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Who wouldn't love to have Iniesta as a player? He's so inventive and determined on the ball. I love watching him play.
12th Dec 2012 8:37
12th Dec 2012 10:03
"I think Jose Enrique has been Liverpools best player recently also I like his fashion sense. "
12th Dec 2012 10:13
"Jose coming back to fitness and playing well for LFC deserves to be in the Spanish national team the way he's playing at the moment. Just a pity he's had a knock back in the last game."
12th Dec 2012 10:19
"Iniesta, what a player. I've never seen such creative inventive midfielder in my life, he knows what to with the ball every time he has it. In my opinion by far the best player around at the moment."
12th Dec 2012 10:39
"Iniesta i would never want to see in red shirt. He is discracefull diver, one of the worst in planet."
12th Dec 2012 10:53
"a spanish player who I'd like to see in red shirt? of the backway players of course Xabi alonso, otherwise Isco or Muniain who are two amazing talent of spanish football!"
12th Dec 2012 10:57
"Bietu - I have never heard as much nonsense in my life. You have absolutely no idea about football & have clearly never seen Iniesta play!"
12th Dec 2012 11:08
"DENNIS5 If you actually watch football you would have notice Iniesta diving world cup for Spain. Just one excample of this bone finding dog"
12th Dec 2012 11:43
"Bietu, what do you think about suarez..."
12th Dec 2012 11:46
"JBoatengLFC I have allways like Suarez, manc media hype doesent make him as diver."
12th Dec 2012 11:59
"We already have the Welsh Iniesta according to one bufoon ;)"
12th Dec 2012 13:13
"Jose's fashion sense: Ming the Merciless turned camp Spanish pirate. Hello sailor!"
SGM 73
12th Dec 2012 14:01
"If he could sign ANYONE though, surely it's Messi? The best player in the world (arguably best ever - although for me it's still Maradona). I'd also take Xavi (despite age) ahead of Iniesta, but both of them are behind Ronaldo ex s or not. Jose should be careful though, we've just got off the Fulham tapping up charge.. Don't want another!"
12th Dec 2012 14:06
"we won't gt Andres Iniesta, but Enrique deseveres the player of the month. "
12th Dec 2012 15:39
"Get us Alonso back till Iniesta reach 30, only then we can consider signing him.."
12th Dec 2012 15:45
"Have to admit that Iniesta and Xavi are the best playmakers on the planet... followed closely by Xabi Alonso ofcourse. Still hopefull Allen and Henderson can and will grow into those two types of players."
12th Dec 2012 15:46
"SGM 73- Just read about Fulham letting us off. Thank god as we could of been in some right trouble. Fair duse to them, I know if it was City/Utd or whoever claiming to have signed one of our players I would fuming if there was no substance and they we're merelt trying to unsettle the player "
12th Dec 2012 18:16
"Good choice. An amazing player."
12th Dec 2012 18:28
"Boring Buddha... Why is is that you love conflict and antagonise people? I know you were referring to me as you were on the wkend! What have I done today? Told you the other night pal, if drinking once/twice a week consi-tutes alcholism then I guess most of Britain are alcoholics. "
12th Dec 2012 18:28
"I have not said anything to you for days yet you can't help trying to wind me or your fellow fans up. I am not angry at you calling me a alcholic cos I have a few and post after the match on a weekend, you can think what you like. I am just sick of your atagonising and digs. Grow up and stop giving it the big man behind your keyboard. "
12th Dec 2012 18:29
"Buddha. I answer from my heart and don't duck questions. Honestly, tell me your honest opinion on Liverpool fans and why you have the desire to wind them up regularly? "
12th Dec 2012 22:37
"More please, I like these Q&A with the players, you feel like you get to know them better"
13th Dec 2012 12:40
"thats his view, lets respect it...though personally, i myself will still go for either of xabi alonso or iniesta"
13th Dec 2012 18:20
"Bietu, your delusional. I live in the Netherlands and have seen him in his groningen and ajax time and if you think that he isnt a diver then you are blind"