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We are definitely lucky to have you Luis. You have said so many times that you have dreamt of playing for Liverpool and now you actually are! You are the type of player that we need and we must make sure that incoming players must want to come not for the money but for the jersey! YNWA!
25th Dec 2012 10:05
25th Dec 2012 10:09
"what a nice thing to say. love ya LS!!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
25th Dec 2012 10:10
"Merry Christmas luis, all I want for Christmas is to beat stoke, and for you to score! YNWA luis Suarez "
25th Dec 2012 10:14
"Way to go Suarez!! A reds legend in making..shows how much he loves the club amidst all the rumors!! YNWA!!"
25th Dec 2012 10:31
"Nice to know in this day and age of greed and how much bonus i get there are still world class players who would rather live the dream, he could play in any side in the world yet he stays where it means more, Luis Suarez your LFC legend started the day you Signed, Merry Xmas!!"
25th Dec 2012 10:40
"What a great atude!!. Please score against stoke. Worry about Allen who will no doubt play after his rest, as Stoke midfield robust and uncompromising to say the least. Allen will be brushed aside."
SGM 73
25th Dec 2012 10:43
"SG may be Suarez's hero, but according to some LFC online fans, Gerrard is spent.. It always makes me laugh how easily people who know very little can make their minds up and be so wrong.... Happy Christmas Liverpool. May 2013 be a cracking year, and may our fans be loyal as too many have been a disgrace for several years now."
25th Dec 2012 10:46
"If a great player like Suarez is in awe of SG its says everything about our magnificent captains exploits. SG continues to be out most important player which is astonishing after all these years. I dread the day he leaves us as there will never be another. Simply the best player to ever put on a red shirt!"
25th Dec 2012 10:52
"Yes, yes...Luis is better with Rodgers than Dalgish....Kenny prefered classy British football, but Brendan strategy is more about technique, ground pass etc."
25th Dec 2012 11:13
"Suarez needs a world class Striker and a winger upfront. the owners and the manager should do the obvious Kiessler from bayern leverkusen is please bring in a finisher please"
25th Dec 2012 11:16
"We all love you Luis! I might get a LFC tattoo some day and if I do its def gonna be with Gerrard in it along with the other greats of this club. Merry christmas everybody! YNWA."
25th Dec 2012 11:18
"luis obviously loves LFC and its very important to extend stevies contract in order to keep luis at our amazing club along with CL of course. luis is getting better after all he has only had a year in the prem so is still learning what its about. will help to bring on younger players as they must at times be in awe of his skill. merry xmas to all LFC fans and anyone associated with LFC. YNWA"
25th Dec 2012 11:27
"and i must add that it is a pleasure not to have to read any negative comments so far.i'm fairly new to this posting lark (2mths approx) and know everyone is enled to their own opinion but must say was surprised at amount of negative comments from supporters of this great club. as the team improves hopefully the comments will become more positive. YNWA "
25th Dec 2012 12:00
25th Dec 2012 12:22
"Its also heartening to see Suarez compliment the so called relative novice BR. Its clear that BR philosophy is being taken on board by the senior players. This is a remarkable achievement for a guy who has little experience of big time management to come to a historically massive club and not feel daunted by it. Bravo sir and long may it continue. "
25th Dec 2012 12:24
"I have always prefered SG anchoring the midfield, ie the lucas role, he can control a game with his vision and make those late runs that pull defenses apart. Long may it continue!"
25th Dec 2012 12:25
"And Merry Xmas to Buddha and Ply, and everyone here today! "
25th Dec 2012 12:56
"and we hope you keep forming this incredible partnership with Stevie for many years to come and even improving your understanding to become further lethal and clinical upfront, I hope even it will be bought other attackers to support your play and make the squad even stronger! Happy Christmas to you and your family Luis! enjoy this holyday then come back to work hard! YNWA Luis Suarez"
25th Dec 2012 13:25
"Merry Christmas to all LFC players, ex-players, legends, all sta of LFC and others including all the LFC supporters. I hope that the coming Y2013 is the beginning of a new era. YNWA!"
25th Dec 2012 14:21
"great words about our captain fantastic luis hope you are a red for life as well and merry christmas to all at liverpool football club and to all the supporters have a great day ynwa"
25th Dec 2012 14:31
"BUDDHA12.22 yes it seems like a lot of the players are buying into B.R philosophies which can only be good for the club and its future. like you buddha i find it hard when you read fans saying B.R should be sacked etc. think he will prove in next season or even end of this one that he knows what he is doing.YNWA"
25th Dec 2012 14:35
"LONEWAR merry xmas to you & family also. would be great xmas with win at stoke tomorrow. cant wait as we play last so will see where we can close to other teams hopefully. YNWA + J4T96"
25th Dec 2012 14:37
"plyNo1red - look at the table...difference between us and 4th is 5pts...three four winns and we are this poor fans who call for sack BR ...cant understand this...several poor referee decisions and some unlucky moments make you unsucesfull, but we dominate almost every game this season and we had trouble make possesion last season almost every match."
25th Dec 2012 14:37
"always wear my gerrard shirt at indoor always wishin i played for lfc..back to reality im hoping for a 2-0 win at best...those dodgy stoke players usually get it over us..for once id like to crush them for 6 but it just wont happen "
25th Dec 2012 14:42
"FLICKBOY i voted for 2-0 win. they have done well at home so time they lost one. com on you reds. YNWA"
25th Dec 2012 14:49
"May you be here for a long time here King Luis, maybe you could explain that you would consider it a personal favour if Brendan would get your mate Edison to play alongside you eh?....Go On You're worth it!!!! What a fantastic boost it would give us and would help to convince us that FSG are really ambitious. "
25th Dec 2012 14:55
"LOZ i think that is something you will have to ask her xmas for. dont feel we have chance unless CL so maybe summertime. how much would he cost to buy and what wages? by then sturridge will be on fire. YNWA"
25th Dec 2012 15:17
"U R One of the Worlds BEST Players- No doubt about it- Hopefully with more time you can Improve on your Conversion rate! YNWA!!! "
25th Dec 2012 15:30
"When you read positive posters like plyNo1red, Arhat, Lonewar, LDW, Loz99, TLCsKOP, Gerrard o ya beauty, RedRevilino, Rushjob, rosso76, LFC1958, Kingofclubs, flicKboy2 and many many more, you realise, although with some nutters aboard (mentioning no names, lol), we certainly have the best fans in the world. "
Rush job
25th Dec 2012 15:51
"Great to hear from 'our Luis'. Music to my ears."
25th Dec 2012 16:05
"think luis knows he has an affinity with the fans. i am so glad as at times he is unplayable. on numerous occasions he is by touchline or out wide and then abit of magic and ball is in net. he is pure class and think he will score against stoke.YNWA"
25th Dec 2012 16:31
"That is the difference between Suarez and Torres. He always says he want to stay with LFC even after the Media-Evra campaign. El-Nina, never publicly said he want to stay after we dragged out of top four."
25th Dec 2012 16:38
"Thank you LS for coming to LFC. Hopefully BR will stay for a very long time and take this club back to the top. I've got a good feeling that it won't be long. Sturridge will fit right in. Merry christmas everybody and good luck against stoke. 9pts out of 12 over Xmas period still a good result and still possible."
Dede 7
25th Dec 2012 17:02
"Thats intresting. every time you talk about your love 4 Liverpool i smile. i see that passion when your on the pitch and its so refreshing to us the fans. i can't swap Suarez for any player in this world . YNWA."
25th Dec 2012 17:18
"Luis...thank you for choosing LFC.You could have chosen CL football and yet you extended your contract with us. We love nothing more than to see our players playing purely for the love of LFC. THANK YOU - Love always. NOW GET US SOME GOALS TOMORROW."
25th Dec 2012 17:36
"Merry Christmas Luis and you are the best xmas present we ever got.Long may you continue to be a Red."
25th Dec 2012 17:38
"Never a dull moment with Luis. A great passionate player."
Big Eyes ex R.S.A
25th Dec 2012 17:48
"Luis I am 53 and i can honestly say you are the most skilful player i have ever seen in a red shirt, we have had so many greats but you are the most skilful, by the way Stevie you are one of the best in the world. "
25th Dec 2012 17:51
"SGM 73- 100% agree,these 'internet suporters' are a different breed,change their minds like the weather and have no idea what REALLY goes on at the club.Certain people on here state things one season then go against their own bizarre comments the next.Still freedom of speech and all that."
25th Dec 2012 18:07
"I would just like to echo the words of Mukutuku and say I wouldn't swap Luis for any other player in the world-money can't buy that sort of atude. Merry Christmas to all LFC "
25th Dec 2012 19:04
"merry xmas to all the lfc fans!!REMEMBER WE ARE LIVERPOOL FC TODAY,TMRW AND ALWAYS"
25th Dec 2012 21:40
"stoke are due a loss and i realy hope we do it and boy do we need to beat em, merry crimbo lads come on lets have em!!!"
25th Dec 2012 22:28
"Merry Christmas to all our true Liverpool fans."
25th Dec 2012 23:13
"he is a great player I hope he will pass some experience to suso and sterling"
25th Dec 2012 23:19
"Stressin, Keissling would be a good bet, he has been likened to another Klinsman, very clinical and may be just what we need. I'm still pining for Cavani like many others and would also love us to get Toivenon from PSV and then there's LLorente of course. Kessling is fine though, no objections. "
25th Dec 2012 23:28
"We would be well made up if we could get those 3 points up for grabs at Stoke tomorrow, it might just help to erase the memory of that awful Villa episode. I'd like us to win about 2-0 and just hope we get a decent referee in case any of our guys suffer GBH. Best Wishes Lads YNWA!!"
26th Dec 2012 1:16
26th Dec 2012 6:01
"Stevie G is definitely 'special' as you are Luis...and couldn't imagine my team without either of you. Watching you both play (as well as the rest of the squad) is for me...a true privilege!"
26th Dec 2012 6:08
"Big Eyes ex RSA- LS is brilliant but for me the mantle of most skillful won't be an easy one. Are we talking dribbling skills/on the ball skills/off the ball skills etc. If its dribbling skills then there is Barnsey and Mecca who must be right up there. Barnsey will shade it for me only because of trophy's he helped us win. Currently RSA"
26th Dec 2012 7:36
"Ain't that a man! Love you Luis, YNWA."
Papa Syed
26th Dec 2012 8:40
"Luis - you are true to your words and Stevie G will always be a remarkable Redman! Mr Buddha et al...your sincerity is what we need each and every Kopites should be having at all times...not forgetting rosso76, ply1red, lfcthru, endless rock solid always with LFC...YNWA 4EVER ALL!"
26th Dec 2012 9:52
"Vamos Luis :) YNWA"
26th Dec 2012 10:43
"I cannot believe this guy is playing for us, sometimes it is just to good to be true,to see him go out every game and just want to play every second at the level he does seems unreal sometimes !!!"
26th Dec 2012 11:03
"Luis, you're up there with the best..."
27th Dec 2012 14:07
27th Dec 2012 14:09