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while i think shane long would be an excellent signing for liverpool, can't see it happening in jan. bent has always made a big early impression wherever he has played which is why he would be perfect loan in jan, get us up the table and then attract other decent players in summer. keep the faith and have patience ynwa
4th Dec 2012 10:47
4th Dec 2012 10:52
"Liverpool will loan MIchu from Swansea and Sturridge from Chelsea. Transfers in summer."
4th Dec 2012 10:52
"quality striker, but probably he's not for sale and personally I don't see him as a first option, if he can't come never mind."
4th Dec 2012 10:53
"nooooo noooooooo klaas jan please please ymwa "
4th Dec 2012 10:58
"While Shane Long would be an excellent signing for Liverpool, I cant see it happening.Bent however would be an excellent loan move as he has always made a great early impression wherever he has went and would get us up the table so we could attract some more quality in the summer. Have patience and keep the faith YNWA"
4th Dec 2012 12:43
"agree to loan bent but signings think huntelaar/ba them 2 and 1 of would be great please santa damiao/cavani oh also mertens "
4th Dec 2012 13:46
"i guess we will not know who we will get until the deal is done. we dont want to get in an auction and pay over the odds.alot of names (some unrealistic)are being mentioned. i think we will sign one decent striker and lone another as back up. we are trusting our future in you brendan.please do your best for the club.YNWA"
4th Dec 2012 13:58
"we dont need him!! loan bent, sign BA! and in summer get Cavani ;), no striker problem!!"
4th Dec 2012 15:18
"no no no no no it's a joke yeah"
4th Dec 2012 15:19
"i'm agree with Reazer87"
4th Dec 2012 15:24
"How right steve you spent long enough at Liverpool to know we get linked with everyone by as you say lazy reporters like David Maddock of the Daily Mirror who constanlty spouts crap.wish you were still with us."
4th Dec 2012 16:45
"All hogwash, wait for done deals, thats better."
5th Dec 2012 9:48
"swansea wont loan us michu, sign sturridge or bent"