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9th Dec 2012 20:38
9th Dec 2012 20:42
"Great BR. Let us move to the next game and win it..."
9th Dec 2012 20:44
"Downing looks a lot more comfortable at the left wing back position - and overall great job by the team! Gerrard having a difficult time but he'll get through this - Captain Fantastic always does! Let's go onwards and upwards! YNWA Reds!!!"
9th Dec 2012 20:48
"Seriously what can Joe to do prevent it ? But we Still can improve. We need to win against the Big teams too which we haven't done so far this season. . . YNWA"
9th Dec 2012 20:49
"Was only a matter of time... Keep the faith. YNWA. "
9th Dec 2012 20:51
"what a win today hope we can put a good run together with a couple of signings in jan we will be very hard to beat..."
9th Dec 2012 20:57
"A good character win Buck. I felt wham had a quality attack and stopped us and forced a couple of bloopers. Good strength to fight back. As manager you probably prefer 1-0, but as a fan listening 3-2 gets the tick any day. "
9th Dec 2012 21:00
"I wish I can be as calm as you, Brendan ;D Great job, I hope you will bring best pf the lads in the next couple of games, YNWA!!"
9th Dec 2012 21:00
"Please Brendan, get us Ola Toivenon and Gaston Ramirez, Yes Cavanni would be great and it would be a dream move to have him to play with King Luis, just dream about it but if you can only stop Chelski or City getting him would be vital. No Sturridge, C.Cole or Bent absolutely no Way!"
9th Dec 2012 21:00
"well done boys need michu huntalaar some who gonna play off shoulder striker"
9th Dec 2012 21:05
"Well done BR,we will see more of this in the months to come."
Rush job
9th Dec 2012 21:08
"Well said Brendan. "
9th Dec 2012 21:09
"Confidence booster for Rogers and the team. Win your next three games and you are top 4."
9th Dec 2012 21:10
"Congrats!Now we're only 4 points away from a champions league slot.More reasons for the owners to show us the money and buy a world class striker!Hope this is posted"
9th Dec 2012 21:11
"on the up. grt win....downing was good if not spectacular.."
9th Dec 2012 21:17
9th Dec 2012 21:21
"having a look at the next 5 fixtures,we have 3 home games against bottom half teams which we expect to win, whilst we have 2 away games, one against the bottom team and the other against Stoke of which at least 1 win is expected.hopefully that would make 4 wins from our next 5 games.That should serve as a significant boost to our league position "
9th Dec 2012 21:29
"Honestly, I would be happy to buy any proper goalscorer. Huntelaar, Toivenon, Cavanni (no hope), Bent, Defoe, Sturridge (at a decent price). Please, not C.Cole though, instead bring back Andy Carroll! Decent comeback today by the way lads!!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
9th Dec 2012 21:29
"Lets try to keep this winning run goin! next 4 games we should be winning, stoke away a tricky 1 but we can end the year on a high with them fixtures. Welldone Brendan Rodgers you got your tactics spot on today! YNWA "
9th Dec 2012 21:42
"A massive 3 points. To come back from behind, away from home, with so many young players in the team is absolutely fantastic. And Glen Johnson IS the best right back in the world! YNWA"
9th Dec 2012 21:45
"Well done LFC ! Great win at a tough away ground. We surely need a striker in january and if he starts bagging the goals theres no reason why we cant snap 4th maybe even 3rd. Next 5 games we need a minimum of 13 points . "
9th Dec 2012 21:48
"Stevie gerrard is a LFC legend always will be. But he was poor today and has been over past few weeks i hope he can find his form and drive us where we belong ..... In the champions league !! Bring on those european chelsea games . Come on stevie lad !! "
9th Dec 2012 21:51
"Well done BR. It's been our bogey ground for awhile and its makes it all the sweeter to get max points. A absolute great result with a weaker squad. Hope it continues over the Xmas period. "
9th Dec 2012 21:53
"well done everyone keep it up lets get top 4 by january (by no means impossible) and with a few quality reinforcements who knows where we can finish proud of all the lads today YNWA"
9th Dec 2012 22:00
"It was the old Liverpool, the Liverpool as we know it, with lots of heart power and tirrelesly working,but the decision to put on Downing and sub Cole in could as easy have come back to hunt you BR we was lucky to win at last,it was not down to your brilliance we won, it was the spirit of the team and the willing to win and not settle with a loss."
9th Dec 2012 22:00
"It was the old Liverpool, the Liverpool as we know it, with lots of heart power and tirrelesly working,but the decision to put on Downing and sub Cole in could as easy have come back to hunt you BR we was lucky to win at last,it was not down to your brilliance we won, it was the spirit of the team and the willing to win and not settle with a loss."
9th Dec 2012 22:07
"Brendan, where are you?"
Liverpool NY
9th Dec 2012 22:09
"great win today, was little nervous as the Hammer looks like the had the upper hands for big portion of the game especially from Jarvis side, this could bring big boost of confidence, well done and I hope BR will play more of suso and Wisdom "
9th Dec 2012 22:22
"red2thebone: Actually it was down to his brilliance. Downing was superb today, and Cole scored a cracking equaliser. Same as what seemed a routine like-for-like subsution, Henderson for Lucas, which completely turned the game on its head and Hendo played a great cross for the winner. He's something special, is our Brendan."
9th Dec 2012 22:25
"Time to give Sterling a break boss, he's looking really jaded. Today he was as poor as I've ever seen him. He completely wasted 3 clear goal scoring opportunities (Johnson's cross and the two he gave to Jaaskelainen), and he seemed to lose the ball whenever he got it. He's done the same in recent weeks (the one-two with Suarez). Using him as an impact sub for a game or two might invigorate him."
9th Dec 2012 22:34
"Big big Win!!! Four points from Top 4! We have to maintain this and improve. The closer we are to CL places in Jan the more chance we have of signing a quality striker as the incentive will be clear! Come on you Reds....YNWA!!!"
9th Dec 2012 22:35
"AlexR-LFCNZfan:I disagree with you Downing was rubbish most of the game only the last 30 mins he was good,if Cole had not scored today his performance would have been overall bad,Jordan was brilliant coming on Shelvey missed too much and should have made more of his chances but again hes not a striker,Allen is better in a deeper role and Stevie is better in a more forward one swap em round pls"
9th Dec 2012 22:39
"Great win with small squad,but I really think Sterling needs a rest.Every one keep the faith in Rodgers!!!"
9th Dec 2012 22:42
"bendan now seems to demand more from the lads because he feels thy should have grasped his philosopy by now! good game today the whole team was terrific downing made about 2 or 3 important interceptions and i am absolutely delighted"
9th Dec 2012 22:57
"Well done lads, pleasing team performance! but we showed we lack something in the final third, please BR buy a centre forward and further 1 or 2 attacking wingers to near Sterling and Suso and allow them to grow with calm and without rush! Walcott , Son, Honda, Mertens... Proud of you for today lads & BR! YNWA"
Afrika Kop
9th Dec 2012 23:06
"We are making the slow but sure footed progress that is inspiring. We ened to take another 3 points against Villa. Can someone pull ridiculous Alan Cabishley's ears and close his loud mouth. He was making repeated stupid noises on Sky asking where Liverpool will get the goals from in the absence of Suarez- even after we scored! "
9th Dec 2012 23:48
"Thought hendo's energy changed the game in the 2nd half. His determination and willingness to go forward helped immensely. Huge impact on the game. Glad for him, he's had a lot of stick from the fans, but he just keeps working hard. His atude has been spot on. Well done, Hendo. Keep it up"
10th Dec 2012 0:11
"Joe Cole not celebrating his goal out of respect for WH.???? LFC pay your ridiculous wages, we have supported you thru poor form, injuries, suspension.. it US you play for, not them, so have some respect "
10th Dec 2012 0:18
" sink well written, joe cole ? lucky he is still playing football. Worked all day but just watched the highlights, well done LFC Showing some class again..."
10th Dec 2012 0:23
"and if WH mean THAT much to you, sod off back to them and get off the wage bill"
10th Dec 2012 0:26
"sinko & nyc you 2 are made for each other.. poisonous words. Well played Cole!"
10th Dec 2012 0:45
"Strong determination to win the game, I hope we can see this in every game, and this win is a prove that we're not a one man team, way to go team,....YNWA"
10th Dec 2012 1:03
"Team may have won but they did not play too well. West Ham controlled the game for large parts of it. It was nice to win but still loads of work ahead. Need a striker, Gerrard not at best, Sterling looks burnt out, needs a break. Not meaning to be negative but owners need to invest. "
10th Dec 2012 1:17
"The Kop will always rule!!!"
10th Dec 2012 1:54
"We have a manager who respects our club. He knows us. He believes in LFC. We Love Him. I Do. Do You? Keep the faith YNWA. James LFC"
10th Dec 2012 2:00
"Nice ball by Sterling snd good tske by COle. Team showed some 'nads to come back amd get full points. "
10th Dec 2012 2:36
"ya, like we have a choice."
10th Dec 2012 2:44
"Well done Reds and staff! I was really happy to see Joe Cole score, well done. Keep the momentum!!! YNWA"
10th Dec 2012 3:58
"A great victory. BR should aim on how to cancel the 4points to enable us get in the world-class striker we need... We must get qualities in by January if we must push Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham aside to clinch the position...YNWA BR!"
10th Dec 2012 4:22
"Wow fantastic results Guys ,thank u br and the whole team...same pace will make our dreams come true YNWA <3 <3 <3 "
10th Dec 2012 4:22
" sinko - nothing wrong with Joe Cole showing a bit of respect to the club that nurtered him. Wish a certain Mr Owen would do the same ..."
10th Dec 2012 4:22
"Wow fantastic results Guys ,thank u br and the whole team...same pace will make our dreams come true YNWA <3 <3 <3 "
10th Dec 2012 5:38
"Great win lads and BR. Strange all the people ging everything and every body in the past now think BR is fantastic. Well some of us have never given up on BR or the team and now as I knew its getting better. Strange as well the comment we need to start winning against the big teams, make your mind up."
10th Dec 2012 5:44
"To me it hasn,t been about the team hitting form it has been about players scoring goals and taking responsibility and that is what we saw yesterday they got together and scored goals player I never expected to score goal so well done to you all"
Brazilian meastro10
10th Dec 2012 7:02
"Sterling should be rested, this much football this age is too much, give him a break, let Assaidi take his chances"
10th Dec 2012 7:17
"Glad we won, but from 20 mins to 70 mins I was seriously losing you BR. We were useless, clueless and aimless. Our one touch passing was nowhere. I was glad when Lucas came off. Also, the pre match shooting should be banned! The psychology of missing starts there... "
LFC+Gerrard fan forever
10th Dec 2012 7:25
"A great game for Liverpool....They played really well for the first 20 mins and then lost possession due to west ham's physical presence...but later on when West ham players were tired Liverpool pressed and got the result. Next few games are winnable and should get max points out of it. YNWA :)"
10th Dec 2012 7:48
"Attention all fickle fans - This man BR deserves credit. We're progressing as a team and the momentum is building. Only a fool cannot see this. FSG must back him in Jan for two forwards. "
10th Dec 2012 8:12
"Great! Not too far off the top four now. Agreed with RedRivelino."
10th Dec 2012 8:38
"we have played much better this year and lost. so happy we got the win its the sign of a good team to win when we play bad . Now onwards and upwards. COME ON THE POOL!!!!!!!!!!!"
10th Dec 2012 8:39
"Some excellent play and great goals, but let's not kid ourselves, for long periods we were a shambles, giving the ball away, making wrong decisions and unable to keep possession. Sterling looks tired - physically and mentally - time to give hom a rest. "
10th Dec 2012 9:07
"Agree, Sterling needs a rest. He's been off the pace for a weeks now. They keep banging on about his development, but the pressure of playing in the first team as much as he has must take it's toll. our captain could do with a rest also.Y.N.W.A"
10th Dec 2012 9:13
"we will be definitely up dere in 4 for sure...believe me"
10th Dec 2012 9:24
"Now we got to make our Anfield a formidable Bastion to visiting teams. YNWA!"
10th Dec 2012 9:36
"Players must learn to overcome disappointments due to any unjust decisions by the ref against us or giving away possession/goals cheaply and keep fighting on. Hard work pays and it always does. Keep faith boys. YNWA"
10th Dec 2012 9:39
"BR is really impressing me getting the most out of this group of players. Delighted with the win and the fight shown by the lads. Happy for J. Cole and Henderson with good performances. Would love to see them build on this and put more pressure on the starters every week. Come on Sterling sign your contract and show your commitment...YNWA"
10th Dec 2012 9:58
"Lets not get carried away. This is West HAm who were promoted via the play-o last year. should beat teams like this convincingly if we are to challenge for anything.Anyway at least we won. Still need to finish off at least a fair proportion of the chances created. That is the biggest downfall."
10th Dec 2012 10:14
"Great result -poor performance for the bulk of the game. We need to take control of midfield irrespective of bullying/physical presence from opposition. One get out of jail free card used up."
10th Dec 2012 10:24
"well done lads great result "
10th Dec 2012 10:35
"It seemed normal to see us concede a dodgy penalty, but this time we came away with the points. Great battling qualities were on show. As the team improves, so will its luck. Cole and Johnson show their class, and Shelvey always seemed to pop up in the right areas, causing problems. Really well played lads!"
10th Dec 2012 10:46
"Certainly a massive three points but lets not get carried away. West Ham tore into us after 15 mins and to be fair we for once got lucky! Our defending by wing back is still quite poor. We just dont defend crosses at all well. In saying that the three points are all that matters. Two home games to come, lets win them"
10th Dec 2012 11:16
"Is clear now what we have been missing not a striker but... LUCAS"
10th Dec 2012 11:46
"Dear Mr. Rodgers, I was patiently waiting for it, and eventually it is coming! Not there yet, but we are improving! And we will be much better next season. That's what count, to improve all the time. YNWA"
10th Dec 2012 11:51
"Well done Redmen & BR. That's the type of gritty performance we've been missing for the last few years. YNWA"
Papa Syed
10th Dec 2012 12:07
"Something to talk about this week...not a dull moment to saviour....nice to see goals by the unexpected lads which showed their true Reds blood in them. Well done Mr. Rodgers & the lads. One thing though. Sterling was tired on the ball. Maybe a rest is what he needs. Get Suso Assaidi or Dani in for Raheem. Need to have extra turbo for goals....YNWA REDMEN!"
10th Dec 2012 14:09
"Play Joe Cole behind Luis, Brendan. Joe can create as well as finish off chances. He is a match-winner and there are only 2 in the entire squad. You don't need Joe to perform in every match. As long as Joe wins for us a match in every 3 that he plays, he is worth his place in the first team."
10th Dec 2012 14:42
"Get Kaka!!! best possible transfer you can make I hope we can get Kaka... Everything about him is what Liverpool needs.... experience, technically world class, will fit this style, inspiration for younger players, high profile transfer that makes a statement and a scoring attacking midfielder.... Liverpool seems to have good relationship with Madrid so please get Kaka... "
10th Dec 2012 14:43
"I hope we can get Kaka... Everything about him is what Liverpool needs.... experience, technically world class, will fit this style, inspiration for younger players, high profile transfer that makes a statement and a scoring attacking midfielder.... Liverpool seems to have good relationship with Madrid so please get Kaka... "
10th Dec 2012 15:00
"I have been shot down before for saying this but i really do not think Sterling is or will be good enough. I hope he proves me wrong but if he doesnt sign by the window i would consider offloading him."
10th Dec 2012 15:10
"A win is win alright. However, one thing we should be fully aware of is, West Ham was more offensive and likely to have added on to their lead against us, until their influential player Mohamed Diame was stretchered off due injury. His presence everywhere with good positional sense was a real menace and almost numbed our midfield dynamics completely. YNWA."
10th Dec 2012 15:11
"CJ7777- thank God u hav nothing to do with the development of our youth system cos if u think Sterling isn't good enough to say u haven't the foggiest would b a complement. The kid is 17-18 yrs. how many under 19s r playing top flight football in any League in Europe? "
10th Dec 2012 15:36
"This win should now propel us forward. It didn't look like it was coming as BR said we just stopped playing after the first 20. We definitely need to up the tempo, especially in the final third, all very nice and precise, but too slow at the moment..."
10th Dec 2012 15:36
"West Ham are not a good side and the league as a whole is poor. Man u are hardly destroying teams they just know where the back of the net is. If we can increase the quality and the tempo of our play this league is for the taking next season. If we get the right guys in during Jan a top 4 place is definitely up for grabs..."
10th Dec 2012 15:37
"3pts with 3 misfits on the pitch hmmm? Cole is slowly but surely finding a bit of form but is still not worth his wages. Henderson is being asked to play here, there and everywhere and is doing great job for the team. Downing is sooooo ineffective in attack, has a nice left foot, that's it! Didn't do much wrong and is composed at the back but he offers little else..."
10th Dec 2012 15:37
"Shout out to Matty Taylor...looking forward to seeing you at Anfield - disgraceful challenge on young Sterling, we all saw it! Did he writhe around and squeel like a Gareth Bale? No! Bring some extra shin guards laddo!"
10th Dec 2012 16:51
"This is more of the Liverpool we all support full of speed and resilience. No one can live with us when we play at speed and high up the pitch,reminds me of the match against Juventus in 2005. Well done lads. YNWA."
Dede 7
11th Dec 2012 16:51
"Downing played LB very well. "