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#Striker&WideForwards in Jan. nothing left to say.
29th Nov 2012 10:48
The Doctor
29th Nov 2012 10:53
"I don't remember us scoring last night, maybe I was following the wrong game. I DO remember an attempted clearance being deflected in off Bale, but that wasn't US scoring, and wasn't as a result of pressure, just bad luck on Spurs & we complain that we don't get any luck in games.???"
29th Nov 2012 10:57
"The headline is one of the biggest understatements of the year! Sadly we won't turn it around under present management. Successful Jan transfer window and new manager and we could just save our season. If not we'll be looking at saving our club from a lower half finish..."
29th Nov 2012 11:02
"precisamente jose! i'd prefer to see two effective passes which lead to a goalscoring opp rather than 20 pretty looking passes, but we need to ask what is being done to make the team become more potent and effective in the forward 3rd"
29th Nov 2012 11:06
"We will achieve a better penetration and goalscoring rate only improving our final third, not playing a left back as attacking midfielder Jose! It's clear, BR has confused ideas! Anyway you were the best last night and I hope you keep working hard as you did till now YNWA Jose Enrique"
29th Nov 2012 11:06
"...and consistently at that Enrique. Not just get carried away with one slim win but only managing a draw or lose the following fixtures like this. Keep practicing harder for clinical finishes lads. YNWA"
29th Nov 2012 11:24
"Totally agree and think CM players need to start driving forward more and stop playing the ball backwards, keeping possesion is only half the battle, the remainder is to score which we ain't doing. Come on Lads you can do it!"
29th Nov 2012 11:25
"It's time to start being aggressive in your interviews about referee and start calling out the FA because this is happening in every game where officials are not giving fouls goals and penalties what u really think fergie would take this nonsense so BR be aggressive otherwise we'll have this happening in every game to come this season "
29th Nov 2012 11:27
29th Nov 2012 11:33
"Some people say some dumb stuff. "Screw Possession" if we didn't have it last night we would have lost 4-0! Are only problem is the need for potent forward players, add them and lucas to our play then we will have the right balance "
29th Nov 2012 11:44
"Strikers! And make sure all the midfield practice extra hard to shot the net on target! Don't waste anything!"
29th Nov 2012 11:52
"BR has the team playing the right way if fans thought he would help us to challenge for the league/top 4 instantly after previous seasons with the players that he had they are deluded. All we need now are some quality players who deliver quality on a consistent basis if we can get a top striker, an attacking mid in the mould of Silva/Cazorla and a wing forward with an eye for goal."
29th Nov 2012 12:04
"Not hard to figure thsi all out. We need to do two things. Cut out stupid defensive mistakes and bring two players in who can score goals. Both to compliment Suarez and replace him when he is out. This requires some finance in Jan. £30m would do it. Now FSG its your turn"
29th Nov 2012 12:08
"imho we need to find ouselves a ba or a jelavic these are natural goalscorers without breaking the bank as this clud is obviously not prepared to do. you have seen it so many times before once we take the lead we really get a boost of confidence and then the goals start to flow"
I Love Red
29th Nov 2012 12:47
"Jose Enrique was outstanding again last night. After berating Downing he suddenly starts on Sunday and again last night and Suso is on the bench - why? Cont...."
29th Nov 2012 12:57
"The chickens are home to roost. We're really starting to pay for our management's incompetence in summer's transfer window. The no striker policy. The youngsters are promising but only Jonjo looks like scoring, wich is amazing considering his game time. Imagine the red socks with a no pitcher policy."
29th Nov 2012 13:02
"The stats say it all - midfield none existant -Hendo coasting, Gerard off the pace,no pressure on opposition-no one driving forward- efforts on goal /tackles pitiful!Downing?Why? Shelvey/Cole should be starting."
29th Nov 2012 13:08
"BR can only use whats at his disposal but the team has too many passengers. Enrique making a mockery of so called 'established' midfielders/wingers - having a go, winning tackles, crossing, making himself available "
The Naysayer Slayer
29th Nov 2012 13:30
"Which bright spark said when they were appointed. "If you keep possession of the ball you have an 79% chance of winning the game"??? I think he got his stats from commoli."
29th Nov 2012 13:40
"dont worry guys come january we can off load another 3-4 players and bring in 2 more "
29th Nov 2012 13:50
"We've been saying this for too long now, it's getting a little embarrassing!"
29th Nov 2012 16:13
"what can br do? working with a few ordinary players besides suarezs, anyone see downing last night? didn't have a clue and let lennon score. Jordan the same another very poor player. Kenny set us back 10 years with the money he spent. "
29th Nov 2012 16:39
"He's right - if we keep playing like this the points will come. In Brendan we trust!"
29th Nov 2012 17:41
"lads br needs time to put it rite plus funds, fsg spent 400 million on depts to drag us out of trouble plus handed Kenny major money to build a squad what more can one do??? BOY I WISH CARROLLS MONEY WAS AVAILABLE TO SPEND IN JANARY "