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never heard of him any more, despite the price tag looks good, I do not trust him very much, looks a good striker who has passed his best from a while
3rd Dec 2012 13:40
3rd Dec 2012 13:52
"dont know him either worried they are willing to bin him ??"
3rd Dec 2012 13:53
"also Russian players dont have a great record in the prem as a rule with the odd one i think could be wrong though"
jimmy liddel
3rd Dec 2012 13:54
"if true looks like we are shopping at lidl and not waitrose, are we looking at 2 for 1 offers."
3rd Dec 2012 14:16
"Another Voronin...."
3rd Dec 2012 14:16
"if he is what he looks like on youtube,then he would be a good addition"
3rd Dec 2012 14:26
"rosso76-Never heard of him,looks good,dont trust him,past his best and looks a good striker. Interesting comments! Nice to hear from someone who knows their own mind.LOL"
3rd Dec 2012 15:26
"klaas jan hunterlar"
Rush job
3rd Dec 2012 15:28
"Bargain basement nonesense."
3rd Dec 2012 15:48
"rosso 76, in your haste to get first(what's the big deal) you sacrifice commonsense for display. You have"never heard of him"...but it doesn't stop you from passing judgement. Save the boards for people who have something worth saying."
3rd Dec 2012 16:23
"henrik Mekhitarian"
3rd Dec 2012 16:25
"henrik mekhitarian"
3rd Dec 2012 16:54
"soldado please him and suarez wow........"
3rd Dec 2012 17:13
"not another voronin i hope. dont know much about him but cheap so perhaps nothing to lose "
3rd Dec 2012 18:03
"Do not buy Milevskiy. I am Russian and am very familiar with the Russian and Ukrainian leagues. Milevskiy is severely over-rated and on top of that, he spends too much time at bars and clubs. There are videos of him online driving random people who he met at bars around while drunk."
3rd Dec 2012 18:24
3rd Dec 2012 22:06
"Anyone but Bent and Sturridge. And please, no more hopeless hopefuls like Barndoor Borini. I wonder if BR has considered him having contact lenses so he can see the sticks!!!!"
3rd Dec 2012 22:48
"Stop shopping at Cash Convertors eh?"
3rd Dec 2012 22:49
"Please get Gaston Ramirez asap Brendo!!"
Papa Syed
4th Dec 2012 2:58
"Another Torres!"
4th Dec 2012 8:11
"Scores about one in three on average. The only Ukrainian we should be looking at signing is Ratkitskiy at Shaktar and he's a center half. Jelle Vossen is who we need."
4th Dec 2012 8:25
"Dembe Ba to play with Luis Saurez up front,"
4th Dec 2012 10:36
"Read Zhenya's comment, I would say no to Milevsky. How about Klaas Jan Huntelaar / Miroslav Klose / Robert Lewandowski / Johan Elmander / Yohan Blake ;P"
4th Dec 2012 14:00
"come on! Artem WHO?! just average!! dont waste money on that fool...."
5th Dec 2012 0:23
"Has scored goals, but so far 0/10 this season"