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A fantastic day, had the tour with the legend Alan Kennedy, nothing was too much trouble. YNWA
10th Dec 2012 20:47
10th Dec 2012 20:54
"Thommo is class. YNWA"
10th Dec 2012 21:30
"Enjoyed that. Thommo is a Legend."
10th Dec 2012 23:00
"well in Thommo. great watch i like they way he metioned about the second striker like a ian rush gamble fitting in 3rd striker to make it!! YNWA "
11th Dec 2012 0:46
"Thommo is very expressive person and whenever he talks about the club you can see the love he has for the club."
11th Dec 2012 3:18
"That was great, what a guy, hope we do bring in Charlie Austin. "
11th Dec 2012 6:08
"Great chat,nice it was free too,thanks lfc"
11th Dec 2012 6:26
"I know that word "Legend" is highly overused nowadays, but what a Legend Thommo is indeed! I mean i was almost crying while i was watching that interview... All these stories about good ol' days... About his first game at Old Trafford... cont.."
11th Dec 2012 6:28
"Just imagine yourself being called by Shanks (OH MY GOD!!!) in the game at Old Trafford, where George Best and Sir Bobby Charlton are playing... It's just unbelievable... What a great memories this man has..."
11th Dec 2012 6:30
"And one more reason why he is a legend is that not only he was undoubtedly one of the great ever british players ever, not that he has captained one of the best (worlds, european, britain, Liverpool) squad, no that he has won almost everything any player can win..cont"
11th Dec 2012 6:32
"the thing that gets even more important that that is that he is absolute gentleman and such a class person. He perfectly represents what LFC is all about. P.S.: Falcao joke was good one :) False 9 was not bad as well. Turkey over olia was classic. Still dreaming of combo Kenny-Luis..."
11th Dec 2012 6:33
"Ahhhh, we would've simply killed everyone if we had Luis and Kenny up front and Stevie+Thommo in the team. YNWA Thommo! Simply put - LEGEND!!!"
11th Dec 2012 8:46
"What a legend he is."
11th Dec 2012 14:12
"Always great Thommo! What a incredible memory the 3-0 winning debut with the LFC shirt at Old Trafford against Charlton and Best! YNWA"
12th Dec 2012 10:20
"I wish Phil was the manager."