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Sanchez and Wacott for me. Then a striker that can come in and do a job when needed and wont cry that he is on the bench.
10th Dec 2012 16:21
Liam Bekker
10th Dec 2012 16:26
"Will be hard to get him, but definately worth it"
10th Dec 2012 16:38
"A savagely skillful player. His footwork would be far better than anyone we currently have and I think he'd link up very welll with suarez and Sterling."
10th Dec 2012 16:38
"Excellent signing but difficult to make it happen. Villa on loan might be a good option too. Proven finisher and buys us time to really buy someone at year end. I have a feeling that January will be about temporary solutions."
10th Dec 2012 16:41
"This would be incredible!"
10th Dec 2012 16:43
"If we do go for this Guy how much is he likely to cost us? YNWA REDS "
10th Dec 2012 16:54
"Get this guy,he's the best.. behind Messi and Ronaldo though.."
10th Dec 2012 17:07
"Would be amazing!!"
Bib l f c
10th Dec 2012 17:10
"Sanchez will not leave barcelona so go for Walcott as will not cost as much but we also need another striker like David villa or higuin and would also sell Joe cole,carragher and downing"
Bib l f c
10th Dec 2012 17:12
"On the other hand should give Jamie carragher a coaching role at the club"
10th Dec 2012 17:19
"I think Liverpool should really get Sanchez and Walcott.We can also get Schürrle from Leverkusen.We need more options in forward."
10th Dec 2012 17:23
"would be brilliant if we can also huntelaar and mertens "
10th Dec 2012 17:36
"Load of tripe. Great player, but realistically we ain't in a position to barter for him."
10th Dec 2012 17:46
"unbelievably good but no hope! media BS again! YNWA!!!! In Brendan Rodgers i trust !!!!"
Papa Syed
10th Dec 2012 18:17
"Good choice!"
Red Yank 1969
10th Dec 2012 18:21
"I hate to say it, but Steven has struggled this season. I understand he has been asked to play different roles, but age might be getting the best of him right now. We need to solidify the midfield and get an attcking player. Jonjo doesnt have the pace, good size though...YNWA"
10th Dec 2012 18:39
"Let me guess, and to pay for all that we're selling Andy Carrol to Citeh for 36 million quid?"
10th Dec 2012 18:51
"I'd be pleasantly surprised if we managed to prise him away from Barca but he and Villa have been on the bench a lot this season so you never know"
10th Dec 2012 19:01
"he won't come as Barcelona players have prohibitive salary wages, even higher than Sturridge or Walcott. Let's look at other decent and more affordable players!"
10th Dec 2012 19:03
"he won't come as Barcelona players have prohibitive salary wages, even higher than Sturridge or Walcott. Let's look at other decent and more affordable players!"
10th Dec 2012 19:03
"If he is up for grabs then UTD will surely gonna buy him as they did with Udinese, even Sanchez said "HE'd LIKE TO PLAY UNDER FERGIE"."
10th Dec 2012 19:28
"even on loan with option to buy in the summer huntelaar 6m mertens 10m hooper 8m walcott 8m sell carroll,cole and downer poss 25m = 7m spend simples LOL "
10th Dec 2012 19:36
"I think this is very, very unlikely. I'm sure he would cost more than £20m - although he would be an awesome signing and it would show real intent by the owners."
10th Dec 2012 20:02
"it will be hard to get him, but nothing is impossible.. i hope this rumour is true.. please fsg.. give rodgers a money and help him on this.."
10th Dec 2012 20:08
"Sanchez and a Striker will do the job. FSG trust Branden and will provide him with the money he needs."
10th Dec 2012 20:48
"we need Henrik Mekhitarian "
10th Dec 2012 21:02
"get henrik mekhitarian who scored 18 goals so far in 18 or 20 games. no sturridge please"
10th Dec 2012 21:09
"don't know if this would happen in a million years but if there is even a slight bit of realism in this we should go all out for him, this is the type of quality that we lack upfront. idea of him and suarez together christ,,,"
10th Dec 2012 22:10
"Barca bought him for 30m+ something. Were not getting him. Utter rubbish."
10th Dec 2012 22:16
"redrob2005 are you serious?? Mertens??"
10th Dec 2012 22:17
"Great player... Would love to see how the media reacts to all the diving though haha... But I don't think he's a solution, he gets injured easily and then we'd be looking for someone to replace him... So I'd look elsewhere, James Rodriguez from Porto would be perfect for me"
10th Dec 2012 23:35
"Sanchez is not a player for Liverpool, -he have not the character and acude like Luis, he have more fear on the field. LFC need a uruguayan like Sanchez the mildfield of River Plate of Argentina wanted for Spurs."
10th Dec 2012 23:40
"No chance, his hers last wish was for his son to play for Barcelona. Never going to happen! "
10th Dec 2012 23:50
"Why would we want Walcott, very average, do u think the two mancs want to sign Walcott??"
11th Dec 2012 0:03
"We need a striker, why not David Villa? We were linked with him before he broke his leg and he hasn't seen much action at Barca since. ?"
11th Dec 2012 0:12
"STURRIDGE, INCE, AND DANNY ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
11th Dec 2012 2:33
"He cost Barca upwards of 30m Euros. No, we're not in the running for Sanchez. Scouted? Possibly. But there's no chance of signing him, way too expensive, and I don't think Barca are ready to part ways just yet. They'll wait until Cuenca, Delafeuo(sp?), Tello, etc., are up and running."
11th Dec 2012 6:46
"cant be true and even if is we cant afford him prob a high price. i think wenger will let go of walcot especially since he's getting huntleer n henry on loan.hopefully we'l get walcot on the cheap."
11th Dec 2012 6:54
"we need to get our targets before the Man Utd game in January. Sancez would be great and would fit well within the system"
Brazilian meastro10
11th Dec 2012 6:57
"isnt this guy like injury prone??? if he gets injured, we back to where we started,lol. if we can get two strikers.... perfect!"
Brazilian meastro10
11th Dec 2012 7:07
"what about out of favor Dzeko???"
11th Dec 2012 7:25
"Sanchez is unrealistic option. Need to move for Villa loan move or demba ba + a young striker like mertens"
11th Dec 2012 7:49
"If they won't sell, get him on loan "
11th Dec 2012 8:10
"If we buy this guy i m sure we r top 4 ..... remember my words..."
11th Dec 2012 8:25
"Never gonna happen. He´s also by far the worst diver I´ve seen. Do we need that kind of attention again?"
11th Dec 2012 8:50
"Won't be long before Tottenham make a bid then....."
11th Dec 2012 8:56
"This is just total media BS. And I wouldn't want him for the money needed to get him we need to spend that sort of money on a quality striker simple. We have been cutting our wage structure etc so what makes anyone with half a brain think this story is true? Why is this even on the LFC site? Please stop putting stupid unrealistic media BS on our site total joke."
11th Dec 2012 9:16
"I have friend that looks almost exactly like him. It's creepy."
11th Dec 2012 9:23
"Go get him if it is possible. LFC were interested in him before he signed for Barca.He would be a scoop of the transfer market."
11th Dec 2012 13:49
"Would be a great attacking threat! Get him!"
11th Dec 2012 13:58
"So NadeemK you think Sanchez is the 3rd best player in the world? you think he is better than Xavi and Inesta then?Better than Neymar?Wake up mate! However, I would happily have him at LFC although if we think Luis gets called a cheat, Sanchez would be worse! "
11th Dec 2012 16:14
"These are the players that we need, not Bent"
11th Dec 2012 17:01
"Sanchez is the perfect type of signing but not much chance we can get him without champs lge football"
11th Dec 2012 18:56
"Why do some of you,believe this crap!! Why would BR want to buy another midfielder?? Think BR knows wat we need better than anyone else.And that is a STRIKER.A lot of fans seem to dream dream..Get with it.."
12th Dec 2012 23:17
"Sanchez can play wide and up top which is what we need. We can't just buy a striker and make him sit on the bench until Luis can't play???"