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Lets get him in during January..this guy could fit in nicely
5th Dec 2012 11:29
5th Dec 2012 11:45
"If he is on the bench already then we should make bid, don't think Bilbao want to let him walk away for free in summer so he should be available in January... "
5th Dec 2012 12:01
"pls dont buy Carroll & Llorente both r similar players"
5th Dec 2012 12:29
"whoever we sign in january will be BR decision, he should know the type of player to fit the system, he has to get it right or be critisised for some time afterwards.FSG to provide the money and Ian Ayre to negotiate.. 40,000 plus are eagrly awaiting the outcome. a lot rests on BR's head. good luck"
5th Dec 2012 12:58
"We should def make him a offer would be a good free transfer"
5th Dec 2012 13:52
"doesn't worry for january, good striker but does not grant more than what granted big Andy Carroll, I'd prefer D. Ba and Huntelaar"
5th Dec 2012 14:07
"this guy is surely a great option..."
5th Dec 2012 14:54
"He is world class if we have a chance then try get him. Can't believe people compare him with Carroll not even close, he is far better than Carroll. Llorente up top Suarez floating in the hole behind him sterling on the left and I'd like to see either mertens or sturridge brought in too, I'd prefer mertens both him and sterling can play on either side."
5th Dec 2012 15:06
"at fahadane: Llorente is nothing like Carroll. Much better technique, hugely more pace, better of the ball moving... No similarity at all except for similar height. And Big Andy is not so big at all, every English club has at least one center back higher than "Big" Andy so his height is not a quality of its own."
5th Dec 2012 16:40
"Llorente is perfect for Liverpool. Please get him. He can be our Christmas present:-)"
5th Dec 2012 16:43
"Get us zis guy asap,he's a 2nd Van persie, great striker!"
5th Dec 2012 17:09
"My number 1 target, he would be a revelation. I think he is quality and perfect for Suarez. Unfortunately his wages will price him out as there will be many teams that would pay them and that wont be cheap. I also think SG has a clause in his contract to be on par with the top earner so we would have to up his wages as well. I just cant see the americans paying the top wages. We can only hope."
5th Dec 2012 18:41
5th Dec 2012 18:52
""Llorente Alerts Liverpool" - a very misleading headline"
5th Dec 2012 20:18
"I know it's only gossip but why cant I/we ever read any article without the word Spurs in the same paragraph."
5th Dec 2012 20:59
"we can dream of llorente but thats all BR would never go for a striker of that elk, "
5th Dec 2012 22:25
"i think he is ok, but we could find someone of early 20 and having good technique also eager to to make a mark. Lorente does want to get here, get a good wage and do all. Why do you think he is benched? he scores no goals and says its a bad luck this seasson.. I feel he is a big EGO."
5th Dec 2012 23:17
"Jackhigh: Don't forget this is BR's second chance at bringing in the right striker. So far Fabio Borini is a very unconvincing addition to the club."
6th Dec 2012 15:39
"If he was to cost £20-30 million I think it would be best to invest an extra £15m in Falcao! He is tailor-made for the Premier League and would be a perfect partner for Luis and with more or less two wide men he would be guaranteed to score a bagful from crosses"
7th Dec 2012 7:39
"fahadane - LLorente has more technical skills than carroll ever will get..."
12th Dec 2012 11:10
"Same thing every year we get linked with big names and end up either signing nobody or signing players from lower teams! "