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YES, great performance, I'm still like :O haha great win and nice result, just keep going lads, please! YNWA!!
22nd Dec 2012 20:48
22nd Dec 2012 20:54
"Agree with you BR, wise words! we were brilliant today, played with cleverness despite the tempo of the game was not so high, our passing accuracy was excellent as the quality of our conclusions, we created plenty of chances and had a great convertion rate. With a bit of turn-over we will deal with the busy calendar and can dream to climb the table. Well done BR and lads! YNWA"
22nd Dec 2012 20:54
"Downing was great today but I think that the Man of the Match was Steven Gerrard. Every long pass was perfect. Two assists and one good goal. Well done. We need Gerrard playing like this every match."
22nd Dec 2012 20:55
"Agree with you BR, wise words! we were brilliant today, played with cleverness despite the tempo of the game was not so high, our passing accuracy was excellent as the quality of our conclusions, we created plenty of chances and had a great convertion rate. With a bit of turn-over we will deal with the busy calendar and can dream to climb the table. Well done BR and lads! YNWA"
22nd Dec 2012 20:56
"best iv seem him in a lfc shirt def his best position played so well with johnson who has been our most consistant player another v good performance"
22nd Dec 2012 21:01
"I hoppe his given time to prove himself "
22nd Dec 2012 21:01
"Yes indeed. Please keep it up Stewart, we know you have the talent you just have to play with mental freedom like your last two matches."
22nd Dec 2012 21:15
"best game stuart has played for us. best we have played for a while no allen passing sideways or back all the time stevie getting the ball more & looking to pass forward each time getting us moving forward all the time. Well done lads, YNWA"
22nd Dec 2012 21:23
"Please don't touch Downing, he's been terrific these past few games. He's got a rhythm about his performance now and I think that's what we need. He was class today! Keep it up. "
22nd Dec 2012 21:25
"Downing, Gerrard, Skrtl, Jose Enrique and Johnson all played really well. Others played their part, but these were the stand out performers today."
22nd Dec 2012 21:28
"Stevie G made me go down the memory lane today. I have come to conclude that the man is like an old wine. He showed up today wearing his right cap and am convinced that we've not seen all about him yet. He still has stuff for us."
22nd Dec 2012 21:32
"Keep it up Stewart. The fans appreciate a good performance and hopefully this current form you've hit can continue. "
22nd Dec 2012 21:36
"This is what will happen if 2-3 lads come up and start supporting Suarez every game. Excellent stuff from Gerrard after long and from Downing for the 1st time!"
22nd Dec 2012 21:36
"This is what will happen if 2-3 lads come up and start supporting Suarez every game. Excellent stuff from Gerrard after long and from Downing for the 1st time!"
22nd Dec 2012 21:42
"brilliant performance from downing"
22nd Dec 2012 21:46
"Clearly worked dropping Gerrard back; resting Sterling (been needed for a few weeks now); and whatever BR has said to Stewy, including the clear message that we are happy for you to stay but if you want to leave you can, has worked wonders. Well done all but particularly Downing. "
22nd Dec 2012 21:48
"The case with Downing could have been a happy one from the moment he came here to LFC cus I remember him starting of with hitting the post a couple times and comming very close to scoring, just imaging all of that would have turned into goals and we wouldnt have this conversation about him today, I love it Downing now go and do it constantly YNWA"
22nd Dec 2012 21:48
"Would like to see Nuri in place of Jonjo and Sterling for Suso(obviously will be done) and then I think that's our best eleven"
22nd Dec 2012 21:51
"Well played Stewart, another good game, that was a real 'papering over the cracks', 'shop window' performance. We should dedicate this game to all of LFCs numpty misfit fans."
22nd Dec 2012 21:57
"Hope Downling keeps this up like to only see on the right from now. Suso did well but still like to see Assiadi and Sahin get some time on the Prem."
22nd Dec 2012 21:59
"am still in shocked...he looked lik a new signin "
22nd Dec 2012 22:03
"Great performance from all the Red Men, but none more impressive than Stewart Downing's!! He's faced so much criticism, but to come out and play a Man of the Match performance like that...incredible!! Well done Stewie...keep it up!!! YNWA"
22nd Dec 2012 22:03
"Good performance Stuart. His ability and proven track record wasn't in question it was his fee and subsequent displays. Some players take time to adapt. Ok I know with Stewie and all his experience he was the most expected to hit the ground running but he seems to be putting in some good performances recently. Problem is. Is it too late? "
22nd Dec 2012 22:06
"downing had a good game, how many times, has he played might get more money now in transfer window, still got to go, and get a player who is consistant,"
22nd Dec 2012 22:08
"If BR persists with Stewie would that mean no deal for Ince? Sure Ince wouln't fancy being just a squad member AGAIN! I guess for economic sense and for the future it would be wise to go for Ince but would prefer to not at the expense of Downing. Just have a feeling that Downing is turning the page on his career at LFC. "
22nd Dec 2012 22:09
"Turning the corner. Duh!"
22nd Dec 2012 22:10
"Better game by the manager, quite rightly looking at the value of Raheem and Joe Allen starting. Prefer Jonjo and Suso any day. Allen offers squat and Suso plays the team game better than Raheem. One Louie is plenty, we don't need a poor imitation as well. Supprise us Buck with more quality judgement and don't change a winning combination for the 'get in the box Boxing day' game."
22nd Dec 2012 22:14
"Okay! Allen and Sterling on the bench: right. Next, some 2-3 signings in January. After that we don`t need Shelvey and Suso. Don`t get me wrong - after a while. There will be good - sometime. "
22nd Dec 2012 22:18
"Credit where credit is due. Downing resembled a footballer today. Either he was inhabited by a ghost of Xmas past or he is finally remembering what he was bought for. One cool assist and a well taken goal. Some might be churlish and question the opposition but it was a remarked improvement, fingers crossed..."
22nd Dec 2012 22:23
"You just get the feeling that Downing has left it too late and its hard to imagine him pulling out these types of performances week in and week out. Its a shame because out of all the British players bought by KK, it was Downing I had the highest expectations for. A massive let down thus far but bravo today!!"
22nd Dec 2012 22:27
"I wonder if anyone noticed how he became much more confident and more importantly worked harder as the game went on. He tracked back constantly and after a shaky start he wanted the ball and went looking for it. A swallow does not a summer make, but it does make you wonder what might have been if he had applied himself more, hmmm"
22nd Dec 2012 22:31
"You got it!"
22nd Dec 2012 22:35
"BR needs time. I believe he can do it."
22nd Dec 2012 22:38
"First Enrique proved his critiques wrong, then Cole, now Downing. BR fortunately has more patience than me and it starts to pay off. Now, do we really want to sell anybody in January?"
22nd Dec 2012 22:46
"Come on you Redmen/women. Give credit to BR. Let`s support him. "
22nd Dec 2012 22:56
"Great tactics BR, Positives: -Joe Allen on the bench got what I wanted! Also came on later to hold up the win. - Gerrard more advanced in his no.10 role -Brendan kept constant communication with the team throughout unlike the villa game. Bring in sahin holding mid soon, lucas advanced."
22nd Dec 2012 22:59
"Allen and Sterling are tired...they both never before played so many games...consider Allen is playing for Wales too. I believe they have future here. Downing looks more self-confident, Suso won many balls - improved...Gerard dictated tempo and had briliant passes + scored goal and Suarez passed ball and had balence between collective and individual :) ."
22nd Dec 2012 23:06
"have to agree with anyone else, downing was very good today, i have been impressed lol and great performance from us too ...but to say that downing has turn the corner is too soon...even tho we did great, i think fulham has been very awful...1st shot on target from them was around the 75th min i think and there havent been many off target shots neither haha"
22nd Dec 2012 23:07
"everyone else*"
22nd Dec 2012 23:16
"That was a good win against a very poor side, three points is three points none the less. That was the result we should have had last week if we had been in the right frame of mind,at least we know Brendan can lift them. Heres to more wins over Christmas and a very much happier 2013. Well done Downing thats more like the player we thought we bought."
22nd Dec 2012 23:18
"Decent game. Lots of errors to build on, and lots of positives. Suarez has been SO trashy lately, I don't adore him as much as I did. Ok, good, one game at a time, don't say 'TOP 4' again till we actually get there, just build Anfield so more fans can fit in, lets get LOUD!"
22nd Dec 2012 23:38
"nice to see us winning and i can't imagine how things woud have been if we had beaten Villa but lets get a result v Stoke"
22nd Dec 2012 23:45
"The team are great!! Allways belived in Stewart!! YNWA!! Merry C!"
23rd Dec 2012 0:03
"Brilliant, indeed."
23rd Dec 2012 0:04
"Sturridge will have medical at Anfield and Ince will soon join. So how does this look? Sturridge, Ince, Shelvey, Sterling, Downing, Henderson, Joe Cole, Kelly, Johnson, Gerrard, Carragher, Allen, Wisdom, Carroll. Any more British players available out there? Just stating the obvious. Do not know if this is good or bad. Only time will tell. "
23rd Dec 2012 0:15
"that was a good game for downings, this shows that he is never a left back"
23rd Dec 2012 0:24
""the Analyst"..yes we should sell Cole. He is injury prone and his wages are higher than what he delivers. Downing is on the move and if some one ranks him high and pays good like (16-20 mil) then we should definitely sell him as well. We will get better quality in market for that money."
23rd Dec 2012 0:31
"Keep hold of downing an spend our budget on a proper goal scorer, sturridge is sh;t greedy cu#t, we need a soldado or lambert in front of goal "
23rd Dec 2012 0:32
"Keep him, dont get sturridge, spend our money on a proper goal scorer "
23rd Dec 2012 0:34
"After todays performance i think Downing should be given a chance to play in the same position over the next 3 games and see if the impact is the same. I think Joe Cole hasn't done enough and should be sold in Jan to keep the wages down. Stoke will be a good test of our scoring ability as they have the best defensive record.YNWA"
23rd Dec 2012 0:35
"After todays performance i think Downing should be given a chance to play in the same position over the next 3 games and see if the impact is the same. I think Joe Cole hasn't done enough and should be sold in Jan to keep the wages down. Stoke will be a good test of our scoring ability as they have the best defensive record.YNWA"
23rd Dec 2012 0:38
"Joe allen needs a rest as the midfield with Stevie g, Shelvey and Lucas looked solid. Enrique coming back made a huge difference and Lucas stopped most attacks coming in. Stevie G was at his best pinging those passes and making that superb run for the goal."
Billy B girl
23rd Dec 2012 0:40
"Downing played well in his position so keep him there! The team played really well considering these are the players BR inherited !!! Shelvey and Suso should play more. A more flowing pass and move today!Gerrard never lets us down! Merry Christmas all and see you Boxing Day YNWA"
23rd Dec 2012 1:09
"I think the starting line up is superb for this game. We should stick with it, judge on performance & see whether to start with Sterling, Downing or Suso on wings. Come on guys! You can win it again!"
23rd Dec 2012 1:09
"I think the starting line up is superb for this game. We should stick with it, judge on performance & see whether to start with Sterling, Downing or Suso on wings. Come on guys! You can win it again!"
23rd Dec 2012 1:22
"Buddha "Credit where credit is due. Downing resembled a footballer today." Thats another one im saving. quite a collection i've got in the last few weeks! As for Ghost of christmas past, thats my latest seasonal part of the buddha story that youve just foiled!Thanks Buddha!"
23rd Dec 2012 1:27
"SD Ive always admired you, a bit like Hendo! You havent had the best of starts at LFC but clearly have talent. I hope you stay at LFC and prove the doubters wrong."
23rd Dec 2012 1:29
"Ahhhh Sturidge is reportedly having a medical tomorrow at Melwood. Meaning Downings form could mean nothing as Sturidge is also left footed ....."
23rd Dec 2012 1:50
"Tim H. I think sturridge would be coming as a striker though. Im not convinced that BR wants SD to stay, I dont like the way BR spoke to SD and JH about their future, for that reason im still to be convinced about BR.It worked for Hendo as he tried to prove himself but SD lost confidence.(contd)"
23rd Dec 2012 1:52
"It's a top class flawless first half team performance! And finally downing showed his worth after 45 games with 1 assist! But after showing his goal celebration, he's back to his old... if not he looks so cool and confident like he back at AV time! "
23rd Dec 2012 1:54
"SD now seems more positive, maybe BR backtracked and encouraged him?I think he would love to prove himself here.He was let down by all last season and made a scapegoat but if we make the right selections and keep SD we may see a considerable improvement in our goal tally."
23rd Dec 2012 1:56
"gud job but.. consistency.. thats what we want mad love lfc mafe my day.. If you are in Kenya nairobi go to black Diamond. "
23rd Dec 2012 1:59
"Feet back on the ground though..Fulham were dire today and we need to step it up if were going to have a chance of getting a win at the Brit. That is a fortress."
23rd Dec 2012 2:00
"Has everyone been watching a different Liverpool to me. Downing has scored one league goal and had a handful of good games for us since he came. He's 28, in his prime and should be playing this way EVERY week. He is useles, get rid of him. I cant believe someone actually wrote on here that they hope he gets time to prove himself. REALLY? How much time does he need? Where have you been?"
23rd Dec 2012 2:05
"Take what ever money we can get for him and put it to buying someone who can play that way EVERY week. Or maybe we'll keep him now and he'll score again next season. "
23rd Dec 2012 2:16
"REDSARGE he was let down last season by a system that didnt suit him. Hes been a great player for Boro and Villa yet we ruined him overnight.He was disheartened this season also and played out of pos.Some players react to criticism, some don't. He was bought for a certain role, the same as you wouldn't have expected Beckham to have been picked for beating players and for his defensive attributes."
23rd Dec 2012 2:20
"SD can be consistent if the team is consistent, BR set up the team today as any sane minded person would select their team. I think he may have finally learned that SD is not a LB."
23rd Dec 2012 2:32
"Yes, a great win and a great display! You made us so proud wearing thr Liverpool jersey BUT please maintain the same display and dtermination for every game! YNWA!"
23rd Dec 2012 2:37
"Downing has been excellent this season in the games he has played! Maybe he will stay after all. "
23rd Dec 2012 3:19
"If Downing played like that every week we would save a lot of money.I was delighted to see Stevie looking fit and back to his best. Lucas was quite outstanding and strangely enough the only downside was a subdued and out of sorts Suarez. Well done lads you've given us all a lift for Xmas. ALL THE BEST!!!"
23rd Dec 2012 3:26
"I can assure you with Sturiddge Liverpool will continue to struggle. "
23rd Dec 2012 4:26
"Sturridge is coming. He reminds me of Drogba when he was at his age(23). Physical strength and strong in the air and the will to keep the ball. I am sure BR will work on him to make him a dangerous striker and a goal scorer."
23rd Dec 2012 4:37
"Whatever BR has done to Downing, he has done it absolutely very RIGHT! First time I ever feel he is a better player than Ashley Young. Please try to build and improve qualities as Fulham away is always not too tough. Gerrard slowly getting into his old self except those long range screamer. Today Downing is simply outstanding."
23rd Dec 2012 4:42
"Great stuff Downing! Hopefully all the Downing bashers will shut up now."
23rd Dec 2012 5:12
"Downing was awesome last night at both attacking and defending. If he keeps playing like that, he need not go anywhere. Absolutely brilliant! "
23rd Dec 2012 5:19
"We're not only on a roll we're heading onward and upwards."
23rd Dec 2012 5:20
"Besides strengthening our thin squad, i dont think sturridge and Ince are the type of players we need to improve our lack of initiatives, efficiency, creativity and goals upfront. If they were already here against Aston Villa i doubt they could have spark the game and changed the outcome. If both are coming hope they can help us greatly"
23rd Dec 2012 5:29
"Our best performance so far. It's only the second time this season, after the Wigan game, that we played with 4-2-3-1 formation. It suits us much better than the futile 4-3-3 even when we start the game with 11 "misfits inherited players". lol"
23rd Dec 2012 6:33
"stevie G... u beauty!! solid performance by our captain..! and downing was godlike today! surey MOTM! "
23rd Dec 2012 6:38
"I think BR rates him, why else would you play a player you're looking to sell unless it's a marketing strategy? Good game Downing"
23rd Dec 2012 7:02
"Excellent job.. I hope you remain at Anfield and put up those kinds of display. The bad side is of course to have a manager who criticizes his players in the public and in media and, pass on early judgements without giving you guys a chance. Our manager needs to learn from grey heads such as Fergie and Kenny."
23rd Dec 2012 7:03
"Fulham were weak. We still lack creativity in key areas ie. inside left and right channels. We still need to pile into the opp. box more quickly.Hopefully that goal will help Louis's confidence now and get him on another of 4 or 5 games scoring streak. We know we battle with the so called lesser teams so the next few games are going to be difficult. WE MUST DO IT. "
23rd Dec 2012 7:35
"The team looked better without Allen in it. Downing did well as did the rest of the team. "
23rd Dec 2012 8:27
"Stuart, you were fantastic yesterday! Steven a joy to watch! Excited! Lucas is very important to us. Mr Liverpool!"
23rd Dec 2012 8:32
"Consistency please. No point beating Fulham and then going down to Stoke and QPR. Time to show a bit of back bone."
23rd Dec 2012 9:01
"Downing was class yesterday, if he keeps going like this he will seriously challenge for an starting spot. This is exactly the kind of competition we need within the team. Fantastic effort all over the pitch yesterday, keep it up Downing!!!"
23rd Dec 2012 10:05
"To all those doubting Rodgers' credentials need to look at how Downing has performed in his last 2 games. Downing has been lambasted by the majority of fans for most of his time here (especially me)but Rodgers' management skills look to have worked with a player who was extremely under performing, now it's up to SD to repay BR's faith with more consistency, heart and passion!"
23rd Dec 2012 10:32
"Great! Well done gentlemen! Perfect team performance with an outstanding Stewart D. (my MOTM)! What an assist to Stevie's goal, pure magic! Pls stay with us Stewart! Merry x-mas U reds!"
23rd Dec 2012 11:09
"thats the best performance yet this season we kept goin forward even wen 2 up which was good to see,downing was superb like a totally different player hope he can keep playing like that ,wat a way to end our home game yr brilliant . "
23rd Dec 2012 12:27
"I agree with BR about Downings intelligent play. However I also feel Gerard was outstanding yesterday, some of his passes were breathtaking.He made the goals for Torres and he will be doing the same for Suarez..great player!!"
23rd Dec 2012 13:31
"He was immense"
23rd Dec 2012 13:40
"so what's this about you giving him the go ahead to look for another club?"
23rd Dec 2012 14:07
"yo yo perfomance. Like i say before...Many senior players still important. BR mistake for start season, he so rush to use many young players"
23rd Dec 2012 15:41
"I'll will let you stay if you perform week in and week out like this. no over running, no lazy pass, create space for others, create assist then you can stay but remember anfield is very mature .1 day gud perfomance and 4 match rubbish then you can go"
23rd Dec 2012 15:47
"see what happens when downing plays like the player we thought we were buying"
Rush job
23rd Dec 2012 17:07
"Totally agree BR."
23rd Dec 2012 17:12
"Good performance and all credits duly paid. Now, consistency is name of the game regardless where you play-home/away. Next we have Stoke hot on our heels at theirs. Bring on the style again to ensure another 3 points gap away from our closest rivals. YNWA! "
23rd Dec 2012 18:38
"Great effort against a poor side. Beware Luis, Stoke sharpened their claws y/day with 5 yellows and Tony Peuke Face will be preaching "divers and cheats" all week in the press."
SGM 73
23rd Dec 2012 19:11
"Some humble pie being eaten today. Maybe our more fickle fans will go back to being supporters like the rest of us. Never understood the people on here whose only comments are snide ones about our players, team and supporters.. Sad really...."
24th Dec 2012 0:02
"Good stuff...Downing and Gerrard played very very well...I might like Sterling off the bench for a month or 2 until europa league games start back up..To give him the rest he needs and he could actually be pretty lethal off the bench with 20-30 minutes left in a game...Love how he goes at defenders..."
24th Dec 2012 0:02
"So key in the last quarter of the match...Lucas again proves hes a rock...Shelvey is good..We'll leave it at that..."
24th Dec 2012 0:03
"Joe Cole scares me when he has the ball most of the time...For some odd reason he gives the ball away far too much for my liking...Still..He has his moments and I do like him(watched more Lille games last year than I have my entire life).."
24th Dec 2012 0:04
"Love Agger and Skrtel in the middle but I do miss Carra's passion back there...I rather Downing than Enrique..Enrique just doesn't cut it for me...I'm sorry..Henderson tries really hard and I, and the rest of you Im sure,appreciate it...Pepe has scared me lately but we can't forget the last 6 or 7 years he was brilliant"
24th Dec 2012 0:04
" and Jones played well enough first half of the season for my liking..He's a great back-up to have...Keep playing hard and remember who you're playing for...LFC..YNWA!!!!"
24th Dec 2012 6:47
"Let's be consistent in our games - Wins at Stoke and QPR will be befitting X-mas and New Years gifts for the LFC fans!"
Red till I'm dead
24th Dec 2012 9:33
"Isn't it interesting how some managers get the best out of some players? Torres could hardly buy a goal before Rafa went to Chelsea - now he's looking back to his best. And Hendo, Downing, etc were looking average before BR got hold of them. Suddenly - these guys look the part. I really think that BR is the man to bring us back to where we belong. "