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Would be an awesome signing !!! Just what we need !!
27th Dec 2012 8:54
27th Dec 2012 9:26
"Happy with that, just what we need. "
27th Dec 2012 9:33
"every day rummors, let us wait on january"
27th Dec 2012 10:12
"he is everton at least his dad is and last time i checked evereton is at higher level than us?????//"
27th Dec 2012 10:13
"This would be tremendous. Holtby's on record saying that he'd come to Liverpool FC despite his her's allegiance to Everton, so whip out the cash, FSG. Can't let this one slip by."
27th Dec 2012 12:00
"GET HIM PLEASE just the quality we need and please get rid of the dross asap"
27th Dec 2012 12:38
"he said he wants to come in England, not he wants to come to us, would be a cracking signing as it's about a potential world class player, but up till we will be owned by FSG world class players won't come to LFC, believe me!"
27th Dec 2012 13:09
"I remember when we were pleading with Kenny to sign Santi Cazorla or Juan Mata, or even both of them. He refused and then went ahead to sign Downing, henderson, etc. That man is the reason we are where we are today what a waste of fortune, so I can understand FSG being penny pinching. Kenny killed us all and our top 4 chances."
27th Dec 2012 21:28
"get himin january "
28th Dec 2012 3:36
"Wouldn't Holtby be more interested in a move to Everton (if they're interested as suggested in other reports) than a move to LFC...seeing that he is an Everton fan, like his her???"