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on the pode, congratulations LFC! YNWA LFC
27th Nov 2012 17:08
27th Nov 2012 18:04
"Stats should be on show for all clubs involved, including the club we played last in the prem? YNWA"
27th Nov 2012 18:46
"not bad"
27th Nov 2012 18:47
"lets enlarge Anfield and move top!"
27th Nov 2012 18:54
"Would be interesting to see an average percentage full stat. That would be a true reflection on fan loyalty and got a feeling we'd be jumping from 3rd straight to the top!! "
27th Nov 2012 20:44
"Great news especially as United and Arsenal have much bigger stadiums."
27th Nov 2012 21:13
"Present capacity is 45,552. That means that we're average 3,500 below capacity (although capacity has changed). The key stat is Old Traf gets 50% extra people in than us every game."
27th Nov 2012 21:38
"Our BS department trying to be shifty as usual. Averege is what counts. We are 4th behind the newc."
27th Nov 2012 22:20
"With these numbers...we should certainly be able to afford a proven "world-class" striker in January. Right?"
28th Nov 2012 0:22
"So where's all that match day money going then, certainly not into players and certainly not into putting us third in a table that actually matters."
28th Nov 2012 1:50
"3rd?? but is that important?? where is the redevelopment plan for anfield?? where is the money to buy new strikers in january??????"
28th Nov 2012 4:18
"should enlarge the stadium..80k seated that will frame the history of liverpool fc"
Papa Syed
28th Nov 2012 4:55
"A bigger stadium like maracana!"
28th Nov 2012 8:18
"well that is excellent and the best thing is that both ARSENAL AND UNITED Have more seating capacity than us but still we are 3rd ....awesome!"
29th Nov 2012 4:08
"FSG please for the love of God get in a quality strikers and winger and a left back.. We also need an attacking central Mid to boost the team morale. But ican ask more from the team except for extra time we played well"