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Let the press do their gutter trash somewhere else. Thats manure trying to disorganise us.
6th Dec 2012 9:11
6th Dec 2012 9:15
"'Brad is another one I would like to keep. His contract is something we are looking at the moment.' - that's a good stuff :) And of course nice that Pepe's going nowhere :)"
6th Dec 2012 9:16
"Well done Pepe & Brad. A strong pair to have available."
6th Dec 2012 9:18
"All good decisions Brendan. Pepe is a legend!"
6th Dec 2012 9:18
"We all knew this story was trash as soon as we saw it, it was the Daily Mail after all. Pepe is one of the best and most loyal players we have. YNWA."
6th Dec 2012 9:20
"Encouraging stuff this, Reina does in fact look much sharper after his injury and should return to the Reina of old soon enough! YNWA Pepe!"
6th Dec 2012 9:24
"please sign a striker"
6th Dec 2012 9:34
"If we can get a decent offer for him and instead buy Butland without paying silly money I think it would make sense to swap GK next Summer."
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 9:48
"Good comments BR."
6th Dec 2012 9:52
"Someone from the club should phone The Mail newspaper and tell them to remove the story from their website!!!!"
6th Dec 2012 10:14
"start with strongest 11 tonight pls "
6th Dec 2012 10:18
"think that BR is right, Pepe won't leave, even think that our target is to near Pepe a new young keeper to grow and make him num. 1 within 5-6 years! Pepe does not go anywhere, he will still be our num. 1 for many year! YNWA Pepe Reina"
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th Dec 2012 10:54
"Well said boss, pepe is 1 of the best around and some stupid fans don't realise it just cos he had a bad patch, every keeper has bad patches and when they do it leads to goals but pepe is back fresh and LFC's No.1 keeper YNWA pepe"
6th Dec 2012 10:58
"Lets hope BR keeps his word this time and doesn't do another 180! Now if only he can come out and say "Daniel Sturridge?No we're not interested in another sub standard Chelsea striker who didn't make the grade there!""
6th Dec 2012 11:30
"makes me laugh all the media rubbish personally think brendan has already decided on who he wants and possibly may already have a pre contract agreement or two in place"
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 12:24
"I have just been informed that Arsenal have agreed in principle to an offer off us for Theo Walcott and that we have officials in London today trying to convince Theo to join. 85k a week apparently. Thoughts? PS- Dont shoot the messenger...."
6th Dec 2012 12:48
"Where has Doni go!?!?!?"
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 12:54
"LDW- Me too. He's a scorer and assistor- 2 things as a team we lack. And only 23 too."
6th Dec 2012 13:23
"Rushjob - Is loaning pepe to Arsenal and swapping thier wages part of the deal? You know how our friends over the pond like to balance the books..."
6th Dec 2012 13:24
"Rushjob..Personally I'd love to see Theo here. Can't understand how he hasn't developed further under Wenger. Some are of the opinion that Theo is just a sprinter who plays football and that he hasn't got a "Football brain".However on his day he can be world class."
The Naysayer Slayer
6th Dec 2012 13:24
"Pepe will be back to his usual self soon enough.A great keeper that doesnt just hoof the ball up but looks for an opportunity. As for Walcott - would fit in great , if Arsenal don't regain their composure he'd be a fool not to sign."
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 13:35
"Kingmat- Not. Straight cash- 8 million apparently....."
6th Dec 2012 13:38
"Rushjob9 If what you say is true then that would be great. At least we have started early in the Transfer Market and hopefully beat the others to the good buys.What do you think Arsenal want for him.Raheem???"
6th Dec 2012 13:40
"Rushjob9 8 Million sounds cheap compared to what we have been paying for the last lot!!"
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 13:43
"LMAN-O7. I personally dont subscribe to that. He gets goals and assists playing here there and everywhere. I reckon he'd be perfect for what BR is trying to build. And massively experienced in europe and on the world stage. For a 23 year old too."
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 13:45
"LFC1958- He's out of contract in June so would be free then. Thats the thing about 'prising him away'. He could sit tight til June then command a big signing on fee. Now he certainly doesnt appear to be a money grabber, but a cool 5 million in your pocket would be attractive for anybody...."
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 13:47
"LFC1958. Ive also heard that Raheem will sign, so no. I guess for Arsenal its a case of nothing in June, or cash in January. Thats the decision. Their fans will be tipped over the edge! Arsenal are us 2 years ago- staring at the abyss as a 'top club'."
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 13:50
"As i said. Dont shhot me if it doesnt happen. Im just sharing info ive been given...."
6th Dec 2012 14:14
"i knew it was trash when i first saw the news! reina is our no1 and will be for a long time"
6th Dec 2012 14:17
"And on a somewhat similar note, we shouldnt sign Sturridge either. Just feel he doesn't tick the "personality" box - and not just because of his cheeky 80.000 a week demand.. "
6th Dec 2012 14:25
"Not convinced about Theo for 85K a week. Allegedly he's an LFC fan what's with the greed? Instead I crave smart signings, the likes of Michu (cost 2 Million) for example. Apparently we have a whole division of scouts all over the world, where are the gems? "
6th Dec 2012 15:07
"those nasty insects are a real pain in the neck not even good for chip wrapping these days lol we're sensible fans and take no notice have a great time in italy everyone and let our european party continue YNWA"
Rush job
6th Dec 2012 15:10
"anotherone- Is it greed, or is it simply 'market value'? If the Downings of the world are on 80k, then why shouldnt Theo think a realistic wage is 85k? Imaging being Theo, sitting with his England team mates and then looking at your own salary? Its a job at the end of the day..."
6th Dec 2012 15:58
"If Arsenal win the CL (Big if, I know), would Walcott still be eligible for a winners medal if he left them in Jan?"
6th Dec 2012 16:11
"would love Pep to stay and play till retirement and move to coaching staff in a few years, he love's the club he could have left soon after judas but stayed, loyalty."
6th Dec 2012 17:58
"Brad playing so good highlighted just how far Pepe had slipped. Just hope he can recover from the years of complacency and laziness. Looks better, but not convinced yet, needs to move and stop goals like Jones."
6th Dec 2012 20:18
"Of course we all want to keep Pepe, no doubt. Brendan is no different. And BR is wright to speak in public about this press rubbish, just to make it really clear to everybody where LFC and Pepe stands. Keep your hands off Pepe! YNWA"
6th Dec 2012 21:33
"good news for both of these guys YNWA!!!! Pepe and Brad. in Brendan Rodgers i trust!!!!"
7th Dec 2012 1:48
"Sturridge...really? how bad would you have to be to be considered an a**&ole at Chelsea. Has anyone noticed that after a couple minutes his own teammates won't even pass to him? BAD IDEA.There's got to be better out there.At least we don't have to worry about keepers. Pepe and Brad. That'll do it.YNWA "
7th Dec 2012 1:48
"Relief . YNWA"
7th Dec 2012 8:19
"Now say the same about Raheem"