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Gerrard at 77 is an absolute joke! Prove them wrong Stevie ;)
11th Dec 2012 15:41
11th Dec 2012 15:59
"Congrats Luis!!! All that hard work is getting positive recognition, keep it up!!! Could at least try to win a penalty or two though... ;-) YNWA"
11th Dec 2012 16:02
"npthing short of what he deserves. the opposition players cant rant all they like about him wonder what they have to say about him being the 9th best player in the footballing world. and seriously gerrard is ranked 77th? for me i'd put him in the top 10 also."
11th Dec 2012 16:12
"People are slowly forgetting about the past and realising that he is one of the best. Liverpool should have more within the top 100 - meaning that I agree we don't currently have many "great" players on current form, but we should strive to get more ."
11th Dec 2012 16:21
"Van Persie is a better finsher, but would have Luis in my squad any day above him, the amount of chances he created out of nothing is just astonishing!"
11th Dec 2012 16:25
"Presumably this is a current list and with regards Gerrard, on current form, you have to say he is nowhere near top 10 'in the world'."
11th Dec 2012 16:32
"Really deserved classification, anyway I thought Stevie was a lot higher. Please Captain Fantastic prove that magazine to be wrong! YNWA"
11th Dec 2012 16:44
"Yaya Toure better than Luis?? Last time I saw Toure play agains't Lucas, he didn't get a kick. 76 better players in the world than Steven Gerrard??"
Gerrard o ya beauty
11th Dec 2012 16:47
"If Suarez was more clinical he would be 4th, without a doubt the most exciting player in the prem, just needs to shoot when he's supposed to and not try and take too many players on. Pure quality are luis! YNWA "
11th Dec 2012 16:57
"If Suarez can improve his finishing then he is easily more talented than any other player in this world could be best in the world . Obviously Ronaldo isn't as talented as Suarez, he is just an incredible finisher but Suarez can match him and definitely better him with better finishing whereas Messi is not from this world so can't compare him with anyone."
11th Dec 2012 17:23
"yh have to agree 77 for Gerrard is ridiculous"
11th Dec 2012 17:34
"Well done Lui , now just keep working hard to get into the top 3 ;)"
11th Dec 2012 17:38
"Well done señor Suarez!"
11th Dec 2012 18:39
"Reina ?"
11th Dec 2012 19:39
"top 10 no, top 3 yes."
11th Dec 2012 19:53
"Suarez is the best... "
11th Dec 2012 20:43
"This is exactly why the likes of Ferguson and a couple of the other managers and players try to discredit Luis. He is a huge threat to any team. One more thing, everyone talks about the fact he doesn't score enough goals, he's the premier leagues top goal scorer and number 7 in the world. Give it a rest, this guy is amazing. Keep going Luis. Keep proving everyone wrong fella. Paul. YNWA"
11th Dec 2012 20:46
"Liking the Messi comment. That guy is just outrages. He is by far the best player in the world."
11th Dec 2012 23:26
"Suarez should position himself nearer the goal, in front of the sticks. Then he'll score even more. The 4-6-0 (false nine) formation works for Barca, because Messi draws players and they have goalscorers everywhere. It is not a superior formation per se. Suarez would more effective if he kept it simpler."
12th Dec 2012 0:36
"Sad but true.....BUY Sturridge, Ince, Jetro Willems/Danny Rose"
12th Dec 2012 8:42
"They sure do not have criteria for their ranking. Stevie will be ranked 77 iff goals scored this season was the only criterion otherwise, Stevie would be in top 5."
12th Dec 2012 15:35
"Rooney better than Gerrard? Don't make myself choke to death from laughing. Rooney is consistantly poor, and the only reason he gets plaudits for the one little glimpse of quality he shows each game. As for Suarez being higher than Cavani. Maybe, but I would still love to see Edinson at the club with him."
13th Dec 2012 3:33
"Stevie is in the top 100??..but i think he should be in the top 30 atleast ..not 77 !!"