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Go Allen Go
3rd Dec 2012 14:53
3rd Dec 2012 15:04
"It's time to start seeing Joe on the "assists" and "goals" charts now that Lucas is back. He has definately got it in him!"
3rd Dec 2012 15:09
"When our team has finally adapted, then Allen and Gerrard should start dominating the pass and assists marks, along with Suarez. Just need to put on our scoring boots and put away atleast a third of our chances to score four or five goals a match."
3rd Dec 2012 15:15
"Haha... Total shots - Suarez: 69. Imagine how many goals he could be on if he was more clinical on some occasions, and luckier on others. Keep going LFC boys, we are on the ascension unlike Arsenal."
3rd Dec 2012 15:41
"Allen goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo are head"
3rd Dec 2012 15:44
"4 of them actually went forward"
3rd Dec 2012 15:45
"Jokes aside,hopefully we will see a more forward thinking Allen now Lucas is back"
3rd Dec 2012 16:23
"Congratulations to Joe Allen, but from the stats we lack a bit on assists and key passes which are the salt of football. Please BR, buy Dries Mertens or try Adorjan and Pacheco in the first team games!"
3rd Dec 2012 16:36
"How can Gerrard have 42 key passes when we have only scored a handful of goals?"
3rd Dec 2012 17:58
"Those are key passes its just we dint take advantage of the passes..."
3rd Dec 2012 18:06
"How many of the passes have been to the opposition? and how many of them have been backward passes? Just saying because I don't see what he has done this season, so far, that Henderson was not doing last."
3rd Dec 2012 19:59
"Enough of this stats we r not scoring and Gerard of 2009 should come in the game i believe with Lucas back we will b stronger and he has protected the back 4. well bt allen is not good with assists he is gud in maintaining lets hope the owners will bring a quality striker and a winger"
3rd Dec 2012 20:05
"Er.. and how many key passes? let alone the assists."
3rd Dec 2012 20:29
3rd Dec 2012 20:42
"Only 8 of those have been forward though lol. Hopefully he can be more adventurous now hes back in a more natural position though, which may make him feel safer knowing more people are behind him to cover."
3rd Dec 2012 22:32
4th Dec 2012 12:09
"The stats don't really paint a true picture. I get frustrated watching Joe Allen play. He seems to pass the ball either backwards or sideways or to players 5 ft away. I have not been impressed at all with his play, and does not offer any sudden change of directional play"
4th Dec 2012 17:48
"Yeah nice 1 - He's been woeful for a fair few weeks now!"
SGM 73
6th Dec 2012 20:08
"Gerrard is still pure class.. Can't believe people on here regularly slate him. SHM at users of this site.."