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13th Dec 2012 14:38
Rajan Kandola
13th Dec 2012 14:38
"A very good, reliable and committed goalkeeper. Well done. Keep up the hardwork and you'll be rewarded! "
13th Dec 2012 14:40
"Wld also like Jack Butland Anfield. Guess Doni will leave."
Terry Hananm
13th Dec 2012 14:42
"Congrats on your new contract mate, well deserved."
13th Dec 2012 14:42
"So glad he signed. Another very big plus! #YNWA JONES"
13th Dec 2012 14:44
"You dont get many second/backup keepers who can come in and put in a number 1 keeper performance. Was unsure about Jones when we first signed him, but is a decent replacement when required. He seems like a top bloke and happy to be at anfield Congrats on the contract Bradders!"
13th Dec 2012 14:44
"nice one brad congrats "
13th Dec 2012 14:51
"Well deserved. Very capable no2 and a great professional. YNWA Brad."
13th Dec 2012 14:53
"The guy deserves a break after what he's been through, and for doing so well in the games he's played in. Good back-up option. But what's with the persistant rumours linking Reina with Arsenal? No smoke without fire...And when/is Raheem getting to extend his stay? We're not going to chase him out of the club for a couple of quid are we?"
13th Dec 2012 15:00
"Hard to find a player these days who is happy to be called upon when needed and still perform. Well done Brad and keep the faith! YNWA"
13th Dec 2012 15:00
"Fantastic news."
13th Dec 2012 15:01
"great news!"
13th Dec 2012 15:04
"Good - now secure Pepe!"
13th Dec 2012 15:07
"Good news :)"
13th Dec 2012 15:08
13th Dec 2012 15:09
"keep up the good work, Brad Jones! YNWA!"
Papa Syed
13th Dec 2012 15:10
"Mighty glad that you choose to stay Redman.....YNWA BJ!"
13th Dec 2012 15:18
"good on u brad glad u want to stay with the reds "
13th Dec 2012 15:26
13th Dec 2012 15:30
"Excellent news..YNWA"
13th Dec 2012 15:33
"What is the latest on R. Sterling's contract? What is the state of the contracts of Glen Johnson and Jose Enrique? "
13th Dec 2012 15:36
"Amazing, well deserved mate :) YNWA Jones & congratulations!"
13th Dec 2012 15:45
"Good news. 1st reliable second keeper we've had in years!! YNWA!"
13th Dec 2012 16:05
"done very well wen played earlier for us, deserves lil pay rise. if pep gets injured we dont feel like were in trouble because jones can do a job. enjoy ur xmas mate and try not be 2 sad. "
13th Dec 2012 16:08
"Really happy with this news. Much deserved! YNWA"
13th Dec 2012 16:12
"Brad has played more games for our club and has improved immensely. I am now confident he makes a good no.2 goalie. Hope he and his family have a happy new year. YNWA"
13th Dec 2012 16:19
"great to have a perth boy playing for the mighty reds "
13th Dec 2012 16:20
"Awesome news, I like his atude he is having a go at the No1 spot these days.. Moreover,we need three more signings.. One striker winger to play on the right, a winger and Supersub kinda striker on the bench.."
13th Dec 2012 16:37
"Well deserved.Nice one Brad."
Rush job
13th Dec 2012 16:38
"You are a credit to your family and an inspiration Brad. Very well deserved. YNWA"
13th Dec 2012 16:39
"Glad to read. Very capable backup keeper. One question though. Where is Doni?"
13th Dec 2012 16:39
"Great !!!"
13th Dec 2012 16:42
"Very well. Now what about Adorjan & Sterling? anybody at Pool ever here about prioritising task !!"
13th Dec 2012 16:46
"Brad is our best goalkeeper."
13th Dec 2012 16:49
"Well done Brad! I'm happy that you have committed your future to LFC! There are no many keepers good as you available to make the second to Pepe Reina! Now let's concentrate to prolong the Reina deal with us! Best of luck for your future LFC career Brad! YNWA BJ"
13th Dec 2012 17:43
"this is good news. YNWA Brad!!!! In Brendan Rodgers i trust!!!!"
13th Dec 2012 21:24
"Brad's a true ozzy, his signiture looks like this, 'X'."
13th Dec 2012 21:29
"Better news than signing a new, untested 'keeper. Great, now for Sterling at the start of the new year..."
14th Dec 2012 9:47
"Well deserved Brad! YNWA"
14th Dec 2012 9:53
"Still no sign of Doni!"