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can he score goals i wonder 1st things first please
5th Dec 2012 12:16
5th Dec 2012 12:17
"I would be happy if he were to join us as he is class!"
5th Dec 2012 13:49
"a pity that Begovic has other plans, but I would get Butland from Birmingham had Doni leave. Young, hungry, reactive, he's the ideal keeper to near Pepe and Brad and make him grow as our future number 1."
5th Dec 2012 14:29
"brendan is stupid to sell 4 keeper in the world for will be like buying carroll..reina is 30..he have long way to go..look at van der sar..retired at his best..why brendan want to sell reina..i dont understand..BR is stupid to do that..why all liverpool manager do this silly thing..."
5th Dec 2012 15:10
"I don't think that Brendan would like to sell Pepe. The question is would Pepe want to stay. Besides, correct me if I'm wrong, but Jones and Doni contracts are expiring in the summer (somewhat big salaries and they are not young). YNWA"
5th Dec 2012 17:27
"The thing is Reina is no longer one of the top 10 keepers in the world. Unfortunately he has gone so far off boil, he makes mistakes all the time and flaps at everything. If we can get 20 mil go for it, even though i have loved Pepe for the last 6 years! "
5th Dec 2012 19:34
"redrob2005 he'll probably score more league goals than downing"
6th Dec 2012 5:28
"Would luv Stegen or butland to come in ,lets hope for the best.YNWA"