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That was a heck of a game! ALl the amazing goals, cannot decide which one was the best :D Sinclair was subbed early in the second half, so would love to see him on the bench at West Ham ;) He's a heck of a tricker! Would love to see 20-30 min highlights yet again on LFC TV ;)
4th Dec 2012 21:31
4th Dec 2012 21:33
"Great performance and a joy to watch!!!!!!"
4th Dec 2012 21:39
"Well done lads, but this was expected of you. Bigger clubs await but keep pressing on and continue convincing us that our youth set up truly IS up there withe the Barca's of this world."
4th Dec 2012 21:40
"And that cracker from Ibe was particularly good. With the right support and luck, these kids could go very far for us in the future, especially Ibe down the left with Sterling on the right. "
4th Dec 2012 21:48
"brilliant performance future looks bright for youth and u21's think sinclair will go with u21's on friday and morgan with 1st team sunday"
4th Dec 2012 22:22
"It was a terrific match to watch.Oh boy have we got great talent for the not so distant future. Absolutely fantastic lads."
4th Dec 2012 22:25
"Well done boys"
4th Dec 2012 23:34
"Well done young lads! played great stuff tonight and showed a really entertaining football as expected! Congratulations to Sinclair and Dunn for the brace and the electrifying performance, well done even to Ibe for the beautiful goal scored and the tricky display, but deserve a quote Lussey and Peterson also! Well done Mr Cooper! Keep up the good work young lads! YNWA"
4th Dec 2012 23:36
"...I'm really delighted for the deserved qualification grabbed tonight! YNWA young Reds"
5th Dec 2012 9:55
"Well done lads, a great performance!! ynwa"
5th Dec 2012 10:35
"A really enjoyable game, well done a great team performence, Jack Dunn stood out not only for his goals but for his all round game, super skills and one I can see pushing on to a higher level. Congratulations to the whole team,keep it going."
5th Dec 2012 18:41
"Well done young lads!"