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We must learn from past errors, and avoid paying ridiculous sums for over-priced British players. I'm not British-bashing, the point is: why pay £15m for a bench-warmer that may turn out to be a turkey when you can purchase a quality player on the continent for much less.
4th Dec 2012 16:27
4th Dec 2012 16:28
"Personally, I would offer them £8m - take it, or leave it."
4th Dec 2012 16:29
"I'd rather go for Andre Shurrle"
4th Dec 2012 16:34
4th Dec 2012 16:39
"Better to wait for done deals than these linked with linked with every shadow."
4th Dec 2012 16:44
4th Dec 2012 17:13
"Sturridge is not the man. If he was half as good as he thinks is he would have replaced Torres at Chelsea. He isn't and he hasn't. Definitely no."
4th Dec 2012 17:20
"think that we could face a salary demand of £80000 for Daniel Sturridge, but I would not be agree to pay £15m as price tag on him. Get him but not for more than £8-10m!"
4th Dec 2012 17:25
"I do think that Sturridge could offer us something but maybe not instantly which is what we need right now. If we are to go and get him then lets not pay silly sums of money for him and also buy another striker of a very high standard as 1 striker alone is not going to cut it this window. I'm no scout however so will back whoever comes in. YNWA."
4th Dec 2012 17:35
"Young -British -expensive-flop. Please not sturrige. Selfish lazy not team player and never look happy, BR please open your eyes and see pass Swansea and chealsea reject "
4th Dec 2012 17:41
"well put nigeriankop, im British nd i also believe 15M is way to much for him, he has class dont get me wrong but 8M is more reasonable. for 15M the list of players is long! "
red till i die
4th Dec 2012 18:01
"NO,no,no,no i hope this is a joke"
4th Dec 2012 18:16
"Would rather support another team than cheer on Daniel Sturridge. Lazy, greedy and wouldnt get into a top six starting line up. Learn from past mistakes. Lets sign clever, passionate and intelligent players. we are better than Sturridge"
4th Dec 2012 18:26
"£15m for Sturridge ..NO THANKS, if this is true I will be shocked, I would buy him at around 5-6m as he can play on the wing or up front but we would still need to buy a top class forward and at that price I doubt that we could afford another as well"
4th Dec 2012 18:41
"I would be very surprise if we go in for sturridge. He is not a vocal point player who can hold the ball up, good touch, run the channels, but most importantly finish. The guy is just not good enough. Rather we go for south american player a no namer."
4th Dec 2012 18:47
"They messed up bigtime last window, the previous one wasn't that hot either. I think I'm gonna be sick if they do it again in January, C'mon FSG will you please listen to the pleas of the fans eh?"
4th Dec 2012 18:54
"Once again we are talking to clubs about a player that most supporters dont rate all that highly or want with a price tag that not realistic but they will go ahead and buy and waste money we could use for more talented player.Big dissapointment if we buy him JWH beware more money on way toscrapheap "
4th Dec 2012 19:27
"wouldnt bother he so over rated why not give morgan his chance"
4th Dec 2012 19:29
"no for me.but for 15 mill after they paying 6 and half .he sits on the bench and wants the move what a joke offer 8 or let him there "
4th Dec 2012 21:04
"these are the same fans that wanted Gaston Ramirez and Rasmus Elm and look where they ended up. If Sturridge comes i'll welcome him - he just needs a manager to fully believe in him and he will score. "
4th Dec 2012 21:41
"This will be Andy Carroll/ Downing/Henderson all over again. I mean seriously, why can't the manager and his scout team go for players with real quality. Enough with the English flops (no offense), go for real quality, not nationality!"
4th Dec 2012 22:43
"Overrated and selfish player. Why would Liverpool buy a Man City and Chelsea reject even though he is English. The player is overrated and will be a huge big disappointment as Downing has proved to be. If BR gets Sturridge then he is making the same mistake as his predecessors splashing big on overrated English players."
4th Dec 2012 23:37
"So Chelsea pay 6.5 million..He can't get in team, (despite Torres being muck), and has a persistant hamstring issue...So we go and pay 15 million! Seriously! This has to be BS, if it happens I officially GIVE UP"
4th Dec 2012 23:38
"So Chelsea pay 6.5 million..He can't get in team, (despite Torres being muck), and has a persistant hamstring issue...So we go and pay 15 million! Seriously! This has to be BS, if it happens I officially GIVE UP"
4th Dec 2012 23:41
"nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no way for 15m!!!! 6m maybe - where did this 15m value come from for a Chelsea squad player???????"
5th Dec 2012 0:17
"We need a goal scorer, don't think Sturridge fits the bill, having said that he generally only has one thing on his mind when he gets the ball & Thea's go for goal, but his tally isn't great."
5th Dec 2012 0:26
"Sturridge. No, no, no. Nowhere near good enough. Simple as. We need a proven goalscorer. Better not spend any money than waste more. How can he have doubled in value whilst sitting on the Chelski bench???????????"
5th Dec 2012 0:48
"I prefer Demba Ba rather... "
5th Dec 2012 0:50
5th Dec 2012 0:51
5th Dec 2012 0:52
5th Dec 2012 1:13
"BR knows his business and all of us are just spectators or fans. By the way, what happened to these guys who want to sack BR and bring Benetiz!! Never heard from them recently......"
5th Dec 2012 2:01
"he isn't that bad. But I don't think he will give us that instant impact in front of goal. I doubt fsg will be splashing too much money on signings. 15 million sounds a bit too much and would leave us with pittance for other signings. Maybe Bent on loan as an option and buy Wallcott or Ba. However, If we can't get good strikers in jan then invest in a top defensive mid to cover Lucas. "
5th Dec 2012 4:24
",no....never with Porridge, I mean Sturridge. The guy can't hit a barn door. Useless at Citeh, rubbish at Chav City, why we would we want him?q I have supported Rodgers in his vision, but this can ruin him."
Red Yank 1969
5th Dec 2012 4:27
"what about scott sinclair? played for BR...he is familiar with the style of play and lets face it, he will never get 1st team football at city..YNWA"
5th Dec 2012 4:35
Vosta Lee
5th Dec 2012 5:15
"Sturridge is a decent backup striker...a player you have around and give some cup games and league games to give your core of the team some rest. There is a chance of him developing into a lethal striker over time just as there is a chance of Adam Morgan developing into a lethal striker over time. Morgan over Sturridge at 15 million pounds all day!!!"
5th Dec 2012 7:23
"Sturridge is young and a good all round player who can score goals. It's not his fault that various Chelsea managers have ignored him. If the price is right, Get him!"
Terence Libateo
5th Dec 2012 7:27
"IMO he could be as good as Theo Walcott... He can be a good option for Us... but I would prefer a Natural No.9 like Hunterlaar as ever since Torres left, there is no Natural no.9 for us."
5th Dec 2012 8:14
"Is Sturridge good with his head? I think our squad is a bit small and we have problems with teams like Stoke in set pieces and we make only few goals from corners. So the striker should be also good with his head like Huntelaar and Cavani. ANd Ba?"
5th Dec 2012 9:08
"Just take Cavani, he know Suarez. He is the perfect man for the situation!"
5th Dec 2012 9:27
"nooooooooooooo please god no "
5th Dec 2012 9:35
"Why buy when we have real prospect's in the reserve and academy side's YNWA"
5th Dec 2012 9:55
"Although this is mere speculation, I want to believe BR do consider the views of the fans. Sturridge is a NO NO. There was a cry for Silva, Carzola, Mata, Arda Turan and what did we get? Overhyped British talent. A look the league will tell us that the best players are not British, so what are we trying to prove? "
5th Dec 2012 9:58
"If he has a persistent hamstring injury is he the right man for us? Not sure."
5th Dec 2012 10:04
"NO WAY....we need a proven scorer and we need one now!Huntelaar is available for around 6 mill and he speaks dutch just like Suarez they can communicate on the pitch.Sturridge is another prima donna....leave well alone"
5th Dec 2012 10:10
"we dont need this guy. does he score 20 goals per season.. hell no.. "
5th Dec 2012 10:28
"Why would anyone think of buying a player who does not start for his own team and had a history of persistent hamstring injury's, remember aqua man and carroll all injured before they arrive and cant play a full season hope this is bullst talk and 15mill come on wise up guys "
5th Dec 2012 10:37
"If we get Daniel Sturridge and Chelsea get Falcao or Cavani ILL BE DEVESTATAED!! It is LFC who should e signing Falcao or Cavani!! Having said that Sturridge is only being left out the Chelsea side because Abramovich wouldn't let Di Matteo drop Torres. Hence he hired Rafa. "
5th Dec 2012 10:39
"I think he would be a good signing. He scored 11 prem goals last season from right midfield and he got 8 goals for Bolton in 12 appearances. He's young, has pace and is confident. Btw some fans on here are awful. 'I would rather support another team' well off then and support Chelski. Sturridge is coming YNWA"
5th Dec 2012 12:36
"No guarantees at Liverpool mate. I remember the days when it did not matter what you name was or what you did the previous season, you were dropped if you played badly. Sturridge is worth 8m at a push. "
5th Dec 2012 12:36
"Torres is having a stinker at Chelski but Chelski still prefer him to Sturridge. Doesnt say a lot for him does it. "
Big Eyes ex R.S.A
5th Dec 2012 12:52
"Please do not buy him over priced, lazy, and over rated what has he ever done to justify £15M even half this figure is too much."
5th Dec 2012 13:01
"The one thing that people learn from history is that they DO NOT LEARN FROM history. there are so many other quality strikers , in Spain alone there is Ruben Castro from Real Betis this guy scores for fun, Sola from Osasuna, Valeron form Deportivo la Coruna. We could get any of these guys for l0-15 mill and they ARE much much much much much netter than Sturridge and Bent combined!!!!"
5th Dec 2012 13:36
"No porridge, I mean Sturridge. NO NO thannks chlsk and he is not worth upwards of 6 mil anyway so why should we pay 15? Eh...this is the the biggest BL SHT piece of news for the day"
5th Dec 2012 13:56
"I would welcome Sturridge anyday and 15M sounds about right! He is better than Borini and Carroll. Where are the fans that wanted him when we sold Torres to Chelsea? To many plastic fans on this site. Remember Liverpool DO NOT have 30M+ to spend on the likes of Cavani or Falcao. Get a reality check!!! "
5th Dec 2012 14:05
"No thanks... I bet this is rubbish. Our scouts are out there finding us cheap talented foreign players like Michu. Well, I hope they are..."
5th Dec 2012 14:24
"I honestly don't know who we should get but I do trust Brendan Rodgers will try and get the best man he can. It's easy to say get Cavani , he knows Suarez but in all likelihood we can't afford to buy him."
5th Dec 2012 14:24
" And as much as I hate to say it we are not as an attractive option as we once were. We haven't been in the champions league now for what three years? Realistically we won't be in it next year either. "
5th Dec 2012 14:25
"So we won't be signing any superstar players anyway you look at it. We might buy a future superstar, some player most of us have never heard of or know little about. That player may fail. The only thing I know for sure is that the gaffer will try and get the right type of player, as he says "fits the profile", while improving the team and squad as a whole ."
5th Dec 2012 14:59
"We must Learn from past errors and avoid paying ridiculous sums for average and over priced British players. Carroll,Cole and Downing are just the right example for us. there are far better and world class quality strikers out there whom we can get for fair price."
5th Dec 2012 16:03
"A persistent hamstring injury has kept him out!!!!£15 million!!! Leave him on the bench Chelski"
5th Dec 2012 16:18
"With the funds at BR's disposal, Demba Ba seems the only realistic option! Would like to see Diame in a Red shirt too! And PLEASE BR - finalise the deals as soon as the January window opens otherwise we'll be fleeced like it was in AC's case"
5th Dec 2012 17:21
"Wrong choice. We need proven striker right now,not a chelsea reject."
5th Dec 2012 18:30
"NOOOOO! waste of money!! "
5th Dec 2012 20:21
"Heres a thought....David Villa is not happy at Barca....what an asset he would be,,,,"
6th Dec 2012 5:39
"This will be just another flop move like Andy Caroll ,there are so many better than him,and his price of 15M just blows the mind....NO buy."
6th Dec 2012 7:53
"bought for 6.5m ..doesnt play often and his price has rocketed to 15 m??? over priced British players are nto worth it Carrol at 35m and Dowining at duds "
6th Dec 2012 7:54
"Demba Ba is worth the same amount of money and his buy out clause is only 7.5m !!!"
6th Dec 2012 9:00
"Demba Ba for half the price please!!! "
6th Dec 2012 15:36
" Lets not keep throwing good money after bad as desperate as we are for another forward. Desperation leads to mistakes and selling clubs can then squeeze extra millions from us for players they dont rate,do the math!! Dont buy on a whim, long term view has to be the process going forward"
6th Dec 2012 16:20
"Football Manager games are easy, this is the real world get a grip with the know it alls. YNWA"
6th Dec 2012 21:41
"Should Liverpool sign Sturridge, they'll hurt we the fans because that shows we dont have a say. We have debated this alot and our first choice striker remains the proven one KLAS-JAN HUNTELAAR. Sturridge/Walcott are in the class of Downing, Carroll, Henderson, Adam - AVERAGE PLAYERS!"