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They look happy enough! love the last one with Gerrard and Lucas - good luck boys for tomorrow!!! YNWA
Billy B girl
30th Nov 2012 17:08
30th Nov 2012 17:11
"The last pic says it all :)"
30th Nov 2012 17:15
"Well apparently our lucas will be back on the field come saturday. Can the cameraman be anymore obvious?"
30th Nov 2012 17:16
"Nice pictures , surely this lot are too good for the saints and even without the ref being for us or slow starts or any other excuses BR can come up with we should win. If we dont , serious questions must be asked, so far this season we are no better than last and Im sick of excuses."
30th Nov 2012 17:52
"fantastic to see lucas making his first team comeback. Welcome Back Pal. YNWA"
30th Nov 2012 18:02
"If you believe in the bib theory then Lucas will be starting tomorrow but then again if that's the case so would Gerrard, Allen and Shelvey.. Too many centre mids so can't be right. Either way we need a big win "
30th Nov 2012 18:11
"I hope that BR does not let the young ones loose confidence in themselves..."
30th Nov 2012 18:17
"come on boys lets tonk the saints also hope to god cole,downer dont even make the bench would love to see assaidi det some game time but hey thats just my opinion whoever buck picks i'll be right behind them YNWA"
30th Nov 2012 18:48
"mmm jonjo playin false number 9 ? , time allen had a rest he been lacking in last few games "
30th Nov 2012 18:57
"come on you reds! we need results!"
30th Nov 2012 18:57
"ye great pictures so whats happenin on the pitch if we dont beat the saints 2moro we need to look at the manager and is tactics coz hes had nearly 20 games in charge in all league and cup compeons its not good enough people make me laugh moaning about the ref or we nealy done this or we nearly done that its just not good enough "
30th Nov 2012 19:02
"Awesome pics. Hope to watch a rejuvenated side tommorow. C'mon reds!"
30th Nov 2012 19:05
"Brendan doesn't try and make an effort to hide his team according to the bibs. common you reds. Y.N.W.A."
30th Nov 2012 19:30
"Nice pics...Hope that Lucas'll make impact and make difference.Come on,REDS!YNWA>"
30th Nov 2012 19:31
"Nice pics! What a good mood around the training pitch, hope it brings luck for tomorrow clash! What is Pepe doing in the third pics? looks he's imitating Usain Bolt but I am not so sure, best of luck for tomorrow game lads! let's hope we snatch three fundamental points and stay on tracks of the cup positions! YNWA Reds"
30th Nov 2012 19:50
"I hope our midfield would be the players with the white shirts."
30th Nov 2012 20:16
"I'm sick of bein negative lets just give br tip the end of season and see wot happens. Us fans keep judging game by game but this season is different time to look at the big picture. Win lose or draw lets get behind the manager and team!"
30th Nov 2012 20:28
"How can they be happy? Are they cheeky?"
30th Nov 2012 20:32
"it's a season of 1 step forward- 1 step Backwards for LFC so Far- Lets Just take 3 steps FORWARD with a WIN!!! "
30th Nov 2012 20:36
"Perfect Squad for that game, they fail, this would beat Manchester United too. Squad; Reina, Flanagan, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Cole, Gerrard, Lucas, Suso, Sterling, Suarez. Subs: Jones, Coates, Henderson, Morgan, Wisdom, That is all for now... "
30th Nov 2012 20:49
"Guy18, don't embarrass yourself with comments like that mate. Your better than that I'm sure."
30th Nov 2012 20:53
"Southampton can score goals and are on a bit of an "up" at the moment, don't take them lightly. We need to put teams like this away and we need to play for 90 mins."
30th Nov 2012 20:55
"Lfcisone, agreed, although i'd have Enrique as a sub rather than Henderson, he's been really lively recently and if he attacks he's got some dicing passes. Joe Cole, Suarez and Suso work well together as well. Lucas is the wall we're looking for in front of defence and Stevie can roam."
30th Nov 2012 20:58
"Morgan needs game time he's got goals but needs experience as does Sterling. They'll figure it out soon, it's a matter of experience for some of our team and they can become great. Still very much a work in progress, have patience, we are unified in one cause!"
30th Nov 2012 21:00
"And do not turn your backs because of results. A true fan sticks through thick and thin, we weren't always the best and there's a famous saying 'you've gotta go there to come back'. Liverpool are transforming and will come good."
30th Nov 2012 21:30
"Pepe doing the Bhangra beat !!!!"
30th Nov 2012 22:18
"Flanno should play with Robinson they are both class wisdom and Coates will be our cb in the years to come with sama and play assaidi yesil and Pachecho and suso obviously give them a chance and rest sterling and Gerrard "
30th Nov 2012 22:18
"Before most games, I am optimistic for at least something and more often than not, the best result. OK, have been disappointed too often but I have a good feeling about to-morrow. Go for it boys and welcome Lucas back in style. It is not a sinking ship, and I most certainly am not abandoning it. Only one LFC - YNWA"
30th Nov 2012 22:27
"Ok fans just get off from our manager's back and stick to the team.I don't want our club to turn to another Celski,changing managers every year, Brendan is here for 3 years, we don't have anything to lose let's concentrate to the team and players.I think that Suso deserve his place in the first 11, much better then Hendo and Shelvy. "
30th Nov 2012 22:42
"Does Lucas white jersey means that he will be on the pitch for the next game??"
1st Dec 2012 0:53
"So: Saurez, Shelvey, Lucas, Gerrard, Johnson, and Allen to start."
1st Dec 2012 1:29
"Hoping jan we can get a 1st team goalie (must), a replacement midfielder for gerald and 2 young strikers. A reliable goalie is a must have for any team... it built confident!"
1st Dec 2012 5:21
"3 points needed today to welcome back Lucas!! YNWA"
Börn Löser
1st Dec 2012 9:47
"Tell you what folks, it's gonna be a walk in the park. Or more precisely, like taking candy from a child. 3 points already in the bag :)"
1st Dec 2012 10:15
"looks like lucas is part of the 18 man squad,i am even tempted to say the starting line up cus he is wearing the sane BIB colour as our regular starters"
1st Dec 2012 10:27
1st Dec 2012 10:32
"The sight of Cole and Henderson in these snaps frightens me.. I hope BR does not start with those two.. with the way he is setting up his first 11 in the last two games, I will not be surprised"
1st Dec 2012 11:28
"I belive Liverpool will be at top 4 !"
1st Dec 2012 11:59
"Time now for the BIG JONJO to enjoy the first 11. He 's been so fantastic this seson."
1st Dec 2012 13:18
"Heeey, Coates in for Movember"
1st Dec 2012 14:09
"So the bib theory is clearly true then. Hmmm I think they need to make it less obvious even if it means us missing out on some great pictures because we could easily be sussed out. Anyway Looking forward to the game. YNWA"