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José Enrique - you're not a LB, you proved that this last month - you're a winger now. That's where we all prefer you to play!
12th Dec 2012 12:18
12th Dec 2012 12:23
12th Dec 2012 12:44
"Well done Jose.I hope you'll be fit and ready to play against Villa"
12th Dec 2012 12:52
"Very Well Deserved Jose. YNWA REDS"
12th Dec 2012 12:53
"you deserved it enrique.. keep it up... YNWA...!!!"
12th Dec 2012 12:56
"Congratulations Jose, YNWA "
12th Dec 2012 12:58
"Well deserved Jose. I hope you are fit and able to play on Saturday. ynwa"
12th Dec 2012 13:14
"No! I much prefer him at left back. That back four is immense. Under BR he'll be pushing to a winger-like role anyways so I think it's best to have him at lb."
12th Dec 2012 13:21
"congrats jose on a well deserved trophy win , 1st of many if you carry on playing as you have recently "
12th Dec 2012 13:29
"Congratulations Jose! It must make the manager's job easier when players are willing to play out of position for the team. In your case, maybe you should stick at playing further up. You seem to bring a fresh pair of eyes to that position."
12th Dec 2012 13:34
"a terrific player, we had so many problems at left back and even left midfield over a number of seasons they are sorted now, just need to add a bit more in attack and anything is possible. our defense is the best around but we lack a couple of game changers up front"
12th Dec 2012 13:35
"Well deserved award Jose! Doubtless you've been the best and hope you will continue on this way either as a left back or as a winger! By the way I keep preferring you as full back... still disappointed for your unborn baby Jose YNWA Jose Enrique "
12th Dec 2012 13:52
"Well done Enrique. So glad you are back to your best - and even better! Look forward to seeing you Saturday and hopefully a goal. YNWA"
12th Dec 2012 14:01
"Well deserved. Looks back to his best - which is great for Jose and the club! 4th place looking a good possibility."
12th Dec 2012 14:11
"Superb - I hope Del Bosque is watching!!!"
12th Dec 2012 14:30
"Once he got over his injury problem his form has soared back to where it was for most of last term. Definitely one of our best performers."
12th Dec 2012 14:34
12th Dec 2012 14:44
"Well done and well deserved Jose. You are a great player that can play anywhere.Excellent signing by Kenny. "
12th Dec 2012 14:48
"You deserve it. But try to direct your shots on target. YNWA!"
SGM 73
12th Dec 2012 14:49
"Really made up for the lad, especially as some fans gave him stick earlier this season when he was playing through pain. Also really happy for him becoming a parent, which is the hardest job in the world. His son Adrian will be born a scouser, just like Xabi's son Jon.."
Rush job
12th Dec 2012 15:25
"And totally deserved. Hard work, and dedication. Others take note. Well done Jose."
12th Dec 2012 15:38
"Well-deserved. This was the player we signed from Newcastle, glad your form has returned to where it should be, hope it lasts as long as you're here!"
12th Dec 2012 15:39
"Gonna settle with the argument of where GJ and JE sit on the pitch and say attacking wingback. With Lucas in DM, they both can afford to make bombing runs up the pitch to draw fullbacks out from the wing forwards. When we learn to cover when they are far up the pitch we'll be unstoppable."
Dede 7
12th Dec 2012 15:40
"congratulations. just know YNWA."
Afrika Kop
12th Dec 2012 15:43
"Congrats Jose. This will give you greater confidence as we heard towards a crowded fixture time. I love the way you are playing now. That left foot is elegant. "
12th Dec 2012 15:49
"Jose and Glen the best wingbacks in the EPL currently!!!"
12th Dec 2012 16:03
"Congrats....keep up the hard work."
12th Dec 2012 16:22
"Congratulations Jose, well done & well deserved!!"
12th Dec 2012 16:25
"Thouroughly deserved. A King KENNY signing,for those who are still taking every opportunity to take a swipe at KK. Shows what hard work can achieve."
12th Dec 2012 17:20
"happy birthday to Dani Agger! Enjoy your daytime and keep performing as you did until now! YNWA Dagger"
12th Dec 2012 17:41
"Well done Jose. Great turnaround from the start of the season when most people were calling for Glen at left back of one of our talented youngsters. Credit to you for turnig things around"
12th Dec 2012 17:46
"one of the most pysically strong players i have ever seen never gets knocked off the ball, sometimes dawdles and looses posession but usually assured n save at the back "keep it up jose""
12th Dec 2012 17:46
"one of the most pysically strong players i have ever seen never gets knocked off the ball, sometimes dawdles and looses posession but usually assured n save at the back "keep it up jose""
12th Dec 2012 17:56
"Jose you have been the hand under Mona Lisa's skirt, no one saw you coming! Whats best is you are fitter and stronger now than you were half a season ago, one of KK best signing undoubtedly YNWA"
12th Dec 2012 18:14
"For those of you taking a swipe at BR's methods; replicating Barcelona, Enrique and Johnson are proof it can be done, playing in a more attacking manner, similar to Alba and Alves."
12th Dec 2012 20:50
"its about time we the fans acknowledge the effort of the other players and not only luis! jhonson next i reckon!"
12th Dec 2012 21:10
"Jose, congratulations - I've been a big fan of yours for a while. I do think you should be a winger because you've got the drive of Dirk Kuyt which is frightening for other teams with your size. You're quick too, but you're great at LB too."
12th Dec 2012 21:13
"Well deserved Jose. You are a Beast."
12th Dec 2012 21:17
"And I think this was a thoroghly deserved award, you've shown dedication and spirit for the team which is very enjoyable to watch, don't think I've seen that determination from any other player all season. Keep working hard Jose YNWA!"
12th Dec 2012 21:32
"Well done, you've proved me and a lot of others wrong. I had you out the door in January but you've bounced back with some great performances. Keep it up !"
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
12th Dec 2012 22:13
"Very please for you Jose, keep up the good work!!! Am glad you play for the club in England... Solid Enrique "
12th Dec 2012 22:52
"Well deserved. Also, I like the shaved head. You know, it's scary to see that big, bald man running full speed at you"
13th Dec 2012 1:31
"he is a Red Hulk...."
13th Dec 2012 7:50
"Jose cant be winger he is left back. Better winger is Downing because he had more experience as winger."