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Top heavy midfield or not he has been sorely missed and will definately improve and shield the back four better than anyone else at the club, the qestion is who should be 1st choice to pla aside him for quality and not sentments!!
28th Nov 2012 8:45
Young sterling
28th Nov 2012 8:56
"Lucas the midfield maestro we love Nd miss you "
28th Nov 2012 9:08
"There's no rush to get Lucas back but I wouldn't say Liverpool so blessed with much quiality in midfield to be honest.. so the better Lucas back - the better :P "
28th Nov 2012 9:13
"we are not blessed with premiership quality midfielders. Most get a nose-bleed if they get forward Safety first, keep possesion, etc. leads to sterile play and a lack of goals. Its not illegal for midfielders to score."
28th Nov 2012 9:29
"Hope you stay fit from now on Lucas so Stevie can play in a more advanced role and Jonjo between them. "
28th Nov 2012 9:42
"When Lucas returns Gerrard should be pushed further forward as 2nd striker like Rafa did with him in 08/09. Allen could then partner Lucas but be slightly more advanced than him."
28th Nov 2012 12:33
"pleased to see a so in form Lucas yet, think that he's almost ready for the return in the first team, anyway think that it will be necessary integrate our midfield with a backup for him, if not in january at least next summer, as that repart denoted a bit of lack of strenght and muscles specially with the absence of the brazilian himself. Keep working hard lad YNWA Lucas"
28th Nov 2012 13:51
"I think Allans play will improve once Lucas is back...he has struggled a little of late but unlike the other pessimists on this site I think we have improved and have faith! Lucas is def a key prt to us climbing the table! I do wonder why BR hasnt selected Assaidi in the PL games... "