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lol Gareth Bale fell down as if he got shot in the head after that OG
29th Nov 2012 4:41
29th Nov 2012 7:10
"i can see like most supporters what Brendon is working towards however he keeps playing 1 or 2 players that i feel need to go asap. well done Brendon 3yrs time (hopefully sooner) we will all get to see the Brendon revolution. first Bill then Bob now Brendon.. People its an omen the 3 B's "
29th Nov 2012 7:16
"Positives to be taken out of this game: 1- We played well, created more chances than spurs 2-Our failure to take those chances would put more pressure on BR and FSG to Spend more in January"
29th Nov 2012 9:00