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30th Nov 2012 18:13
30th Nov 2012 18:25
"Not sure if releasing this will make people happy! Every club has these payments, but some will mark it as bad news, though well done LFC for being so oopen on the website about things!"
30th Nov 2012 18:45
"Disgusting, too much money wasted! something needs to be done. get rid of the deadwood that is downing,henderson and cole! all useless dont even bother playing them. I think about 80% of the fans know our best 11. Play it, we need more pace on the wings so one quick winger and a finisher and man with pace up top thats hungry and gets in the right position! Sort it rodgers "
30th Nov 2012 18:51
"Players don't need and should not have agents. What other employees have agents? All a big ripoff "
30th Nov 2012 19:05
"I can only think the reason for posting this is because they are trying to reduce this amount - possibly stating that we are not ready to splash big amounts anymore"
30th Nov 2012 19:14
"considering no players were bought in January, that's the sum total of 4 signings and a loan deal in the summer. Agents are holding us to ransom."
30th Nov 2012 19:21
"I knew I should have become a sports agent...wasted my money on two useless degrees!"
30th Nov 2012 19:48
30th Nov 2012 19:52
"I can understand why clubs have to pay these fees. But I don't understand why we are in second top payer to agents. Did we buy lots of expensive players I am not aware of?"
30th Nov 2012 20:40
"They get a cut of the weekly wage as well. Thats why we should tell Raheem Sterling to get on his bike and get 50k from some other mug. And all this after what Lfc have done for him. Kick in the teeth or what?"
30th Nov 2012 20:51
"i hope people are now starting learn of the extent of the last couple of transfer windows. for all the money spent last season, very little value was found and the club have to rectify that before spending more, i.e. money doesn't grow on trees, especially without 25 mil from ucl football"
30th Nov 2012 20:55
"No wonder Danny Comoli got the elbow and Fenway put their purse away. We're lucky we've got a manager at all."
30th Nov 2012 21:12
"its not as bad as you think, as a large sum of transfer money goes to agents, and seeming as we bought Allen and Borini for a combined 26 million. agents are greedy and get a good 15-20% of transfer money and wages!"
30th Nov 2012 21:12
"We know FSG have their faults, but they stem from 2 things. Naivety and the desire to fix years of poor financial management, probably too quickly."
30th Nov 2012 21:41
"How is a club to survive. How does a manager cope with agents, prima-donna players/mediocre palyers wanting a fortune and then have to balance the books and satisfy a blood thirsty crowd.As a working man lets seriopusly consider wht the hell's going on here at the end of the day they kick a ball. We do it for enjoyment and love of the game for free every weekend."
30th Nov 2012 22:38
"Really cant believe this. How come the manure crowd can get aeay with a fraction of our figure. Not right. Mr. Ayre this needs to be seriously looked at for the future."
30th Nov 2012 23:20
"For Allen and Borini we paid 8.6 million? And we stil don't have a director of football? thats more than we offered for Dempsey and Gylfi. "
1st Dec 2012 2:27
"For the ones who obviously don't understand,two things, all PL clubs have to disclose this information, plus as we didn't sign any new players or re-contract any between 1st oct 2011 & may 2012 all of these costs were incurred by our MD & current manager. What did we get for this? Only Man City spent more than us, no one else came within £2 million!"
1st Dec 2012 4:30
"I'm gonna become a agent.I'm in the wrong job:)"
1st Dec 2012 10:00
"I get up at stupid o'clock every weekday, commute, work backside off,get no thanks, am underpaid, and get home late. I am DEFINITELY in the wrong job! I bet these agents even get to see the games for free!"
1st Dec 2012 10:10
"I understand everyone's frustration, but there's one important point you're missing. Most of this 8.6m paid has gone to the agents of Agger, Skrtel and Suarez, all of whom negotiated big new contracts. Sahin's agent probably got a pretty big cut so that Sahin came here and not to Arsenal too. Borini/Allen's wouldn't have got much comparatively."
1st Dec 2012 11:14
"Some odd comments... Like blaming Raheem for our spend last year?! using a made up salary.. Even denying that any other industry uses agents?! What about musicians, actors, artists, models, writers, authors. etc. Come on people, please have informed views then we can have reality based discussions.. "
1st Dec 2012 12:14
"No wonder our beautiful has been ruined and I can no longer afford to go to every game. Greedy bustards."
1st Dec 2012 21:57
"Considering the amount of money spent to buy players I'm not that shocked. They drive big cars, it's no secret that they make a lot of money, why are people surprised?"