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What's the point of sending 20 crosses into the box when there's noone there to convert them?
Pablo Hermes
26th Dec 2012 21:43
26th Dec 2012 21:45
"Does BR ever read our concerns? Stats, who cares? Very substandard game and a disgrace. Need serious action and heads should roll."
26th Dec 2012 21:46
"Same old crap , no fight in this team i keep saying BR all talk no substance . Go away please to a mid table team thats ur level "
26th Dec 2012 21:46
""All I can say is 19 GAMES, 6 WINS AND GOAL DIFFERENCE OF 2. Get real. Liverpool needs a REAL manager and ambitious owners. We will NEVER EVER get into the top four with BR in charge and the average players that are being brought in.""
26th Dec 2012 21:46
"Forget the stats ..... Poor poor poor performance. Did not play as a team but as individuals and every individual had a shocking game! "
26th Dec 2012 21:47
""All I can say is 19 GAMES, 6 WINS AND GOAL DIFFERENCE OF 2. Get real. Liverpool needs a REAL manager and ambitious owners. We will NEVER EVER get into the top four with BR in charge and the average players that are being brought in.""
26th Dec 2012 21:49
"You Look at the Stats and Have to Wonder how on earth did WE lose that game? Come on Reds lets pick Ourselves up and beat QPR this weekend and forget this mess up. YNWA REDS"
26th Dec 2012 21:51
"Stats mean nothing, we lost and thats that, shove your stats were the sun doesnt shine."
26th Dec 2012 21:51
"again no fight in this team .BR when r u going to admit ur are not experienced for this level , ur a mid table manager at most , please go u are all word no substasnce if so justify ur signings , which one has come good ?????"
26th Dec 2012 21:51
"again no fight in this team .BR when r u going to admit ur are not experienced for this level , ur a mid table manager at most , please go u are all word no substasnce if so justify ur signings , which one has come good ?????"
26th Dec 2012 21:52
"Decision making is the real issue - lots of shots, but not a lot of 'quality' chances created. More patience and better CM decision making."
26th Dec 2012 21:53
"Totally unaccetable but what could we expect were used to being left down by now. Im just gonna drink the pain away and wait for tomorrow to just wipe it all away from my memory, I should have went to a party instead of comming home to see this pile of crap :-\ Best of luck in 2013 were gonna need it YNWA. "
26th Dec 2012 21:54
"Rodgers is awful...."
26th Dec 2012 21:56
"I highly doubt we had 63% possession."
26th Dec 2012 21:59
"We played like school boys. Just sh**. Wake up FSG and BR, we NEED reinforcements, and believe me Sturridge and Ince are definetely not enough!"
26th Dec 2012 22:03
"Another poor showing from the team with the least passion in the Prem, rolled over and died yet again, embarrassed beyond belief."
26th Dec 2012 22:05
26th Dec 2012 22:06
"The honeymoon is over Rodgers. I'm surprised it went on this long."
26th Dec 2012 22:08
"absolutley e never mind having a go at the manager the players that need to do it on the pitch shelvey is crap with a capital C why play him omg get rid like spearing thought he was gd "
26th Dec 2012 22:09
"How about giving Andre Wisdom or Sebastian Coates a run in the centre of defence for a few games? Right now, Daniel Aggers is not in great form."
26th Dec 2012 22:13
"Rodgers is a donkey, bring back Kenny, at least we played better, sacking a legend to bring in a muppet, shame on you fsg."
26th Dec 2012 22:14
"Mr Rodgers should shoulder some of the blame for playing Jonjo Shelvey/Jordan Henderson ahead of Nuri Sahin and Stewart Downing/Joe Cole/Jordan Henderson ahead of Daniel Pacheco. I would have preferred to see Suso stay on the pitch instead of Downing. If anything, Pacheco should be playing ahead of Suso. He is just as good, and more mature physically. "
26th Dec 2012 22:17
"Same sh*te, different day. Read enough crap from know it all psp 2012 fifa manger supporters."
26th Dec 2012 22:17
"usual boring, useless stats who say all and nothing at the same time! agree with you Pablo Hermes, feeding 20 cross into the box where there's noone to convert them is absolutely useless, like after all keeping the ball for the 62% of the time! Utter crap!"
26th Dec 2012 22:19
"RedCyclone 26th Dec 2012 21:46 - right on. The owners that we have at the moment are no good for a club of our profile in the age of globalization. They would have been alright in the 70's and 80's. Certainly not now."
26th Dec 2012 22:21
"Poor performance by the team. BR - where was our plan B? We are just one dimensional. Stoke were a much better team, and BR played straight into Pulis's hands. Shameful display by LFC. LFC are 2nd rate."
26th Dec 2012 22:22
"AllofRafaGems you are right, the choice to subsute Suso with Raheem has revealed wrong, we played an awful second half after a decent first! Take note BR!"
26th Dec 2012 22:22
"wow! i think stoke havent scored 3 goals on their ground this season before this match and it had to be against us... we are still poor at creating clear cut chances, poor at corners, poor at freekicks, poor at counter attacks, poor in midfield and infront of goals...and awful...happening a bit too much lately at doing simple pass. "
26th Dec 2012 22:22
"We are too inconsistent, i see sturidge as inconsistent too, i would love to have high hopes for him and believe that he will change and be quality for us like a lot of fans do...need a drink..."
26th Dec 2012 22:23
"So weres the tikki takka Rodgers? your full of crap, do us a favour and resign please."
26th Dec 2012 22:25
"Tactical we have great manager. He better than Clarke, Lambert,Pullis or Rafa?"
26th Dec 2012 22:30
"I need to ask something, anybody can reply my question: If most of our fans want Brendan to be sacked, then why they dont chant like ''Brendan Out'' at the stadium? Why they dont represent their REAL emotions?"
26th Dec 2012 22:37
"Happy Christmas to you as well BR. "
26th Dec 2012 22:38
"We MAY beat QPR by some miracles and all we will get to see praise upon praise. Then we will go down tamely in another match all players, manager and owner will come under fire. So long we find players hesitant to crowd opponent box with winning mentality we are not going to see results we want. YNWA!!"
26th Dec 2012 22:40
"And to think we got you Rodgers after sacking our King Kenny, sad times :("
Liverpool NY
26th Dec 2012 22:40
"what I saw today is too many interceptions by our opponents, we gave away the balls too many times, Jo0hnson, Enrique, the decision is sometimes to dribble too much, poor defending, too bad as we had an amazing start, BR give up on Suso too quickly, he didn't have a good game but Sterling didn't shine as well "
26th Dec 2012 22:41
" isn't chanted because BR wasn't supported in the last window. Hence John Henry wisely staying away. If "we are were we are" after a meagre £15m spend in January,then the chants will be for "FSG OUT". And BR by association."
26th Dec 2012 22:45
"Cagger i think most fans dont want BR sacked and some not convinced by the owners "plan"..yet... I dont know what else to if we are cursed..."
26th Dec 2012 23:01
"Every rival managers seems to have the weaknesses of our players at their finger tips except our own. They know how and when to deploy their strike force against our defence line to push for maximum results. OPTA statistics suits excusess of sort for our poor performance. Sad Boxing Day! YNWA!! "
26th Dec 2012 23:10
"Boxing day matches as well as those against so called bogey teams are becoming predictable. Fans look like can now predict results besides the pre-match jitters against these teams. Lets pray for a miracle to change all that soon. YNWA!!"
26th Dec 2012 23:43
"As a team we seem to have gone backwards defensively. Steve Clarke has been a miss in this area I reckon. The players had absolutely no heart tonight and chased down nothing. "
26th Dec 2012 23:51
"First up, I just duffed Stoke 7-0 on FIFA 13, just to make myself feel better after that. I was in the Boothen End watching the game. I support this manager wholeheartedly and I can only assume that he keeps putting Shelvey in the team because we are waiting on January reinforcements. Shelvey has been shocking in recent games. I want to be positive, but....."
27th Dec 2012 0:29
"All these stats tellsme is that stoke are not concerned about our side having possession and shooting at goal.. they do not believe our lads are able to convert to goals and rightly so..."
27th Dec 2012 1:22
"Atleast we found something new out today. We can win penalties."
27th Dec 2012 1:23
"Pablo..I think if bring Carol back and he will head those balls into the back of the net."
27th Dec 2012 1:34
"the americans should go and take them plonkers rogers and ayre with them"
27th Dec 2012 2:08
"Must agree with those who say, only plonkers would loan out our only target man. How can Carrol possibly pay us back while playing for those chumps. Talk about tossing good money over bad. And so why bother to cross and create corners?"
27th Dec 2012 2:19
"Stoke was the better team. We lost to a better team. This has got to be our benchmark game. If we can't beat Stoke at home, we deserve to be below them."
27th Dec 2012 5:28
"What are these guy doing:- Brendan Rodger (manager), Colin Poscoe (asst. Manager),Mike Marsh (1st Team Coach), Glen Driscoll (Head of Performance),Rayland Morgans (head of fitness & conditioning) Chris Davies (head of opposition analysis) They are all suck doing nothing for the best of LFC except happy with mid table position. "
27th Dec 2012 5:59
"BR spend 28 million for Borini, Joe Allen and Assaidi. ML spend 16 million at Swansea. Just using money from selling Joe Allen. And Get Michu goal scorer 1 goal in 1.5 game compare to Borini 1 goal in 11 games. That How suck our mid table manager BR."
27th Dec 2012 7:15
"Wisdom or Coates at the centre? are we really serious or we have admitted that this team is now an academy?"
27th Dec 2012 7:15
"LOL all you people are unreliastic. under the conditions BR is in and thwe budget he had and time and what was available, he has done well. dont look at results, look at performance. when the money is there and we get the extra 3, 4 players then results will come. "
27th Dec 2012 7:18
"Daywalker... this is kind of an academy, the owners dotn expect silverware this season, they want to lay down a new foundation for next season... i see this season truly as a learning curve and preparation for next season. then there will be no excuses for BR "
27th Dec 2012 7:27
"This was a learning curve for the youngsters. We are building for the future. Come on lads you can do better. "
27th Dec 2012 8:06
"Shelvey should not play upfront as a second striker just behind suarez, he is too slow, technically poor and loses too many balls in that position. Let Gerrard play behind suarez. At 32 yrs old, he will still score goals and create chances. From Mauritius"
27th Dec 2012 8:18
"Watched this game live in Australia and though a six year old was at the LFC helm of FIFA13 instead. You know what I mean...kid has never played before and just randomly presses buttons...players everywhere, struggling to get near the opposition or ball for that matter."
27th Dec 2012 8:43
"Not winning the le for a long time is bad enough. To end up at mid table after Christmas is just sad. Loosing to teams (with due respect) like Villa, Stoke and next QPR? The vital 9 points could have been our saving grace instead it has pushed us to the middle kingdom-I never though this would ever happen, yet it did. "
27th Dec 2012 8:44
"..the le.."
27th Dec 2012 8:46
"now we cannot even use the word t i t l e. It gets filtered."
27th Dec 2012 9:17
"Fsg and rodgers out.embarrasing what we have become!!!!!!!"
27th Dec 2012 9:21
"Suarez will be off can see hes fed up playin in a e team.gerrard past it an reina doesnt look interested.shelvey a passenger.not good to see at all.fsg an rodgers outt!!!!!!!"
Gordon Ottershaw
27th Dec 2012 9:36
"OK negative boys all chanting BR should leave, How many times have we beaten Stoke iin the PL with our illustrious teams if the past with our whole host of managers? oh. NEVER. ... oh. So I see. We should now with a transitional team. Win which we have never done in the past 20 years. Grow up."
27th Dec 2012 9:54
"Totally agree, Agger & Skyrtl aren't playing well because they've lost confidence in Reina, from last season count how many times he's been beaten on near post, unforgiveable. Jones did well when he covered when Reina was injured, why not continue with him, might shake Reina up a bit"
27th Dec 2012 10:00
"Fancy Howard Webb awarding us a penalty, even he must be feeling sorry for us!"