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More average joes linked villa 10 mill pato walcott 10-15 snieder 15 Higuian 20-25 Alonso 15-20 lwandowski 18 mill hang on or we could sign Sturridge for12 ince for 6 and another average midfielder like Allen for 15 and a jokers we need 60 mill and invested in the players listed and we would challenge
27th Dec 2012 10:31
27th Dec 2012 10:42
"what can brenden do with average players . hes rueing the two world class ones we have got"
27th Dec 2012 11:04
"Rodgers out."
27th Dec 2012 11:13
"Manager not good enough players not intelligent enough to control or dictate Aston villa ,stoke city the list just goes on and on,the hold thing is just a mess."
27th Dec 2012 11:18
"Brendan to stay"
27th Dec 2012 11:45
"Why are we not up for Pato?"
27th Dec 2012 11:55
"FSG out unless another 100 - 200 million is splurged to compete with other clubs like Chelsea and MU to bring in world class strikers like Falcao, Cavani, etc before building the rest around them....Look at City and Barcelona."
27th Dec 2012 12:19
"he won't come, his salary wage looks prohibitive for us, he besides wants Champions League football, then will go to a club who can grant it to him! Put your soul in peace, we will buy players from EPL low table teams or even Championship, he's become our target."
27th Dec 2012 13:08
"I remember when we were pleading with Kenny to sign Santi Cazorla or Juan Mata, or even both of them. He refused and then went ahead to sign Downing, henderson, etc. That man is the reason why we are where we are today what a waste of fortune, so I can understand FSG being penny pinching. Kenny killed us all and our top 4 chances."
27th Dec 2012 13:52
"Gaz, what planet are you on? This season we aren't challenging for anything and the best we can hope for is a decent cup run/win. The time needed to gel a squad will not happen between now and May - realistically, if we make top 6 I'll be happy. It's not ideal but we can't string more than 2 wins together at the moment and that's just not good enough. "
27th Dec 2012 14:11
"I bet all that money in the bank takes its toll on the players. I used to be a coal miner, I'd have loved to be a professional footballer. Stop moaning soft lad !!!"
27th Dec 2012 14:17
"The man is absolutely useless. With him in charge its worse than it was with Souness. We don't need Yankee owners and we don't need an apprentice manager who does nothing but talk - blah, blah blah. I have supported the Reds through thick and thin for over 50 years, but this bloke is killing me. Brendan, just go back to Swansea or Accrington Stanley, or something."
27th Dec 2012 14:38
27th Dec 2012 16:43
"When FSG are serious with their investment money in buying players then only will our problems be solved! Brendan should be given the same amount as Kenny. I'm sure BR will be more careful with the buying! YNWA!"
27th Dec 2012 19:12
"I think gaz.. U need to stop ging players off and go play fifa.. As u have no idea bout values or quality of players.. Holtby is a consistant player and young and not bad.. Non of the players u want will come till we get champs league"
27th Dec 2012 21:15
""Holtby, a boyhood Everton fan" well if he is good enough... Macca was a boyhood Everton fan as well as far as I remember. But is he really good enough? Not Macca, Holtby :)"
28th Dec 2012 1:21
"did i type in the wrong web address? is this the chelsea website? no, its not. SO STOP ACTING LIKE IT! you all get on your high horse like we need to do this we need to do that blah blah SUPPORT THE TEAM, PLAYERS AND MANAGER THROUGH THICK THIN BLOOD AND ALL. we are lfc, and we dont only support when it suits like chelsea. SORT YOUR HEADS OUT"
28th Dec 2012 3:46
""liverpool1" i agree with you i couldnt understand why KD would buy this players, for somebody that said i love LFC he really didn't do much to help the club if it was me, i would have buy top players to get us going even if it means you buy one at the time "
29th Dec 2012 8:37
"Sick of fans demanding us to be buying or declaring interest in players way out of our league. There's no use pretending the club hasn't suffered a big decrease in stature over the last few years. Very few players representing a team playing in the Champions League would even consider a move to us at the moment."
29th Dec 2012 8:38
"From the way some of you are going on, I'm surprised no-one has said "Sturridge? Why aren't we going for Messi, he's heaps better.." Naivety will get us all nowhere."