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Same old story!!
29th Nov 2012 8:55
29th Nov 2012 8:59
"Jonjo should start every game while Downing should start on the bench. Jonjo's creating chances, moving fast and looking for the goals, he may be so dangerous in front!"
29th Nov 2012 9:01
"Jonjo should start every game while Downing should start on the bench. Jonjo's creating chances, moving fast and looking for the goal, he may be so dangerous in front!"
29th Nov 2012 9:03
29th Nov 2012 9:08
"Shelvey and Suso hopefully start next game. we as much attacking intent as possible. #StrikersWideforwardsPls "
29th Nov 2012 9:14
"striker and midfield enforcer then we'll be alright"
29th Nov 2012 9:15
"why are we finding it too often in games now that our team only come out to play for one half of the match?"
29th Nov 2012 9:26
"Having posessing is not dominating, crushing your enemys is dominating. In football you have to score more than 0 goals to win games. Our best goal scorer after Suarez is Own Goal, its fact"
29th Nov 2012 9:31
"That defeat is really hard to take. Liverpool deserved a lot more. However, and even though I sound like a broken record at this stage, I've seen enough to know Liverpool will go a long way under Rodgers. In Brendan we trust - YNWA - JFT96!"
29th Nov 2012 9:33
"Keep doing what you're doing an d your luck will change. Besides that FSG please buy a top striker to play with Luis ASAP"
29th Nov 2012 9:37
"Oh please, every Liverpool fan is very frustrated with the club right now. Even though we don't have good players, the owners don't want to spend. Every game we draw and loose, we blame it on others. I look at what Liverpool was back then and today. I just want Liverpool players to acknowledge defeat and improve, not waste time saying we deserved more."
29th Nov 2012 9:38
"Stop talking Jonjo. Stop putting players on the site to pretend BR was right. Learn from your mistakes and correct them for the next match. Playing Downing against Lennon...a child understands that is just asking to get beat. Johnson against Bale in a runnig do you come up with it?"
29th Nov 2012 9:43
"Jonjo I like you, not doubting your ability, but your at fault for not being clinical enough. In time hopefully you will develope into a great player."
Ben #JFT96
29th Nov 2012 9:56
"Until the owners give Rodgers funds in Janruary Liverpool aren't going anywhere!!! For the last 2 season we are the most consistent team at not finding the back of th net!! Joes Allen has been poor for the last 6 games get him dropped he will be good but right now he is no better than Henderson. Rodgers needs our support he is a good manager. Continue..."
Ben #JFT96
29th Nov 2012 9:57
"It took fergie 6 years to win the league and he spent a load of money!! we need to be patient and keep building some good performances but once again no world class / deadly finisher to put them away... I would get Darren Bent ( knows where the net is ) and try and get Cavini or Falceo ( I know we haven't got a chance in hell but why not try ) we need to stick together!! YNWA JFT96"
29th Nov 2012 9:57
"I feel for br and luis suarez, no quality what so ever in the squad, ok we have young lads coming though but the fact is there still unexperienced. our king Kenny is after setting us back another 10 years with the amount of money wasted on very ordinary players."
The Doctor
29th Nov 2012 9:58
"Possession doesn't equal dominance which doesn't equal success. We just edged the possession, never dominated, got what we deserved."
29th Nov 2012 10:06
"We have to be realistic in terms of who we will recruit in January. BR has already itimated he is looking at loan deals. The likes of Cavani,Falcao,Walcott and Huntelaar are not going to want to sign for a club that is 12th in the league when they are used to playing Champions League football. Unfortunately it looks like Sturridge."
29th Nov 2012 10:07
"It will be the same old story until we get a second top class striker. And I don't mean cast off rubbish like Bent or Sturridge."
29th Nov 2012 10:12
"midfield needs sorting, you should have started the game, we need a defence type of midfield player, without lucas we aer weak"
29th Nov 2012 10:13
"comoli and kenny killed us with their signings apart from suarez and enrique....and now BR came to bury us 6 feet under ..with the signing of borini and allen"
29th Nov 2012 10:14
"I never normally have a rant as such and don't like to criticise anyone in a red shirt BUT.. is Downing doing at left back? If Enrique is wanted for the wing then put Jack Robbo in as the last 2 games Downing has started should be his last give him away in a christmas blinking cracker. In fact Jack Robbo should start every game FACT!!"
29th Nov 2012 10:19
"Also Brendan has to take some stick for starting with Henderson and showing Spurs to much respect. Shelvey should start every game in the attacking role with Lucas and Gerrard in behind. Put Sterling back on the LEFT where he is most effective,Glen Johnson on the wing and bring Flannagan in at right back. "
29th Nov 2012 10:20
"dominance doesnt win games quality does, fsg need to spend huntalar isco willam rossi higuim we need quality now kids still need time downing poor again"
29th Nov 2012 10:21
"With the correct line up we would have won this game. Shelvey should have started. Hendo is total dross. Downing at left back is a complete joke and cost us a goal. Jack Robinson is a far better player anyway. Also Sahin for Allen would be better and bring Suso on for last 30 mins."
29th Nov 2012 10:21
"Also replace carra on the bench with Wisdom as he is a better central defender than he is a right back. Ok rant over sorry for going on but I am getting short of patience now."
29th Nov 2012 10:30
"No good dominating and not scoring, its like being first in the queue at a supermarket but the checkout isnt open. "
29th Nov 2012 10:32
"not sure why enrique was converted to lw ,although doing a good job, but shelvey wasn't at least given a go seeing as he was asked to play striker for a game previously."
29th Nov 2012 10:41
"We could have won the game if had a decent Striker instead of these wannabe Centre forwards. But i hope today's game will help put more pressure on FSG to spend big this Jan"
29th Nov 2012 10:41
"We dominated the game but sincerely we did not play well Jonjo! Too many sloppy passes, too much mess in the centre of the park, too few lads to attack the spaces, just deliveries from the wide lanes. Play good football is a different way Jonjo!"
29th Nov 2012 10:53
"we deserved more...we dominated possession! The broken record is on again! "
29th Nov 2012 10:55
"Fleet footed players like Bale and Lennon are always hard to contain. We don't have the kind of players to out psyche them. These 2 players put us on the offensive too often. Tactically we should have tried to cut short their marauding runs as soon as they had the ball at their feet. Keep trying lads. YNWA!"
29th Nov 2012 10:58
"the players and the manager talk to much. less talk and more action please. i'm sick of this"
29th Nov 2012 10:58
"It was Bale vs Liverpool XI. Nothing more."
29th Nov 2012 11:01
"I love it, so many numpties tring to scapegoat one or two players or transfer fees to explain it when we lose... Pathetic.. Truth is the manager is responsible for picking the team and setting the style of play and our manager is not up to it. He has no credentials to even be a 1st team coach at a huge club, never mind manager.. "
29th Nov 2012 11:08
"Please concentrate on Corners also... we are wasting all the corners.. worst corner into goal conversion ratio.... AT THIS STAGE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY... LET US WAIT AND SEE HOW BR HANDLE THIS SITUATION. We NEED WORLD CLASS STRIKER IN JAN and WORLD CLASS PLAYMAKER IN SUMMER.. DOWNING,HENDO OUT.. PLEASE...PLEASE... PLEASE..."
29th Nov 2012 11:09
"People should stop arguing that we need time, it took Fergie so long blablabla. Focus on what happened last night. Last night our manager made some very poor decisions in team selection and no ref or Fergie or the future changes anything about that."
29th Nov 2012 11:13
"Downing is not good enough to even be on the bench? This guy is USELESS! How many games does he need to show his worth? KK is my idol & will always be, but what a mistake it was buying him! Again !!!!!"
29th Nov 2012 11:14
"one person to blame br, he played the worse two players he took them off on sunday and played them again and took them off again downing/ henderson, suso and shelvy should start, he got to drop players he bought joe allen, going like daglish, with henderson, and what happened"
29th Nov 2012 11:24
"Sorry heard it last season and again this season, but with a few experienced players what do we expect, the youngsters are playing well, this season it;s not the post or crossbar stopping us scoring but after we get into the other teams 18 yard box we panic and start all over again , move Johnson up to attack mid field like on the left , at least there is Wisdom behind him , "
29th Nov 2012 11:30
"Possession does equal dominance when you have potent forward players who take most of their chances. That's what we're lacking. When we get that personnel added to the dominant possession then we'll be fine. "
29th Nov 2012 11:38
"If only all you lads from second line and midfield can aim the ball properly into the net, we would win all the draw game before! Shot that ball like a footballer!"
29th Nov 2012 11:39
"I am not defending BR's team selection or saying if he's right or wrong. But there are many complaining where's Suso, Wisdom and Jonjo? Well these guys have had a few games this season and not much success (well at least for the team as the results testify) contd..."
29th Nov 2012 11:43
"Hendo and Downing come in and in fairness last night apart we have been better from a defensive aspect. As SGM73 said 'too many fans looking for scapegoats with the usual 2 people. I have seen Jonjo make many mistakes defensively a bit like Lucas of a few years ago, giving away free kicks in dangerous positions. "
29th Nov 2012 11:45
"Unless he can discipline himself in the tackle then being part of a front 3 is the only position i'd want to play him. Reports from Jonjo's loan spell at Blackpool last year said that he was great going forward but a liabilty when tracking back. The problem with kids is that they lack football awareness and intelligence.contd... "
29th Nov 2012 11:45
"Fine if you have 1 or 2 at most in the team but many want a team full of kids by the sounds of it. I.M.O discipline is far more important than flair. Sure Alex, Rafa, Jose M, Manchini would all agree."
29th Nov 2012 11:57
"You have to score goals! If you score goals and more than the opposition you deserve to win! Simple... Now are the owners resolving the problem they have generated? My son does not want a Liverpool FC shirt for Christmas!"
29th Nov 2012 12:06
"I hope the owners back Rodgers I think he has done a decent job since he's come in you can see the team is heading in the right direction just that extra bit of investment in the squad on the right players will get us turning our dominance in games into goals. Would love to see us grab a top striker Cavani, Falcao, Huntelaar, Soldado and a top attacking mid Isco, Erikson, Jovetic"
29th Nov 2012 12:09
"unless your son is over 16 and earning, then i guess you buy his xmas presents, so just get him a shirt anyway"
29th Nov 2012 12:18
"Stop moaning, truth is, Spurs are just better than us and any kind of result would have been a bonus. BR is doing a good job we played v well."
29th Nov 2012 12:18
"I think we need to exchange or swap downing with daren Bent in the January transfer window as that will cost us nothing. surely bent will score some goals and downing will not. and villa fans seems to like downing so pls BR GO FOR THIS. "
29th Nov 2012 12:20
"Your ramblings never make sense Ani-rd, but I'll have a go. We kept playing Lucas and he improved. So we should keep playing Jonjo because he has potential, scores goals and needs game time to improve his defenses. Agree, now tell Buck."
29th Nov 2012 12:31
"Chucker- No offense taken. What i was saying is that everyone wants flair players (fair enough) but we can't carry too many like Jonjo who who are not disciplined enough. "
29th Nov 2012 12:40
"Andy Carroll!!"
29th Nov 2012 13:05
"We created 29 crosses/corners last night and we got on end of 4 of them! A game made in heaven for Andy Carroll. Why are we playing this way if we have nobody to win the ball in the air? If we have no money to spend in Jan we need to take Andy Carroll back as a matter of urgency. "
29th Nov 2012 13:24
"was a good performance and created enough to have won, if br keeps his nerve and sticks with the team of the last three games we will be alright. br has improved a lot since the start of the season and he is now starting to get his best players on the pitch "
29th Nov 2012 13:40
" we are not good enough and January wont solve it either.Whether anyone cares to admit it or not, the purchases of Caroll, Hendo, Downing and Adam by the previous regime and the overpriced Borini and Allen of this regime have killed any chance we have of buying the right players.we are gonna have to make them ourselves and that takes two or three seasons."
29th Nov 2012 13:43
"WhelanR i suggest you look at wh stats last night and take note of how many goals AC scored he is not the answer sorry but AC is mince end of"
29th Nov 2012 13:44
"Not sure are doing fine..but game plan does not seem to work"
29th Nov 2012 13:50
"I am a big fan of Br imo he will get us back where we belong and as for fans slating hendo and downing i think you need to look at the bigger picture SG gave the ball away for the first goal and it was never a foul by Hendo imo the team played well with no end result keep the faith YNWA believe"
29th Nov 2012 13:57
"Will people just shut up with the same old story bit. What else do you want to hear them say? "We sucked so bad" Get a grip!!!!"
29th Nov 2012 14:11
"In the first half we got murded, was Shelvey not watching then. Far too many back passes we are getting sick of it. Has young Sterling been ordered not to take people on anymore but must allways pass to Bull in a China shop (I dont need to look up and pass to any teammates)Suarez. Don't get me wrong the man is talented but talk about greedy."