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No no no. All Sanchez does it roll around on the floor that's why he doesn't get picked.
13th Dec 2012 15:04
13th Dec 2012 15:09
"Sign him !!! He would be awesome!!!"
13th Dec 2012 15:11
"Call Andy back even if we sign someone. We need DEPTH!!!!"
13th Dec 2012 15:18
"lets make the best choice possible"
13th Dec 2012 15:21
"lets make the best choice possible"
13th Dec 2012 15:57
"stop joking with Andy...."
13th Dec 2012 16:12
"i think at this stage of the game we should try some proven premeir players ie. michu,diame,routledge and nolan "
13th Dec 2012 16:44
"he should not be our priority, he's really expensive and then difficultly affordable. We need a goal poacher not a copy of Luis Suarez."
13th Dec 2012 16:59
"LOL. People are still going on about Andy carroll. Haven't we learn't from past 18 months that he isn't good enough?"
13th Dec 2012 17:30
"Andy carrol was on form at the end of last season people! how can you say he wasnt good enough, he was our best player in the final against chelski when he eventually came on remember! if we kept him here he could of helped luis up top, FSG are to blame for the mess so they should clean it up ASAP. YNWA!!!! In Brendan Rodgers i trust!!!! "
13th Dec 2012 17:46
"dont know how many games he has played but only 1 goal in CL group stage. im sure brendan has his targets in his sights and is just waiting for jan so he can conclude business early. lets hope they hit the ground running whoever we sign. we must support whoever we sign. YNWA"
13th Dec 2012 18:02
"i agree with darren86. dont think he was given proper chance by B.R. are we still paying some/most of his wages. we left ourselves short not replacing him. anyway i would not have minded having a fit andy but will see what happens in jan. hope we are all pleasantly surprised.YNWA"
13th Dec 2012 18:06
13th Dec 2012 20:04
"Why the hell do people keep saying bring back Andy Carroll - 35million pounds 58 games 11 goals, for West Ham 10 games 1 goal, hardly a top striker. If we get 15-18 million sell him. Time fans moved on HE'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!"
13th Dec 2012 20:07
"I think this is a chance LFC should take,he could be the answer to our question. I say a loan deal in January until the end of the season and see what happens."
13th Dec 2012 20:36
"its not question Caroll is good, or bad...he not suit for Rodgers passing football....I cant imagine him withouth long balls.."
13th Dec 2012 21:57
"would defo try for him on loan and buy two goal poachers ie huntelaar + martinez also austin or hooper and tom ince and mertens please WHAT ! i can dream cant i LOL come on brendan i trust your judgement think borini will come good too"
13th Dec 2012 22:50
"Please god sanchez is world class and would be our very own ronaldo loved him before he went to barca I wanted us to sign him give £30m for him he's worth it and demba ba for 7m that's it strike force ready YNWA "
14th Dec 2012 0:43
"JDMayn1 - So does Suarez but we all still love him as he makes that difference. We need players that can help us reach top 4 even if it means getting players on loan. Tello and Sanchez are just a couple of options that can help us reach this target. "
14th Dec 2012 0:46
"RainbowMan < The clown has returned"
14th Dec 2012 5:14
"we have to pick the right players that will fit into the team and the Prem league. They also need to have a strong personality to be able to bond with the current squad quickly and help us move forward we can ill afford to have any passengers in the second half of the season. So please Brendan and the team choose wisely. "
14th Dec 2012 5:31
"Sorry but this article smells of garbage. BR believes we are too reliant on suarez? Who writes this sh|t and honestly thinks anyone with a brain cell or two will believe it? "
14th Dec 2012 7:34
"I don't understand how these rumours persist. As far as I know he's not available and he's no striker either. Bit odd this popped up in the first place..."
14th Dec 2012 11:17
"Go get him,he is fast ,has good passing range and can put thosr all important balls in the box for Suarez to score as well as score goals himself,As for rolling on the floor thats cause opposition players can't get to the player cause of his speed ans then foul him."
14th Dec 2012 11:39
"I think Sanchez would be a great signing. Clearly we need a second striker, would be interesting to see how well he would do in the Prem."
14th Dec 2012 18:11
"Luis7 the mug is still here I have a right to an opinion he's better then all our players apart from Suarez so shut up I suppose you think well finish 4th with hendo downing and Allen Lool you real mug you are we can all see our team is very far from top 4 "
15th Dec 2012 0:10
"I'd rather have a striker that rolls around on the floor with a bit of pace than a big lumbering centre forward with no pace no timing when it comes to heading the ball towards the oppositions goal and has a outdated pony tail YNWA "
16th Dec 2012 13:46
"These rumours are the ones which make us buy useless overprised players instead of the Bentekes and the Michus. Am fed up with these linked linked. "
16th Dec 2012 13:47
"These rumours are the ones which make us buy useless overprised players instead of the Bentekes and the Michus. Am fed up with these linked linked. "
16th Dec 2012 13:47
"These rumours are the ones which make us buy useless overprised players instead of the Bentekes and the Michus. Am fed up with these linked linked. "
16th Dec 2012 20:05
"If as reported and Pepe moves next summer, we must move for Celtic keeper Forster and while signing him we would also be wise to take Wanyama, then 2 strikers and ,hey presto, we will be rocking again ???? YNWA"