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Yes plz! Please not sturridge or Walcott, oh no no no .... Massively overrated and will moan if not played in the centre. Codswallop!
12th Dec 2012 9:40
12th Dec 2012 9:45
"sad that we can't get him in January.he should then be our number 1 target in the summer"
12th Dec 2012 9:58
"He is a class act!!! "
Rush job
12th Dec 2012 10:05
"Sturridge will be a very good signing- just watch. All these posters saying this and that about him will end up with egg on their faces."
12th Dec 2012 10:14
"would be a dream, but I am sure he won't come for many reasons. T.Ince, D.Ba and D.Sturridge and I will be happy... come on you Redmen! YNWA"
12th Dec 2012 10:20
"I'm expecting epl player(s) for this window and maybe next. As long as they do the job they can come from Pluto."
12th Dec 2012 10:43
"If the owners are serious,Cavani or Falcao is the player.Both are Suarez friends and both speak Spanish. High profile striker is a must at this January window. The main idea is to keep Suarez and show him ambition. In one day, the owners will get their money with shirt and accessory selling. All the talk about Sturridge and Walcott is nonsense."
12th Dec 2012 10:53
"Cavani is the player I would like to see at Anfield. He's tall, physical, fast, and a good friend of Suarez. He has this persona about him with the long hair and the way he celebrates his goals. Anfield needs a buzz and a lift. Nothing will do it but a high profile striker. Come on Henry, you want buisness, that's great buisness. Cavani, Suarez and Gerrard! watch out Old traford."
12th Dec 2012 10:57
"Sturridge or Ince would be very bad signings and more money wasted just like with Allen but Alexis Sanchez would be great. "
12th Dec 2012 10:58
"yes, sign him so we can start piling injuries..."
12th Dec 2012 11:11
"let manure have walcott imo just a speed merchant with dodgy decision making so sanchez on loan till summer with buy clause also get huntelaar and jackson martinez in other words forget overpriced average quality english players spain/portugal/germany or holland is where the value is come on buck YNWA"
12th Dec 2012 11:17
"Please concentrate on a quality striker first I'd love for our owners to go all out and bring cavani to anfield, probably the most chance of getting a world class striker here we have 2 of his international team mates here already. Him up top with Suarez in a free role behind him please FSG just go get him in top 4 this season if we do is a real possibility. "
12th Dec 2012 11:22
"I'd be over the moon if we signed Sanchez. When he was leaving Italy we were in for him but obviously he chose Barca. If we could get him still though that would be brilliant. Walcott would be great at LFC too. Falcao is the dream signing. With Falcoa, Suarez and Sanchez we'd win everything!"
12th Dec 2012 11:26
"We should agree a pre contract with Llorente in January and get him free in the summer"
12th Dec 2012 11:26
"Regarding Theo Walcott. First of all he is a red at heart! Scouse red! Always supported LFC. That means he'd give everything for the club. He's young, got pace to burn, knows where the goal is, is English (good for Euro quota) and SUPPORT US! No brainer really."
12th Dec 2012 11:44
"Say no to Sturridge. The vast majority of fans who pay money and turn up don't want him. Ask around in the Red pubs pre-match. No-one wants him."
12th Dec 2012 12:51
""Justred", couldn't agree more mate! "
12th Dec 2012 12:53
"Sad if we can´t get him in jan but Much better than nothing :D"
12th Dec 2012 12:56
"BTFI - Sanchez chose Barcelona as it was his dad's final wish for him. I would be surprised if he left them even during the summer. Walcott would be a good signing for us as to would be Sturridge. I wouldn't mind Ince as long as he costs under 6M. "
12th Dec 2012 13:02
"it is paper talk because I do not think Sanchez will make a move to LFC in january."
12th Dec 2012 13:02
"Yes yes yes!!!! Get this lad.. Massive player, can play in flanks and centre and can score goals.. Great dribbling skill.. That's the type of player clubs like LFC should aim for!"
12th Dec 2012 13:19
"Malaga´s LLorente would be the ideal partner for Suarez up front with Gerro playing just behind them. Then see us flying up the table amd the Manc´blues & reds looking over their shoulders running scared."
12th Dec 2012 13:25
"Quite a news! 3 weeks will bring the reality!!! "
12th Dec 2012 13:33
"justred......absolutely on the money there mate,wouldn't that just shout our ambitions from the's hoping :-)"
12th Dec 2012 14:01
"Sanchez will be a fantastic addition to our ever improving side if we can get him. The kind of quality player we need in our team who can make things happen. If we can get him,this will make a strong statement of intent that will attract other quality players to our beloved club."
12th Dec 2012 14:52
"LFC wanted Sanchez a couple of years ago but failed to lure him and Barcalona got him instead,but he would be a big signing to play on the wing or as striker however LFC should get another out and out striker in addition to getting Sanchez."
12th Dec 2012 14:54
"Sanchez,Eriksen,Muniain and Striker one of the following Dalmiao,Rues,Lowandowski."
12th Dec 2012 15:31
"In the news again. Hard to believe, but would be a great signing. I'd also say no to Sturridge - it's clear he is an inconsistent player. We'd be relying on his good patch of 15 games at Bolton... where have we relied on such a short patch of games before!?"
12th Dec 2012 15:37
"I welcome this news with open arms! Get him and we fans will know that LFC is really determined. Not the Sturridge rubbish that we keep hearing. Don't waste time on fringe english flops!!!"
12th Dec 2012 15:40
"Come on! Why on earth would he leave Barca for us at the moment - codswallop, tripe journalism!"
12th Dec 2012 15:45
"Possible transfer targets- 1)Djamel Abdoun- Olympiacos 2)Konstantinos Mitroglou- Olympiacos our neighbours bought mirallas for 4mill from greek team olympiacos who may actually budge on their players, best value signing of the year."
12th Dec 2012 16:00
"Yes it would be nice to acquire the likes of Falcao and Cavani but let's be honest, all the top clubs around Europe who are in the CL and have money to burn will be first in the queue. Cavani is a slight possibility due to Napoli's current standing and his friendship with Luis but even he would command a fee out of our reach..."
12th Dec 2012 16:01
"So we are looking at the likes of Ince, Sturridge, Walcott & Hooper (Celtic) all affordable, British (to meet UEFA's squad rules), great technical team players. None of these would normally be the top of the list but they are for now and will help us progress from where we currently are."
12th Dec 2012 16:02
12th Dec 2012 16:14
"finally abit of ambition in the the window. welldone rodgers, no harm in trying to sign a worldclass talent. stop going for over rated englishmen. if barca say no to sanchez then move on and try someone else.. "
12th Dec 2012 16:18
"We can't be ging off players that want to come us before they even get here to prove their worth. What message does it send to our youngsters and any prospective "So called good player" that wants to come to us."
12th Dec 2012 16:28
12th Dec 2012 16:37
"Next thing we will all be clamouring for Messi and Ronaldo and Maradona and Cryuff and Pele... Any more that we can't get!!With the current position that we are in we have to build from bottom up."
12th Dec 2012 17:06
"i would like sanchez if poss. i think FSG wont be spending too much in jan as they would prefer to wait til the summer where we will know if we have champions league footy. we might sign 1 striker and loan another. if not we might have to move some on to gain funds. downing would be 1st on my exit list. under 3 weeks to wait and hopefully we will do our business early. do us proud B.R. YNWA"
Papa Syed
12th Dec 2012 17:06
"It's a tough ask for his likes to play at Merseyside unless Luis can do some persuasions. Be realistic. CL is the place they want to play. Lets hope in january whatever buy can help us improve to top4. Then, we can think of getting cavani falcao huntelaar etc. Just hope and pray to get back on top where we belong. YNWA!"
zim t
12th Dec 2012 17:26
"if we ca get this guys the team will be great "
12th Dec 2012 17:31
"we need 2 strikers in jan ,not to sure about sturridge but will keep open mind on him , ince not sure of reason he moved on maybe some of his dad in him y greedy sod lol ,but think we should have kept him , "
12th Dec 2012 17:37
"sign Nathan Redmond of Birmingham. I am 100% certain he will make the grade."
scotty road
12th Dec 2012 18:04
"I think the Mirror journo's have been knocking back the booze already!"
12th Dec 2012 18:09
"Sanchez would rock Anfield. That would be a dream come true. Sturridge is simply not LFC quality, overrated, overpriced (if 12 to 15 mill. is correct)."
12th Dec 2012 18:48
"Walcott atleast please. Not Sturridge. Don't give Chelsea fans the satisfaction. Cavani would be nice though."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
12th Dec 2012 18:55
"Would be amazing. Plus Cavani plz.."
12th Dec 2012 19:00
"Wallcott and Cavani are the best choice. BR don't forget A TOP-ClASS GOALKEEPER. With Reina we will never get the le. Believe me, You've got to!!!."
12th Dec 2012 19:11
"I agree"
12th Dec 2012 20:23
"Walcott and this guy would be immense and really scream out our intentions. Can't really see either happening tho. What happened to Huntelaar??"
12th Dec 2012 22:19
"get this lad sturridge,ince,walcott and ba, sell downing we will be up there come the end of season we need to have 4 strikers at our club need players challanging to get in the squad week in week out if we we get 4 of these out of the 5 wil be very happy ynwa..."
12th Dec 2012 23:06
"Sanchez would be amazing but this is prob not possible right now. The right type of player we need though!"
13th Dec 2012 1:34
"a wasted great talent...would be nice to see him red...."
13th Dec 2012 3:30
"Think he would be a good addition, but priorities are elsewhere. We need someone that can convert the chances we are making."
13th Dec 2012 7:24
"Guys, I know this is just transfer gossip at the moment but all of you that say so and so wont come to us because we cannot offer Champions League footy then let me remind you. West Ham pulled in Tevez and Masch and what did they have to offer. Yes we can dream but its not impossible to lure these world class players. Bring on January, we need it. YNWA."
13th Dec 2012 10:07
"By the way: those calling for Huntelaar need to check a DVD of his recent form quickly. He is as useless as can be for Schalke 04 this season and he is not exactly a teamplayer. I don't really want to see someone like him in a Red shirt, to be honest... "