13:54
"There is no IF in this game.They win and thats all.3-0 for us."
30th Dec 2012 14:09
"Must win for LFC"
30th Dec 2012 14:14
"Interesting stats! A win today, please :)"