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I feel guilty as I haven't heard of Phil Taylor: But R.I.P brother... From the sounds of it you were a great servant to the club. YNWA
1st Dec 2012 11:44
1st Dec 2012 11:52
1st Dec 2012 11:54
1st Dec 2012 11:57
"R.I.P PHILL. My thoughts go out to you and your family"
1st Dec 2012 11:59
"RIP Phil. Thoughts with his family and friends."
1st Dec 2012 12:00
"Deepest Sympathy to Phil's family from a Kopite. RIP. YNWA"
1st Dec 2012 12:00
"Never forgotten.Always remembered.Deepest sympathy for loved ones.ynwa"
1st Dec 2012 12:02
1st Dec 2012 12:04
"YNWA. RIP Phil."
1st Dec 2012 12:06
"Thanks Phil for being such a great servant to the club. Best wishes to all the family. YNWA!"
1st Dec 2012 12:12
"RIP Mr Taylor, may you smile down on Anfield for all time. ynwa"
1st Dec 2012 12:22
1st Dec 2012 12:26
"Phil Taylor, great cultured half back and passer of the ball. Watched him play over the fifties in the ageing'LiddellPool' team trying to get us out of Div 2. God rest his soul. YNWA BAMBE"
1st Dec 2012 12:43
"R.I.P Mr Taylor, thank you for your many years of service to our great club. YNWA"
1st Dec 2012 12:49
"He was the manager when I saw my first game in September 1958. A great servant to the club. RIP Phil "
1st Dec 2012 13:00
"95! Great age, great servant of our club. Rest In Peace, Phil Taylor."
1st Dec 2012 13:18
"Rest In Peace Mr Taylor, You'll Never Walk Alone."
1st Dec 2012 13:23
1st Dec 2012 13:34
"R.I.P Mr Phil Taylor.My thoughts and prayers to his family at this time.YNWAPT.X."
1st Dec 2012 13:41
The Naysayer Slayer
1st Dec 2012 13:41
"RIP Phil. Thoughts go out to your family and friends.YNWA"
1st Dec 2012 13:51
"We will remember you today Phil rest in Peace as one of the stepping stones to this great club YNWA."
1st Dec 2012 13:55
"R.I.P Phil Taylor. Our thoughts and condolencens goaes to your family and friends YNWA Red brother"
1st Dec 2012 13:58
"Loyal servants leaves a legacy. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP Sir."
1st Dec 2012 15:04
"R.I.P Mr. Taylor. YNWA."
1st Dec 2012 15:37
"I remember Phil Taylor well .The half back line of of Phil,L Hughes and Bobby Paisley was our mainstay for many o year He also was a talented cricketer for Gloucester He was one of few Liverpool players older than me"
1st Dec 2012 19:04
"At 95 he has had a long and interesting life. YNWA"
1st Dec 2012 19:26
"R.I.P. You'll Never Walk Alone, Always Remembered & Never Forgotten..."
1st Dec 2012 19:30
"I feel somewhat embarrassed not to know about such a great servant of our club. Much respect dear sir. May the noble triple gem bless you & your family"
1st Dec 2012 20:02
"r.i.p. condolences to your family. you are part of liverpools history, a true gentleman. YNWA"
1st Dec 2012 20:23
"It pains me to say that I never heard of Mr. Taylor. But he seems to me a real hard-working man, who cared deeply for our beloved club. Rest in peace, Phil Taylor."
2nd Dec 2012 16:16
"Well I have certainly heard of Phil Taylor and saw him many times a polished half back. His favourite trick was to take a ball from the front over his head raise a leg and and bring it back over his shoulder to his feet. I have a letter from him thanking me for suggesting a young player to the Club. I am going to offer it to the Club Museum. R.I.P. Mr.Taylor."