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Would Like to wish the Whole Squad and Staff the Very Best Wishes on the trip and hope that not only will they do themselves Proud but also do Liverpool FC Proud as well. Good Luck to One and All of you. YNWA REDS
11th Dec 2012 12:13
11th Dec 2012 12:46
"Great news! There will be surely a great XI and we can for sure compete to win the tournament! All the best wishes from Italy to the young lads and happy Xmas! Let's hope we can offer a good show to the Singapore LFC supporters! Do us proud as ever! YNWA U19s Reds "
11th Dec 2012 13:12
"Welcome to Singapore! Please don't forget to help boost our economy... all e best!"
11th Dec 2012 13:23
"We are proud of you Liverpool players. Do your best and represent your club with fair play, respect and good manners. Good luck, YNWA"
11th Dec 2012 14:04
"How can it be the "strongest possible U19 squad" Suso and Sterling arn't going to name but two that if they weren't stronger choices wouldn't be first team regulars. Poor choice of words there I think. Team should still be strong enough to do well. "
11th Dec 2012 14:43
"Best of luck lads! YNWA!"
11th Dec 2012 15:12
"best of luck reds! if you meet manure youngsters give them a good whoping;)"
11th Dec 2012 17:30
"My Nephew and Niece are looking forward to watching the Boys play live in Singapore. Come on You Red Men, bring the Trophy Home YNWA"
11th Dec 2012 19:12
"Where's teixaira?"
11th Dec 2012 20:34
"good luck to all players and staff. hope you have a successful trip and return with the trophy. during your down time see if you can find a bored billionaire or two interested in our club.YNWA"