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it's simple as that, last night some of our players played just individually, and were awful sincerely! we need more than a winger and a striker in the january window to come out from this humbling mediocrity! Take note BR!
27th Dec 2012 12:10
27th Dec 2012 12:26
"clearly fsg we want world class striker winger and yamvilla.this is no longer something to think of its just common sense..funs have been loyal time to return the favour"
27th Dec 2012 14:01
"Brendan: We need to find consistency Ammo: We need to find a Top Class Manager"
27th Dec 2012 14:04
"For the first time since he left I want RAFA back sorry but he is way better tactically then BR, BR is pass and move with no goals regardless what team we face "
27th Dec 2012 14:37
"It's as simple as that. No fight in them, no heart. The e boys are back."
27th Dec 2012 15:52
""King kenny and steve slarke were doin a much better job during their reign. BR cannot manage LFC, we beat stoke away wiv kenny and suarez came on to score his debut goal" "
27th Dec 2012 16:29
"we would of been much better off now if we had let the king do his job the liverpool way"
27th Dec 2012 16:56
"i think we need serious attackers, not just a striker, but even from the midfield.we really lack the nail from the midfield, get playaz like fighouli before we can even think of a striker!!!!! "
27th Dec 2012 18:39
"first we get rid of the rotten tomato br,jonjo,reina,johnson skrtel joe cole,no star player will want to come and play alongside these maggots"
27th Dec 2012 18:48
"please drop reina br,persisting with this fool is costing us points n yo job is on the line"
27th Dec 2012 18:53
"am begging the fans to stop watching liverpoolz games so that the Americans n players feel the pinch pse boycott these matches"
27th Dec 2012 19:04
"Look at the stats for LS. 7 shots 1 on target. He can run like a steam engine all day long but whats the point? Time to wake up and smell the coffee BR. Drop him."
27th Dec 2012 19:11
"i cant understand BR's obssesion for this passing game even when we see it does'nt work in games like yesterday.wheres the plan B??where is the will and heart??goals and goals is wat the game is about so plzzz dont look silly out there immitating to be barcelona players!!!"
27th Dec 2012 20:37
"obviously all is not well ,every other game so bad its not normal, fair enough the teams we beat are the lower clubs but we played well early season against top 2 clubs , could have taken points off them so why do play so bad against teams like villa and stoke its criminal and painfull "
27th Dec 2012 20:39
"jkreyhan 27th Dec 2012 18:53 non of us are happy the way things are but you are just a moronic idiot "
28th Dec 2012 0:09
"Very1 check this link:"